Jimquisition: Defending Call of Duty

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Fuck the pepper jack gobbling pricks.

I don't hate CoD i hate its owners.
BTW +10 Britons for the hat

I agree with him, but I'm just not sure how much actually needed to be said. The irrational CoD haters won't listen and everyone else pretty much agrees so it seems kinda pointless, and there weren't that many jokes (except for the OBL one that fell completely flat)soooo...meh.

Intro song is still the best part, but at least he's consistent and makes sense.

Very nice to see the other side of the COD argument fairly treated on this site.

Well said, Jim. Keep up the good work!

Also here are some arguments COD have for hating it and thinking it ruined FPS

Rechargeable health
More time spent on making the Multiplayer then Singeplayer
Makings games to brown and gloom
Limit weapons


Mr. Omega:
You're defending CoD on the Escapist, one of the most sequel-phobic, anti-mainstream, "popular is bad (Unless it's Valve)", indie-snobby sites on the internet... that takes balls.

Or maybe jim is doing what he always does and is being a despirate troll.

1: Desperate.
2: Yes, it was troll-y, especially at the end, but there were points to be had. The mentality that "CoD is a bad series and just by liking it, you're a bad person" is becoming more and more apparent on the internet, especially on this site.

Liking this guy more and more. When he is imitating a whiny CoD hater it reminded me of so many posts I have seen on the escapist.

Great mash up of gameplay clips from last 3 CoD games, good vid.

Yeah, So, I didn't care for war shooter long before it was cool.

ah the new meme

Reported for being a troll since that is a troll meme

I, for some reason, think he has a director at the end saying stuff to him.

"Alrighty, Jim...Jimmy. Yeah alright Jimmy. After your voice is heard you need to say "Thank God...for me." Then Dramatic pauses....annnndddd...sigh. Perfect. That's a rap."

CoD isn't the only one going under this. I'm starting to think people think "If it's not Halo, it's not good" or people just are just going at it with the Yahtzee lense. "It's shit till it proves itself otherwise"

Sorry, I gave it a good run. I Don't like it. I gave it a chance, it got a bit better - but it's never going to be good enough in it's current format.

The bits where he's talking over the video are good - he makes good points, the stand-up bits are awful. And the 'Thank God for Me' tag line is just bad. It just doesn't feel good humoured.
Can't please them all I suppose.

Sorry Jim, nothing personal, but I guess this is my stop.


**posts like they are on 4chan**

Yeah... im gonna listen to you...

>uses posting-style from different site
>everything I say is now invalid

Sure is a lot of hot air blowing in here.

Unfortunatly, Call Of Duty didn't start the "Unlocks with levels", that would be battlefield 2's doing. So i guess you could call Activision the copy cats.

I actually love and enjoy the multiplayer aspects of the MW games. However, I have almost ALWAYS been stuck with yuppies who won't shut the )($* up about how good they are or in general with USELESS chatter; or ones that don't give a damn about objectives or teamwork in a objective or teamwork based mode of play. Which is why I enjoy Battlefield BC 2 just a bit more, the sense of teamwork and co-operation; even sportsmanship in some cases is usually much better. At least it isn't as bad as the Halo games could get. Sorry if I'm slightly off-topic, just my two cents. Happy Gaming.

No no no no. We don't hate CoD because its popular. We hate it because its a short, linear, repetative experience that relies solely on flashy moments to support itself. Those flashy moments would be fine if there was some substance to the game. But there isn't. Its always go-to-this-cover-then-shoot-these-guys-then-move-up-then-repeat.

As for the multiplayer, CoD 4 and Blops were good (MW2 sucked tremendously), but its quickly gotten repetitive. No matter what they do, each CoD feels like the same game in a different dress.

I was with you Jim
right up until the point you said Black Ops had a "wonderfully paced narrative"

I like COD. It's fun to play, even though the singleplayer is rather short. The multiplayer is quite entertaining. So yeah, i agree with Jim on this one.

Also, where did he get my hat!?

PS. Black Ops has a well paced narrative? That's the funniest thing I've heard in quite some time. CoD:MW? Sure. MW2? Eh... pushing it. Blops? Ha!

I agree with this completely. Jim, do you really think Black Ops was well paced when

But other than that, yes I agree with you. Although, I would like to know your opinion on World at War and the earlier WW2 games in the franchise. To me the best two in the series are Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty 2.

