Feed Dump: Tigers and Sheep

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Phailhaus on the Escapist! NICE! Although, I still don't know the day of the day...

=D Phailhuas has returned! And LRR's getting paid for it! This is pretty darn awesome. Can't wait to see more.

What next Guy chef-ing? Steel stomach confrontation?

Taunt them enough and they will make ISC a new regular Escapist show.

Scarily enough, that would probably get watched more than ENN.

I still miss the Whatever thing - Morgan was great at reading funny news stories.

Well, the woman does live in New Kensington. Speaking as a fellow Pennsylvanian, thats not exactly the best palce to live, and hardly surprising her phone was disconnected.

Though she's definitely being inventive about feeding her pot to people, I would have guessed in spaghetti sauce.

Love it! Was laughing hard at the Fabio part, especially when Graham looked at the camera. XD

I heard about the white tiger story on Breakfast Television; It was funny then too!

I'm pretty sure that the guy from the hospital was just cos-playing Metal Gear Solid 2. I mean, he was in a medical facility, got naked, and hid. That's Raiden right there.

Meh. I don't like the rough and unfinished quality you added to it. Also, there is a similar show I like more elsewhere.

Welcome back, Phailhaus!

The only problem with the new name is that I'll miss Graham saying Failhowse.

Didn't like >.<

Phailhous? Here? YES!

Also, Graham Fabio was awesome.

approved. please make weekly

thank you

Dudes! Stop adding series to make my day less productive! I really can't allow more of this. Darn you.

Omg its Phailhaus on the escapist! :D

I would liek to not ei also have one of the Giant albino tiger stffed toys sat ontop of my wardrobe...

I now have a plan for it involing golf courses!

PHAILHAUS. ON THE ESCAPIST. EVERY WEEK. You guys have seriously just made my Wednesdays twice as awesome! Also, I think we need more videos with Graham wearing that amazing wig.

I am very happy with this show, and I would like to see more of it.

Hopefully that makes my feelings clear

Ah mah god!

Pretty awesome start, can't wait for more.

For some reason after hearing the stuffed tiger story my next logical conclusion was have all(Several hundred at least) of them hidden around a small city in the middle of the night.

The next step isn't racist (Speciest?) though and will accept other life sized stuffed animals covering the city.

Is this the new version of Phailhäus??

Hilarious! I thoroughly enjoyed this!

Closeup of Graham's face, ridiculous news and Paul wearing hats... yes, I like it. I like it alot.

Also, PLEASE get Morgan to participate in these! By force, if necessary.

I can one-up the weirdness of the weed margarine. A guy I went to high school with and his mom were arrested and are delaying the crap out of their trial for producing and distributing acid-laced Gummie Bears.

This pleases me.

Do make more of it.

Woo! This was lots of fun. Phailhaus, more or less! I hope this doesn't mean the Phailhaus will completely disappear....I would miss Ask Kathleen and Pict of the day!


Phailhaus has evolved into a new Pokemon, er, show!
I gotta keep this brief as I'm finding it exceedingly difficult to not laugh while typing.

I guess you know what the moonbase needs next, Graham- industrial strength fan!

The porn bits were priceless....
*starts into hysterics again*

That was amazing, also what happened to check point?

As soon as Matt starts delivering porn lines he looks 12 years old and that just all kinds of wrong.

Really like the new show! Nice replacement for ENN which I missed dearly till I saw this show.

SO watching again to fill the void that ENN left, Also the hat.

So, "Daily Drop" has been dropped *sadface*, but in exchange, we get a "Phailhaus" type series on The Escapist? Sweet! ^_^

Awesome video! I missed Phailhaus!

I live about 10 minutes away from several White Tigers, in England....your argument is irrelevant.

You are forgiven for this week's lackluster LRR. :)

I wonder where matt wants to take us. Where do you want to take us matt? Will you take us there again this year?

yay, i missed the phailhaus

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