Name Game: Fighting Nonsense with More Nonsense

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Madara XIII:

let us do some math bullshit together(god believers use it to "prove" stuff and so can i!)

let us take the word "fox"
f=6 o=15 x=24 => fox=45
we have all seen the movie with jim carry about the number 23, turn it around its 32.
you add the two numbers and you get 45+32=77.
77 is also troll! t=20 r=18 o=15 l=12 l=12.

there for fox news are trolling us. this is fact!
i know it is because i messed around with numbers until i was able to connect the two words for no real reason and with no real logic.

....Ouch dude. I believe in God but I don't use Bullshit numbers. If anything I'm one of the more tolerant quiet kind that facepalms everytime an idiotic representative of the church claims to have answers he made up.

Secondly concerning your math skills. All I have to say HOLY JESUS MOTHER OF GOD!! It's true!!!


You have seriously won the internet.

i didnt say all of you do it, i was just making fun of the ones that do.
i respect your right to believe what ever it is you wish to believe in.

Well thank you for the respect and once again Kudos to that hilarious post

nice one, squid!~ you show those hobby killing leeches who's the man... i mean... animal?

This I why I just stopped watching the news a year or so back. All it does is make me angry or scare me. I used to watch the news all the time and it never did me any good, it just stressed me out. Fox is annoying just like all other bias new organizations. Since they tend to all be horribly biased I just look around for independent stuff and statistics.

Fox news makes me want to puke sometimes.
Great comic!

Stuff em....Any individual with a brain knows that FOX news are always full of shit

That is just it. The large audience they have largely doesn't have much in the way of brains. It's more of a talk loudly till you get your way kind of thing..

The fact that Fox News lies so frequently does not depress me (and let's be serious, they are lying and intentionally misreporting information).

What depresses me is the large segment of the population that takes what Fox News reports at face value.

The only thing about this situation that gives me hope is that the younger generation is much more skeptical about the news media in general and gets their news from multiple resources rather than just one, making them much less susceptible to the infotainment that Fox provides.

I still feel bad for my grandfather getting riled up and misled though.

Only part of this young generation does that. Fox News really did their part on exercising their first amendment, in a sense that they are free to give their vision of thruth. Sad part is that a bulk segment of the society belives that is an inquestionable truth.


A fair and balanced debate...


Ian Caronia:

But the thing is you're ragging on Glenn Beck, who raped and killed a young girl in the 1990's, because of his past...where he raped and killed a young girl in the 1990's. Fox News is on their ball by giving Glen Beck, who sodomized a young kitten with a tire iron in the 1980's, his own show, since it's clear they're hoping to be the first ones to report on Glenn Beck, who brutally sexually assaulted a bottle of beer and cracked it open on his own wangus to threaten a starving 3rd world child into giving him their candy, when he decides to make a repeat offense...OF RAPING AND KILLING A YOUNG GIRL (which, unlike the kitten and small child, he actually did in the 1990's).

OT: This comic is great. I'm falling in love with the artist (not really but she is truly admirable). I wants a Podi Puss of my own. :,(
Podi Puss gave them what for! No other journalist would go on such a rampage on national television like Podi!


Podi once went on Howard Stern, he was never invited back, Stern was quoted "He is just too shocking in his speeches even for me!"

Podi for president!

Podi with a tie is the best thing I've seen all week.

Podi Puss in 2012!

Dangit I was going to suggest that! I mean if he can bring reason to Fox he'd be able to fix the government. And while I'm dreaming big dreams, Podi can also invent the warp drive.

The Great JT:
It's almost like Asbury wasn't even talking about the same subject.

Exactly! I got the sense that he's just anti National Endowment of the Arts in general and he and FOX News were just using the lightning rod of video games as a way to attack funding of the arts.

It makes me glad to see what I can only assume are quite a few Americans calling this disgusting news network the piece of shit that it is.

Its kind of sad, and I don't agree with this in any way, but the international image of Americans is hit VERY hard because of shit like Fox.

You know that, right?

Podi puss makes everything better. everrrrythinngg.

Damn. That little squid is one talented debater. I would vote for him.

Podi looks good in a suit.

Well that was very....subtle...

The thing about FOX is that they're not actually a new station any more, they're 'infotainment'. The problem with this is that a lot of people haven't realized this, and still honestly believe every word FOX speaks, regardless of how outlandish or obviously full of bullshit those words happen to be.

I can't make up my mind if I enjoyed the comic or the description more.

Thank you for that. Finally someone that hits the nail on the head about Fox News. I imagine that to a professional news reporter Fox News is an embarrassment and an insult.

Podi for president!

Took the words right out of my mouth.

You know, there are parts of the channel that I watch and enjoy... mostly the actual news stuff and not the opinion programs. And the parts that I just roll my eyes at or avoid altogether.

