Critical Miss: Spice Effect

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I don't get the transition between the last two panels. I get the old spice joke, and the 'Garrus does nothing but calibrations for the whole game' joke, just went over my head.

The win is strong in this one...

I actually heard Garrus' voice while reading that. Awesome.

I LOLed.

I don't get the transition between the last two panels.

It was supposed to mirror the "I'm on a horse" ending of the commercial.

Clap Clap Clap

Good, that still works

The Galaxy will know me, as Archangel.

Did it seem like in the first panel Garrus had a necktie stuck to his chest?

This made me chuckle. I tried not to, but it happened anyway. XD

I lol'd.

I love Garrus, he was my FemShep's love interest. I think this is what she sees in her head when she's talking to him because DAMN, he never does anything but calibrate...

Oh God, this comic achieved funny.
I've been waiting for this day!


Lawl! That was awesome! Good thing I am Renegade for life.

Please never draw a turian out of their clothes again...

I wanted to like this, but does mashing together two highly rinsed topics make the whole more original then the sum of its overused parts? I'm inclined to say... No.

Nice effort though. From now on I fear I'll hear old spice man instead of Garrus...

Garrus...does a Turian count for a 'mancrush'.

Oh I do love topical humour...

One of those endings that managed to be incredibly predictable, yet still brilliant.

Ha, I love it. Needed a monocle smile FTW.

I really like this comic. Garrus shirtless, though, is an image I didn't need. Love the ending.

... Indeed. Because if you let him calibrate, you blow that collector cruiser to kingdom come!

But where did those thermal clips go!!

And now I have no idea what this is about. I'll go Google "old spice" (in the beginning I kinda hoped it was some kind of Dune reference)...

I'm commander shepard and this is my second favourite old spice parody on the internet!

...what? It's not like much can surpass the hilarity of the 3dDotGameHeroes old-spice style ad!

That was very nice and will change the way I will play the Mass Effect Games forever *nods*

A parody of something that's already funny seems redundant, unnecessary, and redundant.

P.S. Thanks

I really didn't get anything of this... made a parody...of an already existing parody using a far more apt character from the same game?

It's even funnier because I can hear the old spice guy voice while I read this.

I didn't want to laugh at something so unoriginal... But it was priceless xD

Another one of these?

Credit where due; well done.

Garrus: Dirty Harry Turian, Bat-Turian, and now Old Spice Turian.

These comics just keep getting funnier lately. Keep the good stuff coming!

Gawd I love Garrus. Look at your team members, now back to me, im on an Elcor.

Loonerinoes: made a parody...of an already existing parody using a far more apt character from the same game?

This one is better, but nice one!
Very good, but why now? That commercial is what, 6 months old?

I read this entire comic in the old spice man's voice...

It made my computer turn into Diamonds and got me pregnant....

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