Name Game: Polygon With a Thousand Faces

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lol Epic. just used perfectly.

Loved the last panel there. My awesome face would make that obvious.

All this about the facial expressions being pronounced to make lying obvious reminds me of the tells that are put into Poker Night at the Inventory.

They are that obvious.

Hahaha, that's a troll lol there xD

I haven't played L.A. Noire, but the trailers are enough to understand and laugh at the comic.

I just got off a session of playing the game, and this stuff is really starting to annoy me. Mostly for the reason Yahtzee mentioned: Ambiguity. I will hear them say something that doesn't quite add up in my mind, and I press 'doubt' to dig a little further there. But it doesn't seem that I and Cole really agree what 'doubt' means: I want to say something along the lines of "That sounds unlikely miss, I saw the letter from your parents" and Cole will go "Admit it! You killed them!" or something along those lines.

I really suck at this game.

I want a three piece suit

problem officer?

Favorite strip so far XD

Good work :3

That Bastard stole his tie clip, tee hee.

Never really liked the troll face in general, but I got some good chuckles in there.

While I'd like to argue that mocap isn't lazy, it's just efficient considering how much time and money already goes into visuals, but then I realized either way, it definitely promotes 'laziness' when you just plop the same animations onto every single model and have the motion actors (probably) not even involved with important things like voice acting and everything just looks so rigid. (ugly run-on right there). And uh... not sure if was going anywhere there >.<

Hysterical. Best one yet.

Fantastic. Excellent use of the trollface. Laughed my bloody ass off

Ahahahaha... troll faced guilt! That was hilarious!

I must say, I've not played it yet, but I may have to now, I keep hearing all these good things about the interogations.

I hate you~ now that last face is going to stay in my head for a long ass time... HATE YOU~

(you did good job by the way, that was a complement)

I cant help the feeling that when you finish the game, the facial expression would be

I can't believe you used the trollface hahaha gets me everytime.

"Oh shit the Cops! Time to put on my Cool Face"


I literally lol'd. It's just perfect. =D

Didn't see that one coming!

Great timing on the punchline too

Oh that face got me good. Nice one guys!

The Name Game

basically a less perverted, game based version of Treadingaround.

not necessarily a good thing.

I hate Treadingaround.

Reading though these again I just noticed that Bobby said exactly 29 words again.
No scream this time though.

Fellow Art Deco lover, eh? I just may have to get this game!

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