Jimquisition: Defending Call of Duty

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Ok, anyone who is saying Jim is just trolling isnt listening. This is a lot more watchable than his first few episodes. Also I could actually make out the points he was making with out being horribly obnoxious. I chuckled a bit. Maybe I will give this series another chance.

I haven't seen the video yet, but having just seen the Modern Warfare 3 gameplay trailer I can safely say that It looks the same as Modern Warfare. I didn't get MW2 and didn't plan on getting this one, the trailer just confirmed that it was more of the same.

I was listening to the vid while I wrote, and he says that people say it's shit because it's popular. No, it's shit because it hasn't changed, yet they keep charging 105-120 for each one(i'm including map packs even tho they aren't an obligation.) And the gameplay trailer looks like MW2. Having been a fan since the first one, and having played and finished them all(didn't buy MW2 but I did play it) I believe that generalizing that people hate it cause it's popular is completely unfair, I loved it, but i'm done playing the same game over and over.

The problem is that they've just been blitzed out since the first MW.

MW2 was plagued with online woes and black ops isn't much of an improvement. The core gameplay is fine, they just tend to stack too much shit ontop of each other without balancing it properly.

I still play blops occasionally when I need to relax for 10 minutes, followed by 10 more minutes of frustration and then me turning it off, vowing never to return.

You know what's at the other end of the spectrum? Brink. That game is so well balanced that it's pretty much a guru. And it's core gameplay is easily the best and most enjoyable I've ever experienced for an online FPS. But it's matchmaking system and game mode types are just horrible. So horrible it's probably going to run the game into the ground. Unless they do something drastic.

But I'm off kilter.

Most people don't hate cod because it's not arty enough. Battlefield isn't exactly arty, but people who slander cod tend to love that. They're just miffed with unbalanced online issues that tilt the scales solely in favour of who connected first. Not who's the better gamer.

Gotta say I've been trying to decide whether I liked this series or not, and this episode has pretty much sealed the like.
I have to agree with your arguments here. I personally stopped liking the series for a different reason than the examples that you gave. After playing every game in the series (excluding COD3 which I hated), the multiplayer got a bit stale. After modern warfare they seemed to have less balanced weapons in the game, and they put too much emphasis on the zombie modes. The single player for black ops was too conspiracy centered for me so I never finished, and at this point I don't intend to get the next game.

Agree 95%.

Only thing I would add is that a lot of people hate the game for the imbalances and broken features in the multiplayer.

-a 30 year old COD fan.

By no means do I see eye to eye with Jim on the medium as a whole, particularly because of Canadish said, in that he sees gaming as merely a form of entertainment, and never anything more, however, I do agree with him on this point.

The last CoD game I enjoyed was the original Modern Warfare and I poured several hundred hours into that, since then, I just can't honest say I like the CoD series after that game purely because playing it feels like I'm just playing Modern Warfare again, just gussied up with slightly shinier graphics, new guns and new perks. At the core of it, it's still the same game I've played for several hundred hours before.

Frankly, while CoD has helped gaming, particularly online play, become more popularised and mainstream (YES, this CAN be a good thing), I think there's certainly some damage being done because of it. Like Jim says though, you can't really blame IW/Treyarch/Activision for this, instead, blame the companies that seem to be going entirely out of their way to copy and paste the CoD formula and dress it up in a new skin to try and steal that sweet, sweet CoD fan money that FPS developers seem to be clawing for.

Blame them for the stagnation of FPS' in general, it's not necessarily CoD's fault that god knows how many developers refuse to take risks and innovate nowadays because CoD's method has proved itself to be so reliable at raking the money in.

Luckily we've still got games like Brink and developers like Splash Damage for our innovation...Even if it is buggy and has received some very mixed reception.

