Name Game: Fighting Nonsense with More Nonsense

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I do like this comic, keep up the awesome work.


But I would have to agree with the core matter. Games should not get taxpayers money; neither should any other art form.

I agree, taxpayers money should only go towards things that directly benefit society.

Yes, like the trillions of dollars America spends on national security.
If they'd cut 1 missile, 1 single missile, out of their program, they could easily fund a handful of indies.

You won't get any argument from me, the amount of money countries spend on a single weapon is absolutely insane.


What's a "holocost?" Is that some kinda inside joke to which I'm not privy?

I'm guessing either:
A) The difference in price between a general run theater ticket and a 3-D one; or
B) A typo (but I think you already knew that).

I was thinking it was a set-up from a bad Abbott and Costello routine:

Costello: What's a "holocost?"

Abbot: About $9.99 plus tax.



Man the strip this week looks eeirly like ctrl alt del:

I don't really read CAD so I didn't even see this until you posted it here.. That being said, I submit my stuff around the same time they posted this. I work on my comic for at least 2-3 days before I submit. So I couldn't have seen it coming..

Also given the nature of webcomics, this was bound to happen eventually.

Sorry, I phrased that badly. I meant that you both had simular ways of drawing the guests and host on fox, I wasn't trying to be a 'Simpsons did it!' jerk or worse accuse you of stealing.

Whoa! I thought I was watching the real thing for a second until the squid fellow started making some good points. Fox News would never allow some reasonable arguments on their show!

The fact that Fox News lies so frequently does not depress me (and let's be serious, they are lying and intentionally misreporting information).

What depresses me is the large segment of the population that takes what Fox News reports at face value.

The only thing about this situation that gives me hope is that the younger generation is much more skeptical about the news media in general and gets their news from multiple resources rather than just one, making them much less susceptible to the infotainment that Fox provides.

I still feel bad for my grandfather getting riled up and misled though.


No, they don't. The younger generation just believe in different sources that also tell them what they want to hear. An example of this is right here on this site.

This is as poorly written an article as anything on Fox. Also, if you read the comments, you have the same percentage of people letting their opinions be formed from what this horribly biased article says of the study instead of what the study actually says. (Example: Violence and aggression are not actually the same thing yet how many of the comments state that the study is trying to prove that games cause violence?)

If this were an isolated example on the Escapist, it could be chalked up as Greg Tito having a bad day and a temporary breakdown in standards. But it's not. Frankly, as long as the Escapist continues to run articles like this and Escapists continue to react in the same fashion as Fox News viewers, then we don't really have a leg to stand on when it comes to criticizing said network and it's viewers.

It's "debates" like this on Fox News that make even Fox's Bill O'Reilly look moderate in comparison.

Not necessarily related to video games and art, but related to Fox News and video games:
Just wait until Fox News gets a hold of the new Duke Nukem game. Remember when they got riled up over Mass Effect because of the potential to see alien side-boob in a cut scene? (Fox called it "full digital nudity" and that you could engage in "graphic sex" in the game.) You will probably see this video game is art "debate" return on Fox News once Duke Nukem is out.

Jungy 365:
For God's sake, why does Fox keep coming back to games? Do they all honestly think that games are the most evil things in the world that require constant vigillance? Okay, I've vented.
Seriously, someone just give Fox a rubber ball to play with.

Guess it's a slow news decade for them.

I already liked this comic a lot, but now I'm a fan. You can't do wrong in my eyes Elisa!
If you keep writing your comments in the text box, I'll keep loving it.

And Im sure that with 5 minutes work you could easily find that in fact Table Tennis players do receive some sort of Government sport funding

And Im sure that with 5 minutes work you could easily find that in fact Table Tennis players do receive some sort of Government sport funding

Emperor Palpatine:

Rupert Murdoch:

I think i made my point.


What I'm annoyed with is how they clearly didn't do any research at all.

1) You're referencing a talking-heads show. Crack open any newspaper, flip to the "Editorial" section, and you find the same uneducated opinionated blather. Why? Because it's COMMENTARY, not NEWS. No one in the actual news industry confuses "op-ed" for "news". Yet no one OUTSIDE the industry seems to remember there's any difference.

2) Take your pick of MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC --- all of them have the same talking-heads shows, with their various loads of ignorant gits, doing the same thing.

But pretending only one network does this...that's very much a hipster thing.

Pretty much my thoughts on the subject Fox News gets more than it's fair share of the garbage due to being right wing, when most American media is left wing dominated. Even if I agreed with this anaylsis of that happened, which I don't, it would be no worse than any time a right winger has gotten nailed by a left wing firing squad in a supposed "open and fair debate", it's just that by and large the left wingers that you see on forums like this cheer for that kind of thing because it reinforces what they want to believe. Held to equal standards none of the networks would come accross any better than any other.

As far as this debate goes, I'm pro-video games, but the bottom line is that the debate was garbage without the network having to do anything. All Fox did was sensationalize things to get the ball rolling, turn these guys loose, and "our guy" who should have been prepared did nothing but weakly quote what the original annoucement about games being treated as artwork, "the other guy" mostly ranted about not wanting to waste money on goverment programs and really only seemed to mention gaming because it was the subject that have him a platform, he seemed to be on a general anti-goverment waste rant. The fox news "ref" was not biased towards either side.

A lot of left wingers want to get in the Call Of Duty comparison, and the way it was sensationalized, but in reality what was actually said (as opposed to how it was said) wasn't anything paticularly terrible. Call Of Duty is very much a video game, and if someone could find a way to make a similar game within the allowed budget nothing would stop them from doing so. Framing something's purpose artistically is not difficult, and Call Of Duty in paticular is very much a message based game, which has gotten attention for making some statements very unsubtly like the game leading up to a soldier dying in a nuclear aftermath, to the way how the very contreversial "No Russian" mission has been defended. There are plenty of ways to frame the "you are a soldier who shoots a bunch of guys" game format in
a way that would make it artistic.

My basic attitude about this still remains that the debate was just trash, it was nobody's fault and everyone's, the whole thing was a complete failure to launch.

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