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Great job guys! You... really have nothing better to do, don't you? Seriously, what is that now... 5 regular weekly internet series? and the Daily Drop?

I kid. Hilarious show, keep up the good work!

Now we just wait for Story Guy to have his own show...

Who the heck is Fabio?

Yeah, like others, I'm hoping for Word of the Day and Day of the Day to make a comback. Also, the phail pics.

Who the heck is Fabio?

Fabio Lanzoni

Not bad can't wait for more.

Who the heck is Fabio?

He's a male model who is famous for being "the most desirable man on the planet" he's pretty much the dude every girl is into, but will never admit it. He's been on the cover of literally hundreds of "romance" and "adult" novels.


For those of us who are not women he's famous mostly for two reasons, one is his series of "I can't believe it's not butter" commercials where he has "dreamy" scenes with ordinary house wives to pimp the product... and well, he probably sold tons of the stuff to shopping housewives, while the effective but really obvious style of the commercials lead to widescale mockery (and later self-parody within the commercials). The second is that he had a recurring role in the first season of an action TV series called "Acapulco HEAT".


The show is pretty much "by the numbers" but kind of famous by trying to hit so many mainstream and left wing target buttons that it's almost insulting to it's audience. The basic premise being a modeling agency operating out of a world class hotel in Acapulco run by Fabio is actually a group of special operatives run by the UN, which was a paticular selling point in a lot of circles since it wasn't the US, and involved characters who weren't by origin American... you know like the "exotic" gimmick of an MI-6 Agent being a main character for those who hadn't watched say James Bond or "The Equalizer". It was just so head bangingly trying to be liked by what was perceived to be the mainstream and an "action show for the non-conservative US Redneck audience" that it could be painful to watch, without there actually being anything really wrong with the storylines or acting... At any rate having Fabio walk through occasionally as the Hotel Manager was one of the things that got attention for the show, especially as he is a REAL world class male model, ironically playing house keeper/landlord for the pretend models at "The Agency".

While unrelated to Fabio, if the mention of an MI-6 agent, and superspies as international models makes you think of "Austin Powers", well you wouldn't be alone in this. It's widely believed Mike Meyers was inspired in his satire in part by this show, and it hasn't gone unnoticed that the attempt at a relaunch in 1997 (the second season) kind of came along right with the Austin Powers movies, probably hoping to catch some attention on it's coattails.

As LRR goes this felt rather weak, but I think it has a lot of potential to be fun. The porn bit felt a bit overdone but the Fabio wig+accent was hilarious.

I'm looking forward to next week. :)

Nothing but Phail.

I love it!

Oh mans! So funny that I won't be able to go anywhere else for news ever again. Thanks for the lol's!

Me likes. Great stuff here.

... I like it.
Much more entertaining that real news

Oh man...a regular Phailhaüs? That's awesome. There's definitely something entertaining about the format of "clever people sit around and talk about stuff."

"I'll give you a 7 hour manhunt" is the best cheesy porn line ever. That really cracked me up.

On the Escapist anyways, it has however respawned over at Penny Arcade:

Huh. Something that finally makes Penny Arcade worth visiting. Maybe all those people are right about the end of the world or whatever after all...

now I know who voices Unskippable.

I take it you don't watch Daily Drop, ol' ENN or the LoadingReadyRun sketches.. They're everywhere on The Escapist.. Hard to miss!

Now we just wait for Story Guy to have his own show...


This simply must happen.

Graham? :D

Sweet, more Phailhaus which, regardless of show title, this format will always be to me. Can't wait for more!

Not mind blowingly funny, but still quite humourous. Will watch again.

Phailhaus surrogate, yeah!

I ignored this at first, thinking it was gonna be just another of the many new series starting up, but then I saw the link on lrr.com. Nice one guys.

My only complaint: Not as good as ENN the news desk version.
However: It's still good and made me smile, so that's probably going to be my only complaint ever. (I assume ENN is a lot harder to pull off resources wise though :) )

Sex? Joking about my local police? Graham looking fabulous in a wig?

New. Favourite series. EVAR.

Praise the return of Phailhaus!

While good, it doesn't have the same charm as the Phailhaus

WOOT, the Phailhäus is back!
well, different name, slightly less fail, but it's still great stuff!
<3 LRR!

What next Guy chef-ing? Steel stomach confrontation?

Love it. Gonna keep watching.

I wish that Checkpoint was on The Escapist as well.

Looks to be an awesome show. Not as cool-looking, but what it lacks it makes up with all the porn soundtracks!
Looking forward to the next episode of this stuff.

pot stickers with pot? LOLZ!

See now I feel stupid, didn't get this the first time through. Sadface.

As for the show itself. I think I was one of the ones that preferred the ENN standard newscaster format. But I'll give this series a few watches (as I do with all Escapist series) to see my long-term thoughts are.


(Please note: Formica Archonis is very happy. He cannot articulate this right now, as he is busy being happy.)


(Please note: Formica Archonis wishes it be known that he was never really a fan of the "X of the day" items, so their lack here is perfectly fine with him.)


(Please note: Phailhaus!)


Because I accually like alot of the stuff you guys at Loading Ready Run do, I'll be honest with you. Didn't really care for the news show. I didn't like the setting much, in what, a dressing room? And it's a pretty common concept, funny/sad news artical stuff is all over the place, and i've seen done better, like Epic fail, and WTFIWWY, on the TGWTG site.

If this is your new project, it's not one i'm all that intrested in. I'd have rather you guys stuck with the daily drop personally. For what it's worth. And remember, i AM a fan...

oh awesome a new version of whatever thing.

I dunno what my deal is today; I watched The Hangover this afternoon and laughed 4 times, I watched this and barely cracked a smile.

Oh I know what it is, The Hangover is overrated and I'm really not a fan of Paul. I'm not sure anything he's ever said has made me laugh. It could be that he reminds me of a twat I went to college with who just tried way too hard but when I hear his voice i just sorta get annoyed.

Eh, I don't know. I'll give this show another chance I guess.

Yay! A weekly Phailhaus! This was such a great video, not a single line was wasted I can't wait for more. I hope you guys do the "Day of the Day" feature again.

P.S.: I wonder when everyone (including me) will stop calling this Phailhaus.

Do you guys shoot this in your closet?

Good show even if you did though!

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