-Beacuse it's bankrupt on the originality department
-Beacuse the story is awfully done and the characters unintresting
-Because it's another point and shoot game that wastes your time and doesn't give anything rewarding back, so if you're not a 12 year old you shold have better things to do after level 15
-Because it's popular the same way Halo is, wich is all of the above
-Because No Russian was narratively stupid, with plot holes and on propouse

Because you're not funny and especially not funny when you praise yourself.
And fat. Work out.


Y'know... when this guy is making points and arguing his case he actually comes across as intelligent, reasonable and articulate.

But then he goes and peppers it with that juvenile strawman crap. It's like a kid in a playground going "nyah nyah nyah". He is not helping his case. Because now when I think of CoD fans, I'm not going to be thinking of swearing 12 year olds, I'm going to be thinking of this guy in his flower hat saying, "Ohhh, all games have to comment on the human condition" in a stupid voice. Which is hardly an improvement.

And yes, I am aware that he does it on purpose and it's not meant to be taken entirely seriously. But at the end of the day, intentionally juvenile and annoying is still juvenile and annoying.


PS. Black Ops has a well paced narrative? That's the funniest thing I've heard in quite some time. CoD:MW? Sure. MW2? Eh... pushing it. Blops? Ha!

Agreed this episode was good till he put on that stupid voice with the flower hat on. Almost buried my hands in my face, it was just embracing. That's coming from someone who quite likes this series... when Jim isn't desperately trying to be funny.

The theme song alone is why I watch... outside of that, Jim does seem to go a bit too overboard.

However, having looked at Jim's other articles, reviews and videos, I can tell me and him just don't see eye to eye on gaming as a whole.
He see's it as a means for entertainment exclusively, and mocks the idea of it being anything more.
I'm more on the "Extra Credits" side of the fence.

How does he mock the idea of games being anything more than simple entertainment?

"Of course Modern Warfare gave us the iconic post-nuke scene, where players get to experience first-hand the results of a nuculear explosion, in a manner that still sends a shiver down most gamers spines almost four years later. Even at it's most ludicrous the CoD series delivers it's
story with enough style and confidence to make it work. There is even quite a bit of commentary on the nature of war hidden underneath for those artsy types who need a story with a message.
Yes on the surface it's a popcorn-munching action story, but there is more beneath there, about how modern warfare can be shockingly dissaffecting"

That statement sounds to me like he is well aware of the 'Artsy' value of CoD and games in general, he might prefer ignoring it while he himself is playing, but he doesn't deny it's there.

Any viewpoint that sticks it up to the video-game-snobs that are starting to pop up is fine by me. Way to go Jim.

On another note, are there actually people who bitch and moan about the 'typical player' of a particular game? I'm sorry but this is shameful. We're supposed to be a varied society of gamers who all come together to play a huge variety of games. Personally, I never got into the CoD series but I can see people being both polite opponents and teammates as well as tools and idiots in other multiplayer games all the time. It's not only seen in CoD and it won't go away, so please, stop being snobby and get over the fact that people like CoD.

Prejudice based on game choice, very sad indeed.

Mr. Omega:
You're defending CoD on the Escapist, one of the most sequel-phobic, anti-mainstream, "popular is bad (Unless it's Valve)", indie-snobby sites on the internet... that takes balls.

Anyway, the defenses have been pretty good. It's not the best defense, but it's good. And I do not like the whole "CoD players are dicks" mentalities.


Notice he didn't say any of that was but, but it is so true.

As horrible as i am at Call of Duty games and shooters in general, i honestly still like the games, mostly because of the fact that there is a lot of different things to do, plenty of game types, guns, equipment, and a pretty solid story through out the games history. and when i play online i usually mute a player if they get annoying or rude.

My problem is with the games AFTER COD4. They had crappy story. And yes, they did, don't lie to yourself.

That by itself wouldn't be a problem though. They sell for their multiplayer, but the lag is so incredibly bad! I don't care if I win or lose, but even I get frustrated when I watch bullets going through my enemy and they aren't dying. And don't tell me that doesn't happen.

