Is E3 Worth It?

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Is E3 Worth It?

Is all the pomp and circumstance of E3 worth the trouble?

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I'm hoping this E3 will bring some form of Timesplitters announcement.

Far-fetched, yes, but I don't care. I wants me some more Timesplitters dammit!

I was sent to E3 in 2005, while I thought it would be cool to hang out with other developers and talk to the press, that was far from the opposite. Like 75% of the attendance were low level Gamestop(like) employees. It was quite annoying.

I found it was much funner to go to game developer conferences like GDC and the ECGC.

For a minute there, I thought Jim was going to go into a question everything spiral. Still, good article. I really couldn't care much less about E3 myself. Most everything is revealed, or at least hinted at, before the event starts, and most of what's shown is trailers. I don't really care to watch trailers because they're meant only to hype of them game, and it's not really worth getting hyped up about something when it could turn into a disappointment. The worst part is that many trailers don't even show any gameplay, making them twice as pointless. Oh well, at least it's something that draws attention to gaming as a whole that isn't a shooting or a bit on how games corrupt youth.

Good points, but I agree with Jim. Something in me just gets excited when I see E3 footage. That hope of something you've been waiting for being officially announced, seeing more trailers and demonstrations of games you are anticipating; it just makes me feel like a kid again. And Yahtzee's Nintendo bashing is always entertaining.

I try not to get into hype, but I find that I can't help it. I hope Yahtzee will make another one of his E3 hype videos because I really enjoy those.

I think I definitly fall in the 'hyped up gullible consumer' category when it comes to E3. I can't help it, it's just the effect of it all. In that regard, I agree with Jim. It's just nice to have an event to look forward to. Even if you don't get swept up in the hype, as Yahtzee does, you can't deny that there's a hell of a lot of news for the industry, and it's always good to know what we'll be seeing in a year or so's time. Having said that, we desperately need Yahtzee's episodes, as the hype is good for the week, and I thoroughly enjoy it, but it's like the week after Christmas; it was magical at the time, but we don't want to be celebrating it constantly, that would be silly.

There are tons of potential uses for a touchscreen on a controller, most of them being useful for same-room multiplayer gaming.

If anyone played the excellent Culdcept the touchscreen could be used for a player's individual hand. Or a game like mario kart where you could keep the item you just got from the question block hidden or even just the map.

RPG games could keep an elegant inventory and stat screen on the touchpad while keeping the main screen clear. Or imagine an Aliens game with a motion tracker on the controller. The player would hear the beeps or feel vibration but would have to look at the small screen to see the details, adding to the immersion.

Or how about a fantasy game where you cast spells by drawing gestures on the touchscreen (actually wiimote is probably best for that)?

And the best use would be the archetypal four swords gameplay where there was a main screen but individuals could run off into their own side instances.

Am i the only one who's getting rather put off by Yahtzee? He seems to be acting more and more like a complete cynical prick(as opposed to being a cynical prick most of the time, but sometimes actually having a good opinion) each time he does something relating to the Escapist. Have the years of being payed to play video games getting to him, or has he become a parody of himself?

Well normally i disagree with nearly everything Jim says sadly but he is right about the industry getting excited but he say its for the wrong reasons. As the reason I think most people get excited is not because we forget about the "bad parts of gaming" etc subs and online passes.

But it because it where all the publishers have the whole gaming world saying "okay we have heard your hints and rumours it now time to show your cards"

As E3 shows pretty much what in the gaming world people need to keep their eyes on for the next six months. It also shows us what developers have had to not talk about the projects they are working on.

From a critical standpoint E3 is just a marketing event,that is all,If you are looking for something somewhat relevant for development go to GDC,that is all,E3 is just a huge marketing event to promotion the different products and show trailers produced quite long time ago.

So is not worth the trouble,however the only interest that I find is more information about the NGP,the thing looks promising from the development standpoint and more information seem appropriate for this event,the rest is just trailers and gimics for people to buy.
(BTW Frostbite 2 has a lot of potential in the upcoming years,I wish EA provide that technology to competent developers)

WOW. Jim comes across SO much better in text than in video. It's honestly very shocking. In this particular article, I agreed with him much more than Yahtzee and James (which is unusual, cause normally I like both their opinions).

I have to say, I agree with Jim on this one. E3 can be a lot of fun and I personally look forward to all the big announcements and new trailers.

That being said, even though its still early, I've been pretty underwhelmed by this year's show.

Is E3 worth the money? It's definitely a spectacle, and a lot of money clearly goes into it, but when you compare that to the real "fun" shows like PAX, BlizzCon, and ComiCon... there's just no comparison. E3 is a press event, little more than a long commercial ad (that costs about 100x as much and doesn't reach as many people). Nothing I'm interested in will be at E3 for that very reason, so that's already several points off.

I suppose there needs to be a stage for "big announcements" in the industry... but it feels most of the spectacle is wasted impressing the press instead of the consumers.

