E3: Puzzle Agent 2

E3: Puzzle Agent 2


Are you a puzzle fan?

I never played the first Puzzle Agent. I'm really not sure why; the hand-drawn art style, Professor Layton-style puzzles, and humorous dialogue should all be right up my alley, but for whatever reason, I missed out. After seeing Puzzle Agent2 at the Telltale Games booth today, though, I'm pretty sure I'm going to rectify this mistake as soon as possible so I can be ready to go by the time the sequel comes out.

Puzzle Agent 2 resembles a typical adventure game, but as I mentioned above, it's more Professor Layton than Sam & Max. As Agent Nelson Tethers, an FBI agent in the obscure Puzzle Research Division, you must tie up the loose ends in the case that the Puzzle Agent just can't seem to let die. Sure, the FBI has closed it, and it's technically a success-but something's not right. People are disappearing, strange gnome creatures are showing up, and Nelson knows that he must return to Scoggins, Minnesota, giving the game a tongue-in-cheek Fargo tone.

While I didn't see too much of the game's plot unfold beyond the basic premise, I watched the completion of a fairly simple puzzle, which gave me a general idea of the types of brain-teasers contained in Puzzle Agent 2. After inputting your answer (presumably after careful thought, consideration, and deductive reasoning), the puzzle is sent off to the FBI, where the nation's tax dollars go to work letting you know whether your answer is right or wrong. Completing these without using hints or getting an incorrect answer will earn bonuses, though it wasn't explained whether these will benefit gameplay or are just for bragging rights. For completionists, there are two different endings, which should give Puzzle Agent 2 a little bit of replay value.

With a promise of walking that fine line between challenging and frustrating without falling on the wrong side of it, Puzzle Agent 2 is definitely an intriguing title that I will be happy to spend more time with. The downloadable game is nearly complete and should be ready for release at the end of this month, and Telltale is even running a sale on the original game this week, so there's really no excuse not to jump into the world of Nelson Tethers, Puzzle Research Division.

Puzzle Agent 2 will be out on June 30 for the PC, Mac, and iOS, with a PSN version coming later in the year.

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Really enjoyed the first one, even if it was fairly short. I've been looking forward to this since I finished the last one and I'm glad it's coming out so soon. If I remember the game actually made me jump at one or two points, the (extremely) minor horror parts were wonderful.

This is also the first game I've actually bothered to comment on or know I'll be picking up this E3... Not sure what is happening to my gaming tastes.

yay. More puzzle agent!

The first one was Professor Layton meets Fargo I loved every minute.

I was happy to see this.... I'm actually in the middle of playing Puzzle Agent. I like the art & humor.

... I just wish I weren't so dumb and could figure out more of the puzzles....

Puzzle Agent was charming. It's really the one word you can use to describe it. (The counter of how much taxpayer dollars were spent verifying your wrong answers was hilarious.)

It also made me realize how well a horror puzzle game would work, since if I was startled by a colorful cardboard gnome that showed up suddenly I'd shit my pants if it was something genuinely unsettling.

I would most certainly recommend the first game to almost anyone, even if it be for the atmosphere alone. There was just something really special about the whole title and ambiance of the game. Believe it or not, that's what I found to be the most memorable and enjoyable part. It's actually stuck with me more than the puzzles themselves.

The Random One:
(The counter of how much taxpayer dollars were spent verifying your wrong answers was hilarious.)

Oh, I can certainly agree there :). How something such as arranging a dinner plate can cost so many thousands of dollars, I will never know.


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