I used to be blissfully ignorant, but then my dad got his own xbox and a copy of Blops and we'd play together over the internet. I kept on killing him so easily, I thought I was just good. Turns out, I was wrong. We recorded a couple of battles against each other, and the videos were so completely out of sync, it seemed like they weren't even the same match. And this was in THE SAME HOUSE! Imagine how bad it is against people who are 100's of miles away!

And the developers don't even fix it! Lag has been a problem since World at War, and with each new installment it just gets worse.

But everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just wanted to point out the biggest reason why people hate the new COD games. It's not because we want it to be art or think that popular is shit, it's because a major problem has been prevalent in the series for 3 entire games, and it doesn't look like it's going improve.

i dont hate cod, i hate online multiplayer. since the focus of cod definitely seems to be more on the multiplayer than the single player (not that the sigle player campaign is bad, but most people who buy cod probably arent buying it for the 5 hour single player campaign), there isnt much reason for me to spend money on it. there also seems to be a trend where the single player mode seems to act more like a way to get ready for the multiplayer mode, rather than a way of extending the games life, after you finish the single player mode (which i have always felt should be the meat and potatoes of a game). while i cant really blame cod for this, cod and halo do seem to have started this trend (though in halos defense, they at least have a decent single player mode...or so i hear. ive never been able to get in to halo)

I like think that despite the ire that Call of Duty attracts, I think that all we hear are the hundreds if not thousands of people who disagree on the nature of Call of Duty, while the thousands if not millions of people who LOVE Call of Duty are too busy PLAYING the damn game to even give a rat's ass about people hating what they love.

But that's just my opinion. *Flameshield activated just to be safe*

People went back and captured Osama? That's news.

Well he was wanted dead or alive.

I think the online community is atrocious (as it is with MOST games) and I find any glorification of militarism and imperialism both something I'm morally against and don't find interesting at all.


CoD will never be Halo too me, but it's kinda getting better.

ps. MW2 with a story, c'mon son

I dislike COD because it is popular. I will admit to this. However, I dislike it, not because I simply hate on the mainstream, but because, due to it's massive popularity, it infects "My" niche.

I'm dedicated RPG player, who's been playing Rpgs for years. The only shooters I play are Team Fortress 2, and ME2, and ME is an Rpg hybrid. Why I hate COD is because it makes other developers (read:Bioware) explicitly emulate gameplay aspects. (Read:Awesomebutton DA2) in attempt to attract some of COD's audience.

TL:DR *Waves cane grumpily* "Get your FPS off my RPG lawn!"

Yeah, there was a lot about CoD4 that I really liked, but I haven't bought a CoD game after that because I decided to try my best to avoid giving Activision any of my money. I don't think I'm poorer for the decision. Word on the street is that they're degrading in quality anyway, but I have nothing against the series in and of itself. (I still have fond memories of the CoD1 Russian campaign.)

Game devs need to cool it on the unlocks, though. I think Crysis 2 went too far when I was forced to play my least liked game type (equivalent of Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch) in order to unlock objective-based game types. I had borrowed that game and was barely able to play anything but Team/Deathmatch.

That said, I do consider unlocks to be a lesser evil when compared to the old Quake-style of weapons-on-the-ground. Honestly, Counter-Strike probably handled that the best, and I'm a bit surprised no one (not one) is emulating that.

My main beef with the "new" CoD is the way the games dramatically changed. As a long time fan of CoD 1-3, I was quite saddened to see what direction it was going in.

The original trilogy was primarily single player games, with multiplayer just being an extra feature for those interested. But the new ones have been way too multiplayer focused, and it shows clearly that the single player campaign has suffered for it.

On it's own merits it might not be too bad, but Modern Warfare and beyond can never hold a candle to the original in terms of story, writing, pacing, leveldesign and most importantly, gameplay.

He seems awfully but sore over this.