I actually liked this episode (save the gay art snob stereotype bits). I played CoD MW1 and 2 a while back to get my own opinion of them. I enjoyed the first and thought the second one wasnt perfect, but it was ok. I told a friend of mine of my experience and was immediately greeted with "why the hell did you play that? you should be playing 'whatever the hell else was out that you have no interest in playing'."

Seriously, a lot of gamers need to come the fuck off of their virtual high horses.

damn it feels bad...that i'm slowly... agreeing...more...with this guy...

Mr. Omega:
You're defending CoD on the Escapist, one of the most sequel-phobic, anti-mainstream, "popular is bad (Unless it's Valve)", indie-snobby sites on the internet... that takes balls.

Anyway, the defenses have been pretty good. It's not the best defense, and I do not like the whole "CoD players are dicks" mentalities.

i share your view on this. although i don't like CoD because i played it and fail to see differences between the games after #4 (so i think it's a lazy cash-in), but at least i gave each of them a CHANCE to wow me before i wrote it off as a bad game. not that i couldn't finish them, but i didn't want to.

and in any case, i have no problem with popular things, i still get giddy over the next Halo announcement and still have a soft spot for Starcraft and still love me some Rock Band and Guitar Hero, this is the only popular series i hate, and only after i actually play the game to see if i like it or not.

Like i've said before, Jim's delivery is really offputting and being utterly off the mark about bin laden just adds to my distain for Jim's show and this video. Oh and stop trolling and stop making points that are flat-out wrong and please stop all this straw-man shit.

Call of Duty was a great series, Call of Duty 4 was one of the best shooters arround at the time. People dislike Call of Duty, not becuase it's popular but because it's not been very good post CoD4.


Yeah, So, I didn't care for war shooter long before it was cool.

ah the new meme

Reported for being a troll since that is a troll meme

I was not aware of that. Is there a list somewhere of things I'm allowed to answer so I wont run into this situation again?

Also, what I wrote was nothing but my honest opinion.

Well, Jim, I might just have to give you a second chance. I certainly agree with your opinion of those bizarre "artistic" indie games that you came up with last week, and this week you pretty much sum up my opinion of the Call of Duty series. I hope The Escapist takes it heart.
*looks around thread*

Nope, they're just re-stating the arguments you already tackled in the video, while prentending that you didn't already tackle them in your video.

Anywho, my only complaint is that you're still doing that thing where you pretend to be an arrogant dick, which you don't have to do. I'm pretty sure most of us can watch someone talk for five minutes without needing a Yahtzee impersonation to keep our attention.

People went back and captured Osama? That's news.

....Not really, it happened several weeks ago. Also, "killed", not "captured".

I hate this guy.

Warlord Timmy:


**posts like they are on 4chan**

Yeah... im gonna listen to you...

>uses posting-style from different site
>everything I say is now invalid

Sure is a lot of hot air blowing in here.

Look, im not going to go into how you did the exact same thing because i misspelled something thus trolling for no real reason. Being hostile over spelling is just silly. I would respond to your points but... you didn't really make any.

My point is that jim seems desperate for attention in his videos, he is trolling the community here rather than adding anything useful. Kind of like you.

Most of what was in the video was agreeable. Like you know, before you met the community, how fun it was trying to get enough kills to get the big killstreak reward. Excluding the community it is a decent game, and as Jim said "...the $15 map packs can go f*** themselves".

Eh, I kind of see the point in what he's saying, but I feel the majority of CoD hate isn't directed towards the gameplay, but towards the franchisacide that Activision is committing with it. Most of the video is in defense of CoD4, but I never saw anyone complaining about that game, on the contrary I recall people thinking it was a refreshing breeze in the midst of the Halo craze. The hate has come in recent years as the franchise has become a symbol for publishers treating their games too much like products and not enough like games.

CoD4 was indeed very good, the rest have been trite rehashes of the game. It's nothing to do with it being big, it's size should make it better, a bigger base means more money means a better game next time. Right? No.

As for good narratives? Seriously? They're ridiculous. CoD4 did it really, really well. The fact that you died? The way it was done (last minute rescue by the ooh rahing marines and it fails? Perfectly executed) was fantastic. MW2 decided to do it again. All the time. NONSTOP. And with terrible execution. Black Ops wasn't as bad but still pretty horrible. WaW was just bleh.

