The Big Picture: The Numbers

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1. The expendables was actually a pretty good film.
2. Scott pilgrim was an incredibly poor film.

You're half right. Now, I leave the rest of you to figure out which half I'm referencing.


This makes me sad. I have to say.


The FF movies are made with relatively small budgets as well, which is why they can make their money back - or make more than SP made, which, considering the failure it was, isn't that hard.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Fast Five had a budget of $125 million. I do think the earlier ones were much cheaper though.

Hey guys, lets look on the positive side. Inception made a shitload of money. So did Black Swan. So did The Social Network. 3 movies that show that movies can be clever, arty and financially successful, which will hopefully be reflected in the upcoming months.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Call of Duty

Need I really say any more?

True to a degree.

You see, Call of Duty actually does what it does well, or at least better than others.

Yes, it's now the cookie cutter format for the modern FPS, but you can't deny that CoD titles are actually quite addicting. While I love to rage at those camping, heartbeat-sensing mofos which the game's shortcomings in design allows, it succeeded at holding my interest despite that.

Call of Duty is not analogous to "The Expendables"- poorly made games based on CoD are.
(^ I know you didn't say otherwise (since your post was short), but I thought it was a valid point.)

I've been following Del Toro's attempt to make Mountains of Madness for years. Its a shame really, I've read and seen some of his stuff and the movie would have been wonderful. I hate seeing this thing happen to the guy. Del Toro is the reason I started working with props and movie monster make-up. I just hope some studio somewhere will latch on to the project and let him make it eventually.

Me be sad:(
good job bob(no sarcasem intended)

I'm glad I didn't know about the "At the Mountains of Madness" thing until now,
Because I would have been LIFE-CRUSHINGLY disappointed about that not coming out.

I mean, I'm pretty disappointed as it is, and I had never even had a chance to get my hopes up.

As sad as I am that the Lovecraft project got canceled, I have to hand it to Mr. Del Toro for refusing to budge on his vision. Far too many projects don't come out the way their directors intended them to because the studio wants to lower the rating or market to their perceived demographic (A reason why I am deathly afraid of the long-rumored God of War movie- that movie would ONLY work if it was rated R, but I know the studio in question will go "Oh, video game movie! Let's get in the teenagers and neuter it to a wide-spanning PG-13!). Mr. Del Toro clearly has a clear goal and idea set for his Lovecraftian dream, and I'm willing to trust that his idea is a proper and good one. I hope the project gets made some day!

As for the topic at hand, the main point of the video was not really a discourse on whether Scott Pilgrim was good or the Expendables was bad. (For me personally, I absolutely loved Scott Pilgrim and saw it twice in theaters, but I had zero interest in The Expendables) The idea that Bob was trying to put out there was that box office numbers have bigger consequences for the film industry as a whole than simply how much profit the makers in question get. The Scott Pilgrim example is one that he simply likes to use a lot since he likes Scott Pilgrim so much, but one could observe this effect in a number of other original, low-grossing films across the industry, and the effect reproduces itself in the worlds of video games, literature, and other such mediums. I think that most of us can agree that the loss of a daring project like the Lovecraft one is sad for both those involved and the movie going public as a whole. It's sad to see how much Universal got burned on all of its ventures into uncharted waters but only made profit with a cookie-cutter fourth car-racing movie. The moral of the story is, in order to get the original and daring stuff out there, audiences have to take chances and try new things. Got some extra money? Go see something new and fresh. Sure, you might not like it 100% of the time, but you're encouraging studios to take chances and push new boundaries, and the film industry will be all the better for it. Sequels and the like have their place, but there's always room for new blood and new stories to tell. Sadly, people in general enjoy spending their money much more on safer things that they know, so this attitude probably won't ever spread on a truly major scale, but every little bit helps. And who knows- sometimes we get stories of brave, original projects becoming box office smashes, like Inception and Black Swan.

That's sad... I tried to get people I knew to go see Scott Pilgrim. I went and saw it twice by myself and took a friend another time. It's sad that maybe because of Scott Pilgrim (my all time favorite, if not Top 5 list favorite movie) we might not be seeing a good Cthulu movie. Though I don't really care much for Cameron or Cruise, Del Toro yes but I couldn't care less if Cameron and Cruise were working on it.

damn you Bob for getting me so excited about a film before telling me it was never green lit!

People watched TF&F... at the fucking box office?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


I have watched... one or more of the films... but I was sat at home pissed out of my head... not in a bloody cinema.

Anyone who watches that trash for any reason other than "there was nothing better on TV at 11pm-1am" well THEY SHOULD BE STERILIZED.


Very good video, by the way. Is it just me, or are the ones where he's pissed off at something often the best ones?

Yeah, Bob does his best when he's pissed, or when he has made some great connections other people might not have seen. It's when he gets on the same old soap box or just uses personal preferences as justifications that I quickly lose interest. (Yeah, I tune-in to get Bob's personal preference, but when that's the only content without any other meat I get frustrated.)

