Tales from the Table: Chapter 5: Tale of a Dungeon Master

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Very nice indeed, I thoroughly enjoyed that. I still think you guys should make at least two of the guys be good characters and add a Paladin to the group, preferably a morally ambiguous one.

That was really really good

I like the series so far, and now that we might be getting into some real story, I'm quite excited! Keep up the good work!


Great episode. Probably the best one so far as far as story is concerned. I hope some of that actually comes back in future episodes. One note: the relationship between those siblings is hyper creepy, and I can't see any possible resolution to it that doesn't get creepier.

I don't think creepy is the right descriptor. I don't even know if it's a real rivalry, as it is just a couple of kids at odds with each other. The one who seems more trustworthy being put in charge of the company.

Remember, it's only one side of the story there.

Actually, I found the younger version of the siblings' relationship creepy for more...um, Narnia-related reasons.

Nice twist to the story guys, keep up the good work. I really look forward to seeing where this story goes

Cute. I got a chuckle out of that one.

I don't praise things often.

But damn I love this series

Yay, I'm loving this series! Also, did anyone else notice the annoying Priest? We now know where he comes from!

Wow guys, great episode. Loving the parallels that were drawn in this one. Really clever. Can't wait for the next one, and the next one...and the next one after that! Also, that damned Priest Lord is totally going to come back at some point now that he's made this second appearance.

hmmm after this maybe there will be little if any anti sentiment attached to this.

Hopefully. As in my opinion it was Brilliant.

I LOVE this series. Great narration, story, acting, make-up, filming... It's just so much fun. Each episode has it's own mini-story linked together by a common premise, the game. Can't wait to see the next one.

im so glad i got to see this before the rapture happened

I was incredibly impressed by this episode. It was artful even.

That was a lovely way and ...efficient... way of telling that part of the story. It was a little weird flip when you had to turn the DM from the sympathetic hero into the villain, but I guess that's how DMing works :D

It's a real shame though that you didn't start with these two episodes and do the previous ones earlier. This series needs a relaunch so anyone who gave up on the three episode trial can come back and see their last nitpicks resolved



ONLY IF MY DEMANDS ARE MET I WILL SWITCH OFF CAPS LOCK AND RESUME Talking like a normal oh never mind i touched it and i'm too lazy too switch it back on. you're off the hook this time!


Gotta say, this one was much better than the previous episodes combined. It was a great allegory for many real families that have deep differences between their family members and how those differences can affect them. The ending laugh and purple lipstick killed the entire thing for me, though. Maniacal laughter stopped being funny a long time ago, guys. Just sayin'.

Either way, I'm starting to like this new direction. Just stop with the unfunniness and you guys might have a good show going for you.

See, now that's why you have to be nice to the DM. Hey DM's around the world...hugs!!!


That was awesome. Best episode so far!

So...much...character development...

...And that was bloody awesome! Seriously tight video. I liked the series pretty well before, silly but very well-done cross-integration, but this just took it to a completely different level.

Of course, the question that remains is whether the hostile takeover of the 'kingdom' is simply his invented escapism on the tabletop like it is, or if there will actually be some genius plan taking shape further down the road.

Sorcerer makeup is creepy, though.

After I watched this episode I felt compelled to watch lonely island's "I just had sex". It was that good. Amazing work guys!

For a second I thought he was about to click the university law degree advertisement. Glad he made the right choice.

....White Wolf systems are better though.

I love this series!!!

Oh my god!!! That evil laugh gave me actual goosebumps! I mean it is a bit cold here right now but GOOSEBUMPS.
I really liked ths episode. It was something a bit different which was weird at first but I enjoyed it.
PHILLIP'S BACK!!! Interesting how the DM doesn't seem to like him either at this point, I wonder if we'll find out why that changed? I hope the sister somehow comes into the fantasy world at some point, that would be cool. Can't wait to see the next episode, keep it up guys!

You've finally caught my attention with this video.

This was awesome! I love this new direction!

I looked Aardvarks Anonymous up and found this on youtube - Ceredwyn has a frickin' chainsaw!!!

Wow. This is the first episode to impress me. Giving I hit it with my axe a few episodes to get into its stride worked, hopefully this will be the same

When's the next episode?

For a second I thought he was about to click the university law degree advertisement. Glad he made the right choice.

....White Wolf systems are better though.

Back to the darkness! I shall beat you back with my collection of other dice that aren't D10s!

Haha. Damn that was awesome! Really leaves possibilities for the future. Duality!
Also, Finally an episode to make me laugh. the first ones were in a faltering way.

I hope we get an episode this week!

there will be. they are probably just really busy

Lmfao did anyone notice that while it took him forever to invite Philip who was just a "coo-worker who wanted to play" it was actually Philip who gave him the idea and was trying to get him interested in it first.
I guess that explains why he is the only one who can play the game "properly".

Sigh. Poor Philip.

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