Trailers: Orcs Must Die: Spring Trap Spotlight

Orcs Must Die: Spring Trap Spotlight

The spring trap propels orcs into other traps and bottomless chasms in Orcs Must Die!

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Well that looks kind of funny actually. Flying orcs, what's not to love?

This looks like a lot of fun. Im predicting people will think up all kinds of devious methods for orc slaying.

Also, aerial faith plate anyone?

Kinda just seems like bog standard tower defence but might give it a bash any way :)

the real question is: can you bounce an orc perpetually?

I'm gonna build 20 spring traps in a loop just to see all these Orcs bouncing around:D
Game looks great, really can't wait for it.

I predict Orcs must Portal! mods for this game XD

Tch, typical work of the Anti-Orc propaganda machine to oppress the green-skinned proletariat. One begins to wonder where one can find a game that allows one to catapult one of the more "pretty" bourgeoisie races like the elves or humans.


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