In any case his columns seem to be back on track with moviebobish-informative-ranty-goodness.

The Big Picture seems to be a strange beast, in which Bob switches between "man, 80s comic books/games/tv shows can get a little crazy some times!" and "Its a sad truth of the world that sometimes we need to have positive discrimination to counter some of the crueler periods of human history"

Goddamnit, I forgot about that Del Toro making a lovecraft movie thing that was buzzing around. No ONE would be better suited for making that movie a perfect adaptation. Who has the rights to it now? Great Old Ones forbid that universal hires someone else to do the job at a lower rating.
It would need to be full out R. It would need someone whos not afraid to shy away from CGI.

I hate this world.

teh angR flows tru me > :|
but seriously, good episode but the sad part is that there is nothing we can do about this


Putting a film like Scot Pilgrim out as a summer blockbuster wasn't only an ill-advised move. It was downright stupid.

There is such a thing as having our cake and eating it too. I mean, what's the point in having a cake if no one's going to eat it?

"Maybe you can hide in one if you are a stripper. Sorry lost my train of thought..."

You are forgetting one thing though Bob. Scott Pilgrim fucking sucked.
Yeah yeah, its a love letter to geek culture. And much like nostalgia goggles, it blinded you to the truth that it was crap.
It tried too hard, came out a little forced and worst of all cast a complete and utter douchebag as the main guy.
If your main character fucking sucks then of course your movies gonna bomb. Throw in all the other crappy jokes and bad acting and its no wonder it disappeared from the box office charts like Maddie from a 3rd world hotel room.

What studios need to do is yes, focus on shit that will definitely make money. The shooters and the silly car movies. Then, when they try something new, actually put some fucking thought into it. Don't hire "geek cred" actors who no one really likes (imagine the Napolean Dynamite character in, well, anything. I know for damn sure I would give it a miss as soon as I saw his face on the cover). Work out the corny jokes that 1/5 people will understand. In short, work on making a good movie that will appeal to more people, not just a wankfest for 40 year olds who are bitter at the world and complain if every bit of fluff is not upheld.

hold the freaking Phone, Mountains of Madness is Canned?

Ill check with the source because this sounds like BS.

Not to get off subject, but I wonder if Waverly Theater could do for Scott Pilgrim what it did for this little flop:

OT: Moral of the story, "Profits talk".

...the idea of a midnight, regular showing of Scott Pilgrim where everyone gets together, dresses up, and expresses their love of the movie via choreographed actions and hilarious traditions...


That is a very good point, you've got there Bob. It's very sad to see a good movie fail at the box office and it's downright tragic to see a very bad one succeed, like ehm Transformers.

dont wanna sound like a jerk, but thanks, captain obvious, mr Bob. this is well-know among everybody, but thanks for making a whole episode clearing it up. stuff that doesnt sell doesnt get made is not exactly a new concept.

Depressing. This is probably as pure an example as there is of capitalism simply not working.

EDIT: I'll rephrase, since people are quite legitimately countering me on this. It's an example of capitalism doing more harm than good. It is working, but it's working against it's intention.

Capitalism doesn't have any intention except to make money for investors. It isn't meant to promote art or good things. In fact, Laissez-fair capitalism will always lead to monopolies and economic tyranny if left unchecked. It's just the best system because the economy is too complicated to be run by the government.

The truth hurts. Great googily moogily, does it hurt.

When i say box office doesn't matter, i mean that it doesn't matter how GOOD something is. Unfortunately, you're completely right Bob. Now if only i can get my family to listen to me when i say "wait for it on PPV"

And people wonder why the film industry is so friggin' originality-strapped.

they were making a lovecraft movie! and the pan's labyrinth guy was going to make it! and now they FUCKING CANCELLED IT!!

Not only that, but this was Del Toro's dream movie. Also, people who had read the script (or treatment or whatever) supposedly said it was amazing. So yeah, hurray.

...the idea of a midnight, regular showing of Scott Pilgrim where everyone gets together, dresses up, and expresses their love of the movie via choreographed actions and hilarious traditions...


A Facebook page encouraging people to get their local theaters to do this could potentially help. Scott Pilgrim certainly has the fan base potential for something like this to happen.

On the opposite end of the money, I'd love to see every midnight of May 4th to the 9th to have theaters showing the Star Wars trilogy.

Flawless vid, Bob.

Awww... now I feel bad that I didn't went to see Scott pilgrim when they showed it at the cinemas. =(

I guess we should be a bit less careful about spending money on stuff like this?

I might be alone in this, but Guillermo del Toro is not a good director.

I have yet to see anything he's made that's really good. I saw both hellboy movies and was meh. Hellboy 2 had easily the worst comic villain of all time. I could have easily defeated him despite my lack of super powers....just beat up his sister instead of hitting him. The effect is the same, honor be damned. He only posed a threat because the heroes suffered from plot induced stupidity over and over.(especially Abe....what a tool.)

