Pro-Gamer Gauntlet: Cookies!

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Ursus Buckler:


I still want to know what happened to Puzzle after she invaded Horror's inner sanctum.

Say what? When did that happen?

It was after the credits in one of the previous episodes. I don't think it was the last one... Maybe the one before it?

" WE'RE ... MAKING ... COOKIES !!!! "

That line is so EPIC !!

i smell a t-shirt

Welcome to the Dark Side! with 100% more Cookies >:D

Great Episode.
Everyone seems really comfortable in front of the camera now.
There isn't a character I don't like.
Sports was funny as hell again.
Retro gives a solid performance every time, he is the glue.
RPG and Horror, another funny performance.
Fighting, was great in this episode. The character you created, is hilarious.
IT funny stuff, with the arm flailing as you run out.

Looking forward to the next, episode.

Fighting master is slowly growing to be my favourite.


Funny as. Seriously funny as. This show is absoloutely fantastiplums.

This is my new favorite show on The Escapist. It's great lighthearted fun and doesn't try to hard by using lots of swearing in place of real humor. Keep it up guys!

Epic saliva on the first bite of cookie. Go back and look, it's like that kiss in Cruel Intentions.

I want some cookies that glow with a Tarantino-esque golden hue! I think I would fight for some of Horror's cookies...they're probably pure evil in baked form but I bet they're delicious!

Yes. Just yes.

wtb? (what the blobstar?)

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