Trailers: Star Fox 64 3D: E3 2011

Star Fox 64 3D: E3 2011

The N64 classic comes to the 3DS with updated graphics, voice, and multiplayer modes.

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Star Fox 64 3D: It's barrels of fun!

Hot damn, that's as close as I've got to wanting a 3DS. I still won't get one, but I might have to dust of StarFox64 for some nostalgia after that video.

I've played this game through on single player more times than I can remember in my teen years, definite buy for me. Local multiplayer should be fun as well, I thought they were going to omit that.

In closing: DO A BARREL ROLL!

with the whole video capturing during multiplayer thing, note to self: yet another game to not play naked.

game looks great, to bad people are going to ruin it by putting their unmentionables on the camera

They just had to include do a barrel roll, didn't they. And I hope they camera is for friends only, or genitalia will be flying all over the WI-FIs. And we can't have that.

At least it doesn't look like a straight up port anymore. Could be interesting to say the least *strokes goatee*

I think I just pee'd my pants.

One of the greatest games ever right there, remastered in 3D, im still not going to get a 3Ds though, but if I had one, that game would be a sure buy.

So I played Star Fox 64 on my Wii's Virtual Console. I... didn't see what all the fuss was about.

I guess it's my own fault for sucking at it, but I tried by best to keep my teammates alive, only for them to get shot down periodically. Also, the Landmaster stages, fuck 'em. Fuck 'em to HELL!

IMO, Star Fox Assault was much better.

Oh boy! A good looking port of a short game from the 90's.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Star Fox 64 but it was my first N64 game and the one I beat first and fastest. It looks fine but I'm iffy on motion controls (but hey, maybe you can turn those off like you can with the 3D) Also the live video feed during online seems like it would do nothing but drain the 3DS's already somewhat atrophied battery.

I would have liked something new but I can't deny the appeal of a familiar game, especially one like this which pushes several of my nostalgia buttons. I just don't like the idea of keeping the 3DS plugged into the wall to enjoy more than 3 hours of online arena matches (which I'm sure will be a necessity, especially if you have that 3D slider on full blast)


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