Jimquisition: Too Cool To Be Cool

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I love how people are actually insulting Jim, I bet hes sitting in his huge throne and laughing at all of you, seriously, this is not meant to be taken seriously, its just a video. Get over it.

Really starting to like this guy now :) The comedy has hit pace and he finally toned it down enough so your not more aware of the parody than you are of the message.

Great fun!

Jim, Jim... we need to talk. You keep recording your voice-overs in front of your computer (I assume on a headset) but recording your on-screen audio with the camera mic.

Please stop doing this, the jarring differences sound awful.

I would like more 'quisition' and less 'Jim' please, because the points made are actually pretty interesting.
The 'get it i'm a douche' moments are anything but.

How is duke nukem not a parody?
You're seriously missing the point if you think he's supposed to be "cool" or even think he is some sort of role model.
His ego literally is his health for crying out loud.

Jim Sterling:
Too Cool To Be Cool

What does Duke Nukem and Sonic The Hedgehog have in common? Let Jim Sterling, a literal graduate of the School of Cool (it does exist), explain.

Watch Video

Jim thank you so much for bringing up Dante as a prime example XD
That's kinda my argument against the new Dante in the DmC game that Ninja Theory is making. They're trying to hard to be serious with this supposedly edgy Dante that it just doesn't work for his persona...lest we get another kick at the LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT scene again.

But not to sound like I'm lecturing you, but in all honesty Duke Nukem is like the Chuck Norris of Video games. He has an ironical appreciation and I've yet to meet anyone who takes it seriously.
Just thought I should put that out there.

No new episode; I guess the Escapist finally came to their senses and pulled the plug.

If Lisa's top 5's has taught us anything; It's that the like will stay up for at least three months.

No new episode; I guess the Escapist finally came to their senses and pulled the plug.

If Lisa's top 5's has taught us anything; It's that the like will stay up for at least three months.

I highly doubt this has been canceled, and matter of fact neither has Top 5. Top 5 is still "officially" on a break. Apparently having something to do with some legal matters. Not very specific but then again they never can be with legal stuff.

As seen here.

The thing is you should find him funny because he is such an overblown character and a lot of the things he says are so wrong they're funny. But due to what I call "The Al Murray Effect", unfortunately lots of people who are stupid (and therefore share his opinions) don't understand that it's mocking them and their opinions and they find it funny because they agree with it. This splits the audience in two and due to there being more stupid people than people who actually understand irony in the world, the stupid audience gets pandered to too much and the entire thing ends up entirely shit. I don't think we're quite at the Al Murray stage yet but we probably will be after this game.

I find Jim honestly doesnt get Duke Nukem Forever. Duke is himself so offensive and dim socially, that he is funny and cool, where as most of the humor of the game comes not from the characters, but from parody of the genre and of alien invasion movies. This is in addition to the fact the games dont take themselves seriously.

Sonic, on the otherhand, needs to get off the coke, develop as an actual character, and return to his old and good platforming.

Dante was played as overly rediculous even in 1, he gets stabbed in the chest at least twice, and laughs it off. he does come off as sappy whenever he is forgetting trish was created to be a mirror of his mom, giving him conflicting feelings as he fights or is around her.

Didn't Fox News make the mistake of thinking that Duke was meant to be serious too? It's pretty bad when you make the same mistakes as FNN.

So -- did the majority of the thread miss the part where Jim actually quotes one of Duke Nukem's producers who says, point-blank, that DN is intended to be taken seriously and played straight? Is this a sign that the western world not only lacks basic reading comprehension but can't follow the spoken word, or is self-indulgence just so powerful on this site that direct evidence to the contrary is no impediment for one's belief system?

Majority Here: Duke Nukem was not intended to be taken seriously.
Duke Nukem Producers: We intend this character to be taken seriously. We are playing him straight for just that reason.
Majority Here: (fingers in ears) -- Duke Nukem was not intended to be taken seriously.

In order for parody to work you need ironic contrast. It doesn't have to be artistic or poetic but it must be there. A single shot of the damage DN causes that makes it clear he's more dangerous than the bad guys would do it. An easy-to-miss comment that his womanizing causes serious emotional or social harm would do it. But you won't find it -- it isn't there. The writing is shit; DN is intended, by its creators to be played straight. They. Litereally. Just. Said. So.

But here's an irony. That would make the writing so very, very bad that many of us reject that truth in favor of the notion that they were being subtle. This is writing so horrible that the human mind sometimes forms a comforting shell of delusion to protect itself.

That being said, this doesn't mean that DNF will be bad. DN's earlier games were shit writing but were amusing and/or fun. DN can still be entertaining; no one said it couldn't be. But that doesn't mean it is satire. Satire requires contrast; DN presents none.

It shouldn't be difficult to prove designer's intent when the designers flat-out tell you their intent.

When the producer said DN is the most important person in his world, that was not mockery, but praise.

That was pretty freaking painful. Characters don't need to be self aware for their faults to be amusing. Gamers (at least a lot of us) don't need a character to break the fourth wall for us to understand that they are a joke. This episode hasn't changed my low expectations for this series.

I'm trying to give this series a chance, but Jim has completely missed the point of Duke Nukem.

Duke has NEVER been a serious character. He's a B-Movie star. A steriotype of 80/90s action movies like Arnie, Stallone etc. but pushed to the nth degree. It's all tongue in cheek and at no point are we supposed to take it seriously. We're supposed to enjoy the ride.

Also, i half agree about the Sonic argument. Sonic DOES cool stuff and he does awesome and stylish moves. The problem is when he opens his mouth. That's why i love Super Sonic because he hardly talks in that form and does awesome stuff.

Good point,though you have to admit that Jim is getting fairly better at what he's doing since the first episode. Also, I suppose he made the mistake with Duke Nukem because of how in-game people act towards him,it still isn't forgivable,but understandable in the right (Or I guess wrong) context.

I just want to say that Jim is actually very, VERY right in this one. Duke plays straight, given the subject matter that's pretty horrific. It would be better if it actually attempted irony, satire or anything comedic other than just "dude's a womaniser, s'cool".

Coming back to this guy.. I still don't like him. I hope they replace him with something more interesting and takes more effort.

He wouldn't know irony, even when it would hit him to the face.

I agree with this. The problem with Duke Nukem Forever is the developers' hardon and mancrush on the character in their attempt to deify him, and less on making the game something fresh. That's why the graphics look straight out of 2008 and the jokes are all the same as they were 14 years ago. Sure they're keeping he original feel for the game alive, but that's like trying to preserve a pickle inside of a napkin for a month. I'm sure they'll make millions on the nostalgia dollar, though.

Duke = Parody of action heroes. Not his own character

I know it's been said, but i'm dogpilling!

Now that the games out and the reviews are in it seems Jim called this! I'm pretty shocked he was soooo right (thought there was a pang of truth but that this wouldn't matter) about this, I may give him a little more credit from now on :)

He is so right about Dante. His uncontextual behaviour always made me to lol.

I'm sorry, but the whole time I was watching this the only thing I could think of was "CAPTAAAAAINNN QQQQQQUAAAARRRKKKK!!!"

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