Feed Dump: Tigers and Sheep

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That was amazing, also what happened to check point?

It's doing fine, nothing happened to it.

Yay :) Phailhaus but on the Escapist :) i love you guys so much, i always laugh :)
<-- Bionic Trousers Media fanboy :)

actually Longleat, probably the largest safari park in England, which features albino tigers, is only about 50 miles away from Southampton, so it wouldn't have been completely unbelievable for them.

LOL that's some good shit right there. I got something else from New Zealand you might want to check out, it's so ridiculous how mad everyone is because there wasn't a train coming for something like the 6 hours. http://www.bayofplentytimes.co.nz/local/news/tauranga-teens-crazy-railway-stunt/3953355/

I'll give you a seven hour manhunt. Best part of this episode.


I can't stop laughing...


Tiger Sora:
I'll give you a seven hour manhunt. Best part of this episode.

Agreed. Bow-chicka wow wow!

YES...YESSS the descendent of Phailhus and its predecessor(s) as well :D


I love it. Am I to assume this means ENN is gone for good?

Their ENN replacement is on Penny Arcade TV.

...oh, what do you know. how did I miss this?? lol thx

I always support ANYTHING that has more of the LRR cast in it..... anything....

Is that a laser tag gun around the 1 minute mark?

Oh mans! So funny that I won't be able to go anywhere else for news ever again. Thanks for the lol's!

You should go to the their websites and check out their old Phailhaus and whatever thing videos (the last one is under bonus videos). They have been doing news like these for quite a while.

It's like the news! But less depressing!

I cannot wait to see what else these guys can dig up, Love this show already.

I love this show already, with a passion, a fiery passion... Bow chicka wow wow.

lovely stuff. im a fan.

woot Phau"l Hu"se

i dearly miss ENN, but checkpoint is still good and now feed dump... its great, it reminds me to go and watch phail haus (i hope thats how you spell it)

Yay Phailhaus!

Best. News show. Ever.

Thankyou for the casual nod in our direction;

Regards, every Australian viewer who's made a sheepshagger joke about a New Zealander.

Eeeeeee! I was pretty sad when ENN wandered into the ether, but from it we get a weekly Phailhaüs and a re-spawned mid-series ENN? So want <3

Great show, not quite Phailhaüs but still fantastic!

By the way... I didn't get the Fabio reference so looked him up on Google - his Wikipedia biography is one of the best things I've seen in a long time.
Mainly because it has a paragraph titled simply "Fabio Gets Hit on the Nose by a Goose" XD http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabio_Lanzoni

Also the fact that his filmography is suspiciously empty...

EDIT: Wait, no, it isn't empty... it's just that it's somehow underneath "External links".


Shame not the same name or exact format. But it's got the same sprit.

Totally awesome and totally one of the more rediculous ways of making money from the internet.


now I know who voices Unskippable.

I take it you don't watch Daily Drop, ol' ENN or the LoadingReadyRun sketches.. They're everywhere on The Escapist.. Hard to miss!

Yap, and I dont even watch unskippable anymore. Here cause of Extra Credit, Movie Bob and Zero Punctuation. I prefer informative shows to acting out comical situations.

Very good :D
Although I feel I have to point out that it's Bow Chicka Bow Wow. Not Wow Wow.
Small difference I know, but still.


I love it. Am I to assume this means ENN is gone for good?

Not really... they just moved it to PATV under a new name.
But getting Phailhaus here is awesome. Oh, I'm sorry... Feed Dump.

Yeah, it's called "Check Point" on Penny Arcade. And it's weekly!

haha, baklava....

Finally! A new show that the Escapist can be proud of!

I was expecting to enter the comment section and do battle with all the haters hatin' on the new show!
Thankfully everyone else seems to agree with me!

that was wonderful guys. may i say, were it someone else than Graham and Paul, it would feel corney, but this is good!

its no ENN but I'm glad we still have an LRR news segment

........hey chicka bum bum

HEY! What did I tell you about doing that!?

to not to...


so, I'm sorry if I come across as naive... but... why? are goggles required for porn?

like, I guess I can see why the chick might have goggles... if it was like, the junior league or something...

I'm going to be honest with you guys. I shrugged.


Phunny story...

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