Trailers: Hitman: Absolution

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Sgt. Sykes:


Did you even play blood money?

You could throw knives, use shears, tranq guns, hammers, nail guns, baseball bats, assault rifles, shotguns, uzi's, bottles.

You could blow up barbeques, collapse glass roofs on people, explode houses, punch out an entire squad of armed guards.

You can throw people off ledges, poison dogs, throw people in the back of garbage compactors.

Since when was a bit of melee combat NOT hitman?

Well you could always do a lot of random shit in Hitman, but there were always two points to being 47:

1) Being unseen. Best to avoid any contact
2) Having multiple ways to achieve the goal

The trailer doesn't show any of those - instead it focuses on the melee brawl. It might not be the focus of the game, but I'll be skeptical until they release another trailer showing some stealth. Again, making an action game didn't work for Splinter Cell, won't work for Hitman.

Its a cinematic trailer. Cinematic doesn't really do multiple paths. Being unseen would mean he'd have to be stealthiness it up behind walls constantly,, which also isn't hitman, who instead uses disguises. He also seems to be after Diana, who knows who he is and has most likely told her guards to look for the bald bloke.

So the trailer makes sense. If it was a different type of trailer, sure, but it doesn't fit with what the trailer is showing.


Aside from that, I was mainly going after your "golf club, seriously?" comment, not arguing that the trailer made sense, but thinking about it for a bit, it sure does.

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