Trailers: King Arthur II: E3 2011

King Arthur II: E3 2011

Legions of monsters and men battle in King Arthur II.

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Oh sweet holy bananas, YES! King Arthur was one of those games few people heard of but it was bloody brilliant. Sure, rough around the edges, but it had the balls to do what a lot of us had been asking for ages - Fantasy:Total War! And mixed in just the right amount of RPG elements. Heck, it even mixed in a touch of text adventure and it was awesome. Familiar, yet fresh and original.

If they can iron out the rough spots from the original while building on the foundation they already have, the result will be glorious.

Where did this come from? Its like if Total War and Mark of Chaos had a baby!

WTF? Weird shit man. It's a kinda nuts version of Total War but with a sort of Starcraft turn with the flying units. and the vaguely Zerg enemies.

Looks pretty cool!

How awesome would that be to have DRAGONS on your side in a battle?

Just imagine if all of sudden if America started charging in with DRAGONS on the frontline!!!


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