No Right Answer: Wood vs. Yellow

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This is, IMHO, bad for two reasons. One, this show is bad. It could change in the future, but the gentlemen do not have much stage presence yet. Video editing will also hopefully improve. The problem with today's argument is that the color yellow and wood are both simply lame weaknesses. Who cares? A better question would be as follows. Stupider weakness for Green Lantern: the color yellow or a really bad peanut allergy. Seriously, who wouldn't read the "George Washington Carver KILLS Green Lantern" issue?

Second reason this show is bad: we are running very low on charismatic ladies on the Escapist and most of the recent boisterous hires have been dudes. We're not out of them yet: Kathleen from LRR is still awesome, but we've lost Lisa! The young lady from Tales from the Table is not bad, but the girls from PGG need a cocaine addiction or something. Hire a woman! On that note I also would not complain if she had a huge rack. She doesn't have to be rail-thin, but huge rack. Just sayin'.

Seriously fellas, there's got to be an up-and-coming leading lady on the gaming journalism and comedy scene somewhere to exploit/pay lotsa moneys to, right?

It seems everyone enjoyed this so I'll pull my punches on this show...

It seemed to me to be a pointless argument on a pointless topic by two people who didn't feel comfortable being on camera. Couldn't bring myself to watch it all the way through...

Guess this one is just not for me.

I enjoy this, and will watch more of it. :) great job talking about things that have little value and yet are so dang debatable in our geekdom communities!

That was wonderful. It's always nice to see it put in perspective how utterly retarded most nerd arguments are.

Enjoyable looking forward to more.

to be honest i already loved jones
your product placement cannot convert me

I never understood the weakness of yellow I mean to make green you need yellow. so he is made of his own weakness.
not bad for a first episode.

If you have secondary colors like with pigments. Primary colors, like the those we perceive in light come in the flavors of green, red, and blue and secondary colors like those in ink come in the flavors of yellow, cyan, and magenta. Since Lanterns project light or some light like thing they use primary colors thus green is not made of yellow, yellow is made with green. His weakness is made of him. Trippy. [/nit-picking for no reason]

The show looks interesting. I'll have to see what future debates are and how the comedy goes to see if I am actually going to watch it regularly though.

Lemme tell ya a story boys and girls. I just sat down in front of my computer and noticed that the escapist had 2 new shows, so I figured i'd give both a shot. So i started watching Drinking Games and it was, in my opinion, very poor. After that my optimism bar was slowly draining as i clicked the link to this show. I began to watch and realized that this is...quite good actually! I really liked this and hoped to see more in the future. Very strong first episode, I hope it continues to be this good or even better.

That was really great. It's like the nerd arguments but without having to go to the bar and dealing with all that hassle- we get the best bits in a show. Nice!

Looking forward to next week's episode.

Jones soda ftw

Wow, people actually think this is funny? Uh, alright, best of luck to the creators, I guess.

I never understood the weakness of yellow I mean to make green you need yellow. so he is made of his own weakness.
not bad for a first episode.

You're referring to colour subtraction, not addition.
If you're adding colours, Red + Green = Yellow

...that was actually really funny.

Can't wait for next week!

Yeah I have to admit the weakness to yellow makes more sense. Especially since his entire persona is based around a color anyway.

Plus in the context of the comics, if I remember correctly, yellow = Sinestro Corps = fear.
green = courage. fear is opposite of courage. Shit fits together

Finally! A new show that I really like. Lately I find myself tuning in to Feed Dump, LRR, Unskippable, MovieBob and ZP + Critical Miss (and Stolen Pixels if it is updated ^^). The rest seems very subpar and or annoying.

I am looking forward to the next episode!

Edit: And as bob already pointed out, yellow is no longer a weakness. It WAS a weakness because the guardians put the embodiement of fear in the power battery for the green lantern rings. I guess there was no other way to contain it safely.

I think, the biggest problem with the plan was, that the guardians kept to themselves about it.

Actually I'd love to see green lantern fight against wood... but somehow this is a weakness that would seem to make too much sense, I mean most people would be defeated by a tree falling on them or so.. it seems too normal.

That was pretty fun to watch. Gonna be intresting to see what topics come up in the future. ;)

Is anyone else getting an OverAnalyzers vibe?

Is anyone else getting an OverAnalyzers vibe?

Meeeeeeeee. But that's certainly not a bad thing. As long as it's entertaining, I have no complaints.

This looks like it has potential to be a hilarious show. Waiting for the inevitable "star wars vs Star trek" debate

Dammit . . . I was going to suggest that.


Is anyone else getting an OverAnalyzers vibe?

Meeeeeeeee. But that's certainly not a bad thing. As long as it's entertaining, I have no complaints.

You say that like it's a bad thing . . .

This was decent... right up until the product placement and idiotic method of reaching conclusion.
I mean really?

When he said "yellow is the colour of sickness" I thought "what? No! GREEN is the colour of sickness. And Yet they picked it for the hero! Yellow is the colour of the sand and the Sun. Obviously it's a good colour!"

I think the conclusion of the video is:

- yellow makes more sense as a weakness because it stays on theme (green vs yellow, they're both colours).
- wood would be a less problematic weakness to work around (okay, the flamethrower thing wasn't so great, but he could have an axe instead, plus it's easier to find one. Wood's not such a solid material, you can break it relatively easily).

It's an interesting concept at any rate, I'll probably watch it again, although maybe not every week.

Wooden baseball bat painted yellow.


what about yellow wood?

Are you guys the Armchair Thinkers??

Yeah it was alright.
Maybe less product placement, I think it was just a joke but still... why?

Like the idea of incorporating challenges when logic fails. Chugging bests reason.

It looks like an interesting show but I don't really understand what just happened. It's my understanding that one guy was supposed to be arguing for Wood while the other was supposed to be arguing for Yellow, but the argument ended up being like this:
Guy 1: "Wood is a bad weakness"
Guy 2: "Yellow is a good weakness"

And then later on, it went like this:
Guy 1: "Here are some reasons why yellow is a bad weakness"
Guy 2: "Here are some reasons why yellow is a good weakness"

*racks brain*

Decent show, I'll keep watching for now, as long as it doesn't just do comic stuff, I'm getting burned out on the Green Lantern stuff right now.

But you know what always bugged me about yellow as a weakness for the GLs? Green pigment is made with Yellow and Yellow light is made with Green. They are very close on either color wheel, if anything Green and Magenta should be enemies since that's the opposit color of light and it is light they are using.

I had dinner with these fine gentlemen at LOGIN. It is an experience I wholeheartedly recommend.

Excellent first showing fellas. :)

I would have liked this much better if you were... actually debating the plausibility, rather than which one would be a better weakness. You say plausibility, I want plausibility!

Anyway, it is a close case.

Yellow is actually explained as why it is his weakness in the comic (not sure about wood).

The sonic screwdriver's weakness is also wood.

'nuff said.

very good i am happy ty escapist

Damn it, this is exactly the type of show I've been trying to get my brother to film with me for months.

I liked it, found it entertaining, and like most people I cracked up at the "I have wood everywhere" line.

Can this somehow replace Jimquisition? No? Damn, ok.

Good job on this show though. Me gusta.

I reckon, since it is Green but it's also a light based power, that black should be ultimatly the weakness, because it's the absense of light.

Just sayin'

Alan Scott's ring doesn't do wood? That makes as much sense as failing around hairdryers. The weakness to yellow is clearly more logical.

So the premise of this show is two nerds arguing about geek culture? Yeah, I'd watch that every week.

A weakness to a COLOR is more logical? I know Green Lantern has a following but I have always thought it was ridiculous.

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