He's not sore, he is just tired of people ragging on call of duty for no good reason. If people were talking crap about the games you like, I'm sure you would be doing the same. Besides, he was being calm and his points were valid for what he was trying to say.

It's not the fact that it's a huge thing ALONE that makes it shit. It's the fact that (like you said) because it is so big, so many other companies try to emulate it.

Wait, what? So because OTHER games suck that try to emulate COD, COD itself sucks regardless of its own merits? Explain to me how that works, because I just don't follow your logic.


Mr. Omega:
You're defending CoD on the Escapist, one of the most sequel-phobic, anti-mainstream, "popular is bad (Unless it's Valve)", indie-snobby sites on the internet... that takes balls.

Anyway, the defenses have been pretty good. It's not the best defense, but it's good. And I do not like the whole "CoD players are dicks" mentalities.


Notice he didn't say any of that was but, but it is so true.

Second that. I can see why people wouldn't like the games but dont discriminate others because they like them.


He seems awfully but sore over this.

He's not sore, he is just tired of people ragging on call of duty for no good reason. If people were talking crap about the games you like, I'm sure you would be doing the same. Besides, he was being calm and his points were valid for what he was trying to say.

their not talking crap though, the series has got legitimate problems. From the lack of innovation on a game by game basis. To the somehow broken online modes in many of their game (the lag on the pc version of blops is just unacceptable). It is in a position to take risks and give gamers something new and interesting. And instead we get an expansion pack each year for the price of a full game.

Because you're not funny and especially not funny when you praise yourself.
And fat. Work out.

.... And wears a stupid tie. Buy a collar.
And wears stupid shades. Get a bandana.
And is white. Plastic surgery, here we come.

This is actually what he talks about for most of the video, arbitrary hatred towards groups of people, like people who hate other people for enjoying CoD, or because they are fat, or because they wears shades, or because.... well you get it.

He never actually states that all people who dislike CoD are wrong, he states that he likes it, and an unfortunate amount of people who dislike it do so because it is popular and thus do not base their opinion on the merits of the games themselves (from my experience i would say there is a decent chance this is true).

And with that comes the people who not only hate the game, but extend this hate towards the players themselves, actual people who in no kind of way deserve being treated like garbage because they play CoD, at least not more than you or I deserve to be treated like garbage because we play videogames, wether it's CoD or Braid.

By far this is the best video I've seen. The "holier than thou" mentality seems to have been quieted during the videos, and the point is quite valid. Kudos, from at least me, for making the videos more orignal and entertaining, rather than just someone ranting about the same drivle every guy is talking about

On the subject of the video, I agree, yet disagree. On one hand, I enjoy CoD multiplayer. It's my go-to online game, and I loved MW2, and enjoy Blops. However, the stories are where I can disagree on. I stand by this statement, I think that the CoD4 single player is the best campaign I have ever played in a shooter. It was well paced, it was gritty, challenging, yet I could beat it. And most of all, it was fun. I loved the characters, I loved the stories, and I thought that while the opening was a bit drawn out, stuck in that car being driven around and then shot was a strong opening.

HOWEVER, MW2, while an okay single player, was just so...well it wasn't horrible, but it was so-so, average, run of the mill. It wasn't the worst ever, but it didn't compare to CoD4. I haven't played Blops, but from what I've heard it isn't the best either.

I will also say I reFUSE to buy a CoD game new anymore, because while yes, the multiplayer is quite polished and fun, it's not enough. I'm not going to pay full price for half a game, with a shorter campaign the popcorn to the multiplayer's movie. Half price, yes, full price, no.

CoD hate is odd, but it's more of the lack of story that bothers me rather than the game itself

This was only my first time watching it. I actually agreed with alot of what he said. I dont like him though. He annoys me...but he was right.

I actually never considered compairing the idea of being higher leveled in Cod to just knowing all the weapon spots in other types of shooters.

