308: First Kisses (And Deaths-By-Molester)

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I just played through the whole thing, and it's very certainly an interesting game.
Dome of the options gave answers I wasn't expecting, and the ending where you pass away of old age is quite moving.
Activision certainly made a brilliant game with this one.

Playing the alter ego and loving it.

Stupid pedo was sent to jail. Ha, Ha!

I highly recommend taking the time to experience Alter Ego, it was both enjoyable and surprisingly emotional.

Myself, I was a doctor who married his college girlfriend and was never unfaithful (even though she was kind of annoying), I had a son named John, I was respected as a community activist, and I died peacefully of old age.

What's the meaning of the license plate being OBO-237? I googled it, but the only thing I could find was references to the game itself with people saying how obvious it is, and no one saying why.

I'm glad that a few people, instead of almost mindlessly praising the game for being so good, pointed out that it really suffered in a number of rather obvious ways.

Why should cheating on your wife cause you to become less trustworthy? If I've been good all my life, wouldn't it be perfectly reasonable to assume that I might harbor a darker or more sinful side? If I'm a saint, does that mean I can't do my partner in the bum?

I also liked what someone said about the stranger in the car, you either choose the wrong response or the right one.. there's really no middle ground.

If I'm a rebellious youngster, why can't I be a stable and congenial person as I grow up? We learn from our mistakes after all, don't we?

I dunno.. maybe it's cause the moment I read the article the seed of doubt was planted into my mind, since I know all about shades of grey and what it can (or can't) mean in the development of a character. I also agree with a lot of what's been said about why such a system is difficult to implement into modern gaming.

Actually, unlike an earlier poster, I DO feel that the current state of graphics limits what we're capable of doing for the sheer fact that it'd take far longer (and apparently more money) to make a game bigger if it looks fancier than a game that looks like it was made 5 years ago, 7 if you're being conservative. Despite their length today, I actually feel many RPGs are shorter than their 2-D ancestors because so much of the "content" in today's games have little to do with the overall plot and more to do with easy to program sidequests involving finding/collecting items, talking to an NPC that may or may not have been there all along (and hoping they're not dead in some games), and of course the touted moral choice system itself.

I mean, if you're going to have two kinds of reactions to any given situation, you've essentially forced yourself to cut the game in half so you'll have enough time/room to provide Good AND Evil outcomes for most of the game's scenarios.

Honestly, I think what kind of bothers me the most about Alter Ego is that I can't do things how I might want to. I mean, if we're going to live some sort of fantasy/imagined alternate life.. why can't we live it as ordinarily or extraordinarily as we'd like? Obviously because they couldn't think of all the situations and/or the programming was limited. But that doesn't change the fact I'd probably be unlikely to BECOME the stranger in the car, if I made the right choices, because presenting the player with a sticky situation (that at first seems harmless) is a lot less morally questionable than having the player be the cause of that situation.

Not that I'm advocating either murder or pedophilia, but if you're going to give us the wide range of options and choices as the game supposedly does, it just seems kinda odd to conveniently leave out those more frowned upon. Unless the game actually does allow you to become that bad, which would genuinely surprise me. In all honestly, it'd probably provide you with so many penalties you'd never be able to get a "happy" ending for your character if you've done a lotta bad things. No matter what some books and movies would have you think. :p

Still, I may give it a whirl someday.

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