Critical Miss: Gamer Science

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Oh, good god, I'm a hypocrite.

And in the Sarcay Bastard 'verse, where the escapist is an online magazine about how gaming is the devil, the opposite is true.

Can someone actually point me to one of these ridiculous "pro gaming" studies? I know all about the whole "violent video-games cause violence" thing. And I know of some very basic small time studies about certain positives from games like them improving hand eye coordination. But I don't know of any studies that have concluded some positive effect of gaming that was ridiculous like the example in this comic and that gamers flocked to as "proof of games being amazing".

Because of that, I can only look at all the people saying what a fantastic comic this is and think, "What?". I was under the impression that the consensus had been reached, especially by gamers, that violent games don't cause violent behavior. So why aren't more people sighing at the first panel? The second panel is talking about something so ridiculous that if someone WAS agreeing with it then people would think they're goofing around or insane or dumb.

If the first panel had been something like... playing games for much of your life can lead to arthritis in the hands or something, something that's logical to think of and would have much more conclusive evidence in that it's examining something much more easy to see as a root cause, then the joke would work.

As it is now, it's trying to pass off research that has been proven wrong and that was being used to scapegoat video-games as calm and rational to a completely nonsensical study that (I hope) doesn't exist.

So again I ask, why are people so happy with this comic?

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