Trailers: Call of Duty: Elite

Call of Duty: Elite

TheLEGENDofKarl explains the features of Call of Duty: Elite, an online service for the Call of Duty games.

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Well, I can see some people wanting to pay for that, but it definitely looks like a money grab. I hope people who only bought CoD because... well, because it's a popular shooter - will have the incentive to switch to something else now. Battlefield 3 maybe?

Not interersted, Activision makes way too much money off of COD and as such should not be even more greedy!

Not buying.
A lot of people are trying to leech off from the Call of Duty Franchises. Not just Activision.
Seen the Apple Store lately?

Well, I miss the good ol' days where players in deathmatch actually had a health bar and they need to rummage for weapons, ammo and health all around the map. But I guess that is not the most popular shooter type anymore. :(

4 articles in one day????

..... So, what I get from this, is that they're charging you money for features that were already in previous games.

Stat tracking.
Stat comparing.
Clan battles.
Video viewing (possibly capture as well).

Seriously? You're fucking kidding me, right?

Well, Halo has been doing this since 2004 with Halo 2, not to mention that this concept has been around for even longer on the PC. For free.

For a trailer explaining something you have to pay for, in a game series I don't care much for, that was a pretty damn good trailer.

..... So, what I get from this, is that they're charging you money for features that were already in previous games.

Stat tracking.
Stat comparing.
Clan battles.
Video viewing (possibly capture as well).

Seriously? You're fucking kidding me, right?

You forgot a feature.

-Giving posers a greater sense of unwarranted self importance by taking their money and allowing them into an "exclusive" group of "Elite" subscribers.

4 articles in one day????

I can only count three. ;D

I wish people actually played like that in CoD, y'know, working together and whatnot, CoD might actually be good for once.

Quite a good trailer for a useless product. I like how they conveniently missed out the fact that it's a paid subscription until the text at the end.

Still not going to get it since it is pay to use, but I did throughly enjoy that trailer, especially the end.

So CoD is stealing support aspects from HALO now? And charging for them? Really? REALLY?

Damn it, I just felt part of my soul die.

I'm finished with this series. "theLEGENDofKARL" (aka Activision Marketing) can try to hide his commercial all he wants, but this service has been offered for free by others in the past just fine.

Call of Duty was an excellent franchise, but Activision's greed needs to end. If people speak with their dollar and go for the free service offered by Battlefield 3, you can bet that they'll fix this shit quickly and never look back.

Has anyone noticed that they (Activision) make billions of dollars but we still play p2p?

Not interested in the thing he was talking about, but I gotta say, that ending was pretty cool.


just kidding

It's funny....

make that guy do more stupid seems funner then paying for your shit...I can easily throw away my money at MMOs...its faster too (sorta)

I won't be buying, but that was pretty entertaining :D

isn't this what halo has had for years? not comparing games just wondering why activision is making a big deal of this

So it begins...just watch it won't be long now down the road until they start charging you for multiplayer sessions. It starts like this then they separate multiplayer into two zones payed members who get all content and free players who will get basic maps and starter weapons and can only level up to a certain point until they UPGRADE. Then finally they will phase out the free multiplayers...yes, yes I can see it now. /suspicion

So Activision made a CoD website... well that's amazing, not sure why you need to pay for ti tho.

So this is like X-fire but then you need to pay for it.

not interested. but the karl guy is pretty entertaining. he should make more vids.

I looks exactly like Bungies layout, as if the same people made it. Not to mention most games have this feature for free. Damn it, I'm angry because I know this rubbish is going to sell.

So, for CoD.... Why you ask? Well, who owns CoD? Activation. And who owns Blizzard. And what two company decided they would suck each others cocks in a 69er? Activation and Blizzard.

And by suck cocks, I mean partnered. And by partnered, I mean Activation said 'Lets be friends' and Blizzard said 'Ok'. And by that, I mean they suck each others COCK.

Yeah, I am done.

P.S. BF3 will be better.

Well how much is it to subscribe? I'm not saying im going to get it, but it'd be nice to know.

I think I see the business plan for MW3. First you will pay $60 for the game. Then you will have only a 3 hour campaign. You then have to pay $20 for a 2 hour DLC map. In order to "unlock" the multiplayer, the monthly cost is $10 you must pay $5 per map. Weapons cost $1-$3 each. Nazi Zombies is its own DLC at the cost of $15 maps included.

Where I'm going at is that instead of making a game with lots of features, they are progressing more and more to making us pay $60 for a empty game, and then being forced to pay for every little part of the game.


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