The Escapist Presents: Extra Credits Innovation Awards at Login 2011

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Seems very interesting and I'm glad someone is stepping up. I noticed attendance was small but hey the best all start in front of small groups, I'm sure it will be better in future years.

More footage would be great ;D

Great video, i think im going to have to check these games out!

As no-one else has said anything it must be just me, but I was having real difficulty in hearing anyone with that high-pitched fast-beat music playing over everything.

Watching this makes me want give Space Chem another chance. The tutorial just didn't sell it to me. While I'm there I guess I'll check out all the other games mentioned. Congratulations to all the winners!


For some reason I always thought the voice on Extra Credits was his real voice! Guess not. Congrats to all the winners!

Although, James looks exactly like I thought he would from his cartoon version xD

This. Only I thought he would be a little more bigger. He looks really skinny. Or would that be just me ?

I love you guys at Extra Creidts but that was one cringe worthy video! It was like an episode of the Hills or something!

Nice to see the faces behind EC, and grats to the award winners also!

Am I the only one who thinks Daniel's normal speaking voice is way better than the one he uses on the videos? :)

I was the guy who filmed this event. We got there around 11pm, and we were supposed to only film the awards ceremony. Then we learned that the main Escapist film crew's plan was stuck in North Carolina, and we had been promoted to main crew. So we filmed all the talks, and then went through at around 4pm to get B-roll. That is what you see, basically the stragglers. The event was much better attended than the video would have you believe, but you do what you can and it was all last minute up in the air scrambling. Fun to be there for sure!

...So there's nothing wrong with the narrator guys voice? He doesn't sound like a prepubescent boy, or a 90 year old chainsmoker?

Then why the stupid sounding cartoon voice editing? WHY? I cannot for the life of me figure out why that's necessary. Really now, I try really hard to enjoy your videos, they're intelligent, have good points and bring up important issue, but I can never get used to that goddamn sped-up annoying voice. Has this ever been explained? It makes no sense!

Congrats to all of the winners! Here's hoping the awards become even bigger next year.

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