Come to think of it, maybe E3 is just a way to buy good reviews. In which case... clever, developers... very clever. *slow clap*

This was very good. I also hope Yathzee makes an E3 video.

I like E3 the most when you find out about stuff you didn't know about. The big reveals. The sudden shocks. One of the reasons I always like Nintendo's presentations.. Even with all the leaks, there's still enough under wraps for a pleasant surprise with their stuff.

As for the article itself, I agreed with Jim for the most part. And I'm now interested in that Edge of Twilight game. I hope it does come out.

Also, this might just be me, but Yahtzee's constant Nintendo bashing is just starting to become boringly predictable. I don't mind that he doesn't like Nintendo, it's just that every time he's involved in anything involving Nintendo, you know what's coming.

I like E3, people talking about games - seeing new games, when they will release, or demos of ones that I REALLY want to play. It is fun. I don't see how it is bad, I enjoy the press and love seeing all the new info. Then again that is just me.

Is it just me or are Jim's opinions much easier to understand and process when he has them written down and thought through instead of shouting them at you from behind his glasses?

Interesting discussion, guys, but I can't help but wonder, what else do you expect? Do you expect the gaming industry not to advertise or market itself for some arbitrary reason? Should no game trailers ever be released because they raise hype and lead to people expecting things? It's a business. You have to let people know your products exist, and hence unveiling games and trailers around a press event gets people talking and is a very quick and easy way of letting your target audience know that your product exists. There's a huge chance people won't see an ad on TV or in a billboard, but if you have every gaming news outlet publishing this trailer and spreading it everywhere on the internet, it becomes much easier to find.

I particularly didn't understand Yahtzee's basic argument. "All games are going to suck so they should never be advertised". Most of us aren't game reviewers who get to play nearly every game that comes out each year with the cost covered by our employers. Knowing what games are coming out and hearing interviews or information about them (even if the Q&A is just plugging, but yes most people are in fact smart enough to realise that) is pretty darn important in the process of figuring out whether it might be worth looking into a particular game or whether it might appeal to their tastes. Sure, people might be let down by the fact that the game isn't as good as they'd like but I fail to see how that's the fault of advertising and not the fault of the game being subpar. Of course ads make things look better than they are. How is this new?

I dont know, I guess I'm just confused as to why it seemed like the article is about how gamers should be shocked or clucking their tongues with disapproval at the fact that games advertise.

ive been to E3(last year in fact) i left after like 40 minutes, i was so bored.

What Iīve heard about E3 itīs very boring, however I hope the next GDC will be awesome.

Mr. Omega:
I like E3 the most when you find out about stuff you didn't know about. The big reveals. The sudden shocks. One of the reasons I always like Nintendo's presentations.. Even with all the leaks, there's still enough under wraps for a pleasant surprise with their stuff.

This is why I like E3. Each of the big guns in the industry always has something new and fun to pull out or some big surprise to get the press and the fans talking (seriously, who expected the 3DS last year?). While I agree that as an industry something like GDC is better or for fans its PAX, but nothing beats E3 in media hype. Even the BBC cover E3 when normally games only get noticed for doing something bad.

I'm with you, James. Let's see some Thief love up in this place. And seriously, I forgot E3 was even coming (kind of like the last, oh, five or six years at least) so you might be able to figure out if I think it's worth all the pomp and circumstance (or sturm und drang, depending on who you ask).

Oh damn look at James on page 2; That was great.

But it is jsut a giant marketing stunt "Look what we did".

BTW anyone see EAs show? 'We won't gibe a giant stage, lots of lights, and a dozen celebrities. But here is our giant fucking stage, lights, and sports stars."

Wait, you guys replaced a fat egotistical asshole with a less fat, less egotistical and less asholeish asshole? Well, I must see this now.

Wait, who was the first asshole? And who replaced him? Jim?

I turned on G4 to watch E3 coverage, and almost immediately switched the channel.

The whole thing is just a giant circle jerk, with everyone patting themselves on the back, and the audience clapping like trained seals at every lens flare and gimmick they see on screen.

On top of that, all of the presenters come of as giant douchebags, still making gamers look like immature manchildren.

Welcome to opposite day everyone, where Jim makes sense and Yahtzee and James are a little off. James did make sense in his comparison of PAX to E3. E3 is a big comercial event, and those heavily ingrained into the business of games probably don't get as much out of it as the consumer. For us though that moment when you first see a trailer for a game that sucks you in, and psyches you up is simply magical. E3 is like that only for ABOUT 90 GAMES AT ONCE with booth babes and b list celebs tossed in to sweeten the mix.

How can a gamer not love that?

"Casual gaming and motion controls are the future," it declared. "Look, we're doing it too, look!" cried Sony and Microsoft desperately. "LOL J/K," went Nintendo.