It's nothing to do with it being art, it's the fact that after CoD4 nothing has really happened, new shiny guns have appeared but they're not exactly revolutionary or even well balanced (oh Ak74u), ok so in CoD4 everyone used the same perks, I'm glad they've at least tried to alter that and I admit I like the 'pro' system as a base (I do think it's actual implementation has fallen short of it's promise though) but seriously, all we get are COD points so instead of unlocking things with challenges we buy them with in game money earned...through...challenges. Customisable killstreaks which devolve into the same ones and oh my god how is blackbird only an 8? Has there ever been a more powerf-oh wait nuke.

Beyond that what do we have? Noobtubes are now utterly terrible because everyone hated them (me included) quick scoping has gone, as has effective no scoping because everyone hated it. Semtex is rubbish because everyone used it and so on.

I really hate the way CoD has turned, they need the sharpness from CoD4 back, taking only a few shots to down each person, they need to make options more balanced even if it means they're fewer.
Some things are great, I LOVE theatre mode, I think it's a lovely addition, I really do. I like that killstreaks no longer count towards killstreaks (because seriously...). I even like customisable reticules, even though most of them make it harder to hit stuff.

But please, for the love of all that is good, don't pretend that it's critics are just kids whinging about the lack of nukes and useful chopper gunners, there are huge flaws in the CoD series and with all the money that's been thrown at it it's pretty disgusting that they still exist.

I don't think anyone with an opinion who matters have criticized the first Modern Warfare's single player campaign? After all, it's pretty awesome. It's after that the shit started rolling downhill. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. it was not, but we still went from what was genuinely a well-paced narrative with an attentive focus on ambience and atmosphere to Michael Bay levels of convoluted stupidity, gun-worship and general over-the-top awfulness.

Personally, I could not care less about the multiplayer. If someone wants to waste their days shooting other people over and over when there are still books to read, films to see, and games to play - in other words, stories to experience - I don't see how it matter whether they play CoD, Halo, Team Fortress 2 or whatever it is people are playing these days.

I paused the video and stopped listening at 3:23

Its alot better, just plz stop with the "me standing and so awesome than you" thing,
seriously, youre not funny. Other than that its getting better.

Thank you Jim! Somebody had to say it!
Liking cheddar is not a bad thing!

... Also, call of duty.

This episode appealed to me more than any before. There was some overacting (the artist) and your valid arguments could be taken as invalid because you represent your opposition in an unfair manner, but other than that, not many complaints. Get rid of that, stop the self-praise (I know it's a joke but some people don't get jokes and they might see you as a self entitled prick) calm down and speak with a calm tone (most of the episode was like this and it was good) and you have a nice and a reasonable show on The Escapist.

Oh and great intro song.

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a game which defined what a modern multiplayer shooter could be".

Wrong, that would be Team Fortress 2.

Well shit, I guess there can never be different styles of games. That's too bad.

Boring environments.

Alright, I'll give you that. Although that mountain from MW2 was pretty amazing.

No innovative mechanics.

That's because nothing has been "innovative" for years, because it's all been done already. CoD 4 just made most of them better. I mean even look at your example, TF2. Not only is it basically the same as TF Classic, but class based shooters have been around for years. So it didn't "innovate" either.

No teamwork

This isn't the game's fault at all.

Almost everything Jim said is true, except BlOps being well paced. It was just "HOLY SHIT BIG EXPLOSION" "HOLY SHIT BIG HELICOPTER" "HOLY SHIT BIG MINIGUN" "HOLY SHIT BIG FLAMETHROWER", constantly.

I hope many people who are saying "He tries too hard" do realize his way of speaking, heaving breathing, and sporadic panting are because he is overweight, right?

When I was kid, and chubby, I had a hard time breathing easily during long conversations and such, let alone wear any Tuxedo or even try to act infront of an audience, so please people, use your head for a moment or two.


PS. Black Ops has a well paced narrative? That's the funniest thing I've heard in quite some time. CoD:MW? Sure. MW2? Eh... pushing it. Blops? Ha!

although flawed, CoD WaW had a much better paced campaign, and never got really REALLY silly.

Anyways, although I agree there is way too much hate on CoD just for being popular, it is hardly a perfect game either -- CoD MW was one of the greatest games ever made in my opinion, and since then the series has only been going downhill, and, as the kind fellow quoted above points out, Black Ops took the levels of action to straight up comical levels, and the same goes for the multiplayer -- just because it has more gimmicks and toys, doesn't mean the multiplayer has been at all improved since Call of Duty 4.

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