As for this video staing the obvious then Bob trying matyr geek culture...oh please. Get off your cross. (so you start using it as a sub weapon heh.) I'm glad Scott Pilgrim failed horribly, for same reason the Watchmen just broke even. Had either been a smashing sucess then we'd seen cash grab sequels forced upon properties that were never intented to have them. I think the way played out was ideal....the movies were made they broke even. We got a decent product(scott Pilgrim was alright, but not the second coming some forums love to make it out to be.), but we won't see a pointless sequel. I mean how would have a cash grab of Scott Pilgrim or the Watchmen been any better than any other cash grab hollywood does?

I actually kind of revel in the fact geek culture got it's day lights punched out by jocks on yet another level. This in a perfect world anything original would automatically succeed and what isn't wouldn't ever be made be at all is crap. I happen like the way the world works myself, and the idea something is entitled to success based on a trait not merit is worse than what we currently have. I like see weaklings get beat down because I'd hate live in a world that promotes weakness and entitlement.(more than it already does in the US. Vay Victus..suffering to the conquered. If you suck..enjoy the bitter taste of defeat so you have motivation to push to be better.) You earn what you do based on performance. If the score card is money...then either do what you believe what get you the most if that's your goal. If you want to tell the story you want to tell, then be prepared to pay consequences if it horribly fails. If you can't afford to lose then do it. It's that simple.

Originality is NOT the high road. It's just a different road. I mean monkey poop pies are original but doesn't mean people should rush out to get them. Originality is overrated since most ideas in the end are just a rehash of something else. In case of Scott Pilgrim it's very much like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind with geek references. The fact it's a barrage of geek references instead of jock world ones doesn't somehow make it more entitled to success. It's just an aesthic you prefer over the usual. It's not somehow inheritly superior because you like it.

If you're on the Escapist... There's a good chance(better than odds of asking 100 random people on the street.) you're probably part of the target audience for Scott Pilgrim. (and other project mention.) it's a niche audience in the end...and probably should have had a much smaller budget. Someone screwed's not the publics fault. It's whoever greenlighted the budget/ or spend the tons of cash on it without really promoting the film properly. There was a cluster F**k of factors going against this film.(doesn't help Michael Cera's performance was flatter than week old soda. He didn't have enough swagger be Scott Pilgrim.) I blame poor planning and low demand for this.

Not because the world made of idiots because something I like failed.(This people are stupid because they like different stuff needs stop're a Moron if you believe that.I mean little kids like my niece and nephew loved the transformers like picking on lil kids Bob? That is why sweeping overgeneralizations is bad. ) That's a fool's way out. You're no better than the public if you lack so little imagination to see how this movie could have worked out fine. I don't see as noble for people throw money at projects without fear...I see it as stupid. If I was an invester I'd be ticked off if people were blowing my hard earned cash on Scott Pilgrim. I'd want them to take few safe films because trying any riskier moves again too.

Which I remember seeing a quote...If Scott Pilgrim were a real person He'd probably pirated his own movie rather than pay for it. That probably didn't help this movies cause. Alot of people who would have enjoyed it didn't pay to see it. I did, along with a ticket for the girl I was seeing at the time. (who probably sees me as an evil Ex now heh.) I bought on blu ray, and actually skipped the expendables. (I've yet to see it in fact.) I did what you would have liked Bob, but I am minority and I'm ok with that.

I hate to say I think bob is entirely right in this.... but the logic is there, example sited, and now I am just sad for it. I am glad I saw Scott pilgrim in theaters though now. Really I am more angry at movies like the fast and the furious being made than I am at good movies not being made....

this makes me go



they were making a lovecraft movie! and the pan's labyrinth guy was going to make it! and now they FUCKING CANCELLED IT!!

Not only that, but this was Del Toro's dream movie. Also, people who had read the script (or treatment or whatever) supposedly said it was amazing. So yeah, hurray.

at least we can look forward to generic action movie number 5235 *sarcasm*

That was one of the best the big pictures that I have seen.

I have wondered for a while if there are more people in the sort of demographic that films like Scott Pilgrim are aimed at that would be easily able to/happy to pirate the film. If this was the case then those sort of films would be taking massive hits at the box office.

I'm not saying that all the people who wanted to see the expendables (to use movibobs example) are incapable of pirating but I know a lot of people who watched in online after my partner and I recommended it to them after seeing it in a half empty cinema.

This video should have ended with:

"I'm Bob, and that's the big picture...


It would be appropriate, given the content. Another spot-on commentary on the movie business.

That is depressing, but at least the good movies are probably the ones people will remember. All of these mass produced blockbusters could go the way of disco (obviously a lot of people were listening to it, but they won't admit it now).

hmm. . .
I wonder if that would make good movies a better long term investment.

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