That was my favorite part of last year's E3. Microsoft made themselves look like idiots with all the Kinect stuff (and they did it again this year), Sony was somewhere in the middle with all the Move stuff (at least some of the Move games looked cool though, but they made up for it by showing us PSP commercials; really Sony?!), and Nintendo is like "BAM CORE GAMES FOOLS!"

It will be interesting to see what they'll be doing this year. I guess it'll all depend on what's true or not true about Cafe. I'm excited to see, though. I just hope the controllers won't cost $100 or more.

BTW anyone see EAs show? 'We won't gibe a giant stage, lots of lights, and a dozen celebrities. But here is our giant fucking stage, lights, and sports stars."

Yes, yes I did. John Riccitiello rips on Microsoft for bringing out Ice-T to play Gears 3. Then later, they have not one, but THREE football players for the Madden portion of their presentation. If there's one thing John Riccitiello is good at, it's making a huge ass out of himself.

The whole thing is just a giant circle jerk, with everyone patting themselves on the back, and the audience clapping like trained seals at every lens flare and gimmick they see on screen.

Actually, no to the clapping bit. There was a part during Kudo whatshisname talking about Kinect Funbag or whatever that was called where he showed off the item scanning (you know, that thing we saw two years ago when it was still called Natal), then he waited and waited for the applause to come. But the room was silent. Eventually he just had to continue his presentation. I laughed my ass off at that part.

I was disappointed that Movie Bob wasn't in this (he's still on the banner by the way, might want to fix that), hopefully he'll be back next time.

I love that they both ignore Sterling's toolage.
I'm still not sure why he's here.

I was disappointed that Movie Bob wasn't in this (he's still on the banner by the way, might want to fix that), hopefully he'll be back next time.

Agreed, let's get all our primary commentators back here.

Sorry "Jim", but your original "tough" act has definitely lost you favor.

To me E3 is showing a taste of what's coming in the next year or so in the form of actual game demoes and not trailers or text previews, and since I don't pay attention to anything else, thats what I get and i'm happy for it.

But the discussion and comments mention PAX and GDC and I, again, only see game demoes from them and I would like to know from someone who has been to PAX or GDC, what is it like and what does it usually have. I know I can wiki the topics, but I would like to hear what the experience is like from someone who has actually been there in detail.

I like E3, simply because I'm able to get very excited about games. I was almost crying over the announcement of a Halo remake. (OK, not really, but it made me happy).

Also, it turns out Jim was completely right about the Kinect games no-one cares about.

Fable Kinect, Star Wars Kinect, Disneyland Kinect, Kinect Sports, Kinect Dancing, Minecraft Kinect, Kinect Painting, Better Kinect Avatars... Gears of War Kinect, Kinect Pinball, Shout-at-people-over-Xbox-Live Kinect, Kinect Dwarf Fortress...

I can't help but not read Jim's opions in this. Its not that I don't like reading, its just he plays himself as a complete joke who shouldn't be taken seriously. Its like if you had a good friend who was always messing with you and only you but always went to the who "I was joking." Excuse, thats praticually what Jim is to me at this point, a funny friend who jokes more then he should, but then tries to be taken seriously out of the blue, its hard to read or watch him without laughing in hopes that he is joking or if hes being straight up.

Oh, sorry, yes E3. I agree with yahtzee on many things and E3 is one of them, but also see what the Extra Credits Writer had as well [why can I never remember his name.] on both that its usually only good as something slightly surprising and a " Oh I didn't know that." moment, and probably the exclusiveness to it is more of a press event for people to shoot games at journalists, then to gamers, instead of going straight to gamers.

I forgot:
"I expect Nintendo to continue pulling this massive, multi-billion-dollar practical joke it's been playing for the last few years. "Casual gaming and motion controls are the future," it declared."
No, that's what you declared.
""Look, we're doing it too, look!" cried Sony and Microsoft desperately. "LOL J/K," went Nintendo. "Here's some overbloated hardware paid for by all the shitheads and their money.""
Once again, this is what you declared. Yahtzee has such a warped perspective of Nintendo and the game industry.
"Anyone who buys them is a traitor to us all."
What else does this deserve besides a straight up, go fuck yourself?

1st line: A ton of people, journalists and some Execs said it was the future. So not only Yahtzee isn't the only one that declared it.
2nd: Isn't his wharped perspective what makes him entertaining? And the fact that nintendo THEM SELVES stand by their motion control decision then rip it from their new console isn't exactly good for them, including they themselves said it was the future.
3rd: It could be a straight F u, but then again it could be worse then that.
My question: how long do you think motion controls will last? Seriously, how many more consoles do you think it will last?
still, your comment did make me think of why I started hating sony and microsoft a little bit more on the inside.

Oh, E3, my own opinion on the subject could be said straightly as this, its not worth it, and is only one long, boring speech, same speech at everywhere but slightly changed.

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