This, however, was one of the worst so-called debates I have ever seen. We had better debates back in 9th grade speech class. While I don't always agree with the "Fox News is evil" bandwagon, I think this segment warranted most of the reaction it's getting.

It seems that asbury understands what podi is saying.

The comic wasn't that entertaining, and it's honestly getting to be very old hat to make fun of FOX News these days.

Next time something like this comes around, try making fun of Rupert Murdoch, the man who manages both FOX News and News Corp, which is the company that subsidizes FOX Entertainment and FOX News.

Or, better yet, why not do a backroom comic, written in the writer's room?

Tin Man:
It makes me glad to see what I can only assume are quite a few Americans calling this disgusting news network the piece of shit that it is.

Its kind of sad, and I don't agree with this in any way, but the international image of Americans is hit VERY hard because of shit like Fox.

You know that, right?

Part of the reason why I'm moving to Canada for a bit... seriously.

Man the strip this week looks eeirly like ctrl alt del:

I don't really read CAD so I didn't even see this until you posted it here.. That being said, I submit my stuff around the same time they posted this. I work on my comic for at least 2-3 days before I submit. So I couldn't have seen it coming..

Also given the nature of webcomics, this was bound to happen eventually.

Podi looks very business like with that tie

I gotta say, I was actually a little interested in what they were saying but it seemed like the second Asbury started talking he just went off on a tangent and I don't even have a clue what he's talking about.

It's just silly, considering Ambrozy just stated commercial games AREN'T given federal funding and then Asbury starts busting out ridiculous statements like 43 cents of every dollar is given to the video game industry and...

I mean I don't even know why I'm posting... can we get rid of Fox News now?

He does have a point. I thought it very valid.

Oh god, that interview was hilarious. Ambrozy really held his ground well, I thought. That bald guy started at videogames and took it almost directly to "41 CENTS OFF OF EVERY DOLLAR! PAIN AND SUFFERING! MAYBE THERE IS NO TOMORROW!" I wish those weren't direct quotes.

It was all very obviously a pointless exercise in knee-jerk reactionary anti-gaming drivel, but Ambrozy managed to turn it on its head, at least as much as he could within the confines of their toxic punditry.

What's a "holocost?" Is that some kinda inside joke to which I'm not privy?

I'm guessing either:
A) The difference in price between a general run theater ticket and a 3-D one; or
B) A typo (but I think you already knew that).

I really couldn't care les about what FOX news says. They're a news channel in a country on the other side of the world that, based on the evidence I've been shown here on the Escapist, treat news as if it open to artistic license to make it more entertaining. They're basically the Onion, except at least the Onion doesn't try to hide the fact that its news is all satire. Why are you even giving them this kind of attention?

That would be great, if it was actually the case. The fact is that Fox News is really as awful and backwards as it appears on the surface, and about half the citizens of a global superpower dance to its tune. I think that makes it noteworthy.

It would be lovely to dismiss them as world-class trolls, but if you'd lived in the States for any length of time, you'd find they have a terrifying number of genuine supporters.

I believe you are being naive when you assume FoxNEWS is simply unaware that CoD can't receive NEA funding. I would not be at all surprised to learn they are actively keeping that information from the public.

I do like this comic, keep up the awesome work.


But I would have to agree with the core matter. Games should not get taxpayers money; neither should any other art form.

I agree, taxpayers money should only go towards things that directly benefit society.

Yes, like the trillions of dollars America spends on national security.
If they'd cut 1 missile, 1 single missile, out of their program, they could easily fund a handful of indies.

What I'm annoyed with is how they clearly didn't do any research at all.

1) You're referencing a talking-heads show. Crack open any newspaper, flip to the "Editorial" section, and you find the same uneducated opinionated blather. Why? Because it's COMMENTARY, not NEWS. No one in the actual news industry confuses "op-ed" for "news". Yet no one OUTSIDE the industry seems to remember there's any difference.

2) Take your pick of MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC --- all of them have the same talking-heads shows, with their various loads of ignorant gits, doing the same thing.

But pretending only one network does this...that's very much a hipster thing.

as i said in another thread, all news corps do is make up stuff to fill in when there are no wars, gang-rapes or other sensational news
because a 'there was no news today' banner on your channel / site / paper doesn't really attract viewers

so they hire over-sensitive and over-opinionated person a to shout down anything that perso / thing / issue b may possibly, plausibly be a tiny issue to a tiny number of people and back it up with
'the facts' ( ie, anything they could brainstorm 5 minutes before with some internet access )

nice strip tho, i liked the octopus but i'd have preferred hipno-toad, it's fox after all..
even though you have the whole bottom feeder thing going

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