And I like CoD...I just hate the players. (CoD2 is the best though)

I hat how people complain about the cursing squeakers, when it comes to COD. I mean, there is a mute button you can use quickly in a match. Is this really that hard people? Just go to the player list and use the d-pad to pick the player and press the x button to mute them (I assume its the square button on ps3). Annoying kid problem solved.

Some points were well made... But somehow i just don't care for how the message is "sent", i guess :(

Oh well i guess i'll check it again next week just for the awesome intro music :P

I agree with you, Jim, except for one statement:

I dislike the advantages (more perks, weapons, etc.) an experienced player has. You covered this in the video and stated that it was not any different than an experienced player in i.e. Quake. I disagree.

A player (let's call him Dave) that gets wrecked in Quake because of him not knowing where the weapons are is going to want to change that by, for example, looking it up on the internet. If Dave still gets wrecked after that, it is the experience of the better player that gives him the advantage over Dave.

If Dave played Call of Duty, weapon spawn locations don't matter too much (except for some FFA gametypes). Of course, Dave gets wrecked. But this time he can't do anything about that because the advantages of the other players are not (only) based on knowledge (weapon spawns) and game experience, but gametime, too. Sure, if Dave is bad at FPSs he gets wrecked no matter what, but Perks/Weapons/Killstreaks are something that he can't do anything about even if he is decent at gaming.

I hope you get my point.

mfG diiebane

EDIT: Also, I don't buy in the hatred towards younger gamers. I'm sure most of us have played games before we were legally allowed to. What gives us the right to deny those players the game? People who bash little kids for playing CoD (and other games) are most likely Hypocrits.

Actually, and I'm a bit disappointed Jim didn't point this out, even the perks don't matter that much, because of the fact that the perks you START with, are not worse then the perks you will unlock. You can very easily top a game at level 1, against a room full of top level players, if you're good. It helps to have some of the later unlocks, but only a little. In fact, I sometimes feel like I do a little better when I reset back to level one, and reintroduce myself to some of the more basic set ups, because along the way I forget how useful something in the default class is. I find this set up to also encourage more variety in a game, as you'll see everyone using a different set up. And yes, although there are some weapons that are used more then others, you still see a nice variety. Unlike everyone rushing to the rocket launchers, like Jim said, and the game turning into a rocket battle.
Don't get me wrong though, I think Quake is a fun game. But I see them as two different types of games, that don't need to be compared to one another.

Well, Jim, you did it.

You finally made me really laugh. Congratulations on that!

You came of as sarcastic rather than vain, which worked in your advantage.

But yes, CoD players are to diverse to be truly sterotyped.

This one pissed me off. First of all, comparing game genres with beverages is pure stupid. COD is graphically polished and multiplayer is well set-up. It is also fun (except when it becomes obsessively competitive). But thats it. It does not have good story line or narration, no characters with unique and interesting personalities. Not a single character one can care for. There are lots of things it lacks. But thats because its core is the multiplayer. Secondly, no story is NOT okey in COD series. War element includes pretty much every human emotion possible meaning so much can be achieved regarding plot and character building. But instead they boil it down to basic shooting with zero consequences. And lastly, maybe COD has decent individualization for an FPS, wont argue with that. But it will never even compare to individualization of a quality RPG or MMO.

P.S. Though you try to raise good points in your videos, i wish you were serious about them like Extra Credit. Those dumb, blunt jokes ruin the whole credibility.

Peter Donaldson:
I hat how people complain about the cursing squeakers, when it comes to COD. I mean, there is a mute button you can use quickly in a match. Is this really that hard people? Just go to the player list and use the d-pad to pick the player and press the x button to mute them (I assume its the square button on ps3). Annoying kid problem solved.

Agreed, though sadly I find some of the most annoying squeakers, the one who are trying to be annoying, tend to do so during the loading screen, when you can't mute them. A problem I really wish they would fix...

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