Drinking Games: Mariokart DUI

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Maybe I've missed something, but what is the point of a drinking game? In England, drinking is the game.

Silly Americans and your low tolerance for alcohol. Getting wasted off a couple of beers. Tsk tsk tsk.

meh, more of a sipping game. 1 drink should be at least half a glass

I thought this was pretty bad. Games like this just get screwy, people will want to win and "forget" to drink without pausing the game, how are you going to hold a cup and a mario kart wheel? I like the concept I guess, I would just like to see it better fleshed out.

This would have been better if the players were drinking.

PS: Apparently the "Report" button has no menu or options and I have just reported my own post.

Ok if you want actual good rules for this drinking game here's what you do.

1) Get a selection of friends who are really good at Mario Kart.

2) Everytime someone falls off everyone takes a shot.

3) The number that you come at the end of the race is how many shots you have to take.

This means that there's an incentive not to fall off, preventing you from becoming drunk. However, since the minimum number of shots you'll take is 1, you will eventually start to get drunk over time. If your friends are good at Mario Kart then you'll have space between shots to recover because they won't constantly fall.

*note* do not follow these rules if you suck at Mario Kart, or you will die.

It's a TRACK! A map is the field of play in a shooter, a track is the field of play in a racing game! GRAAHHH!

Moving past that, I though the show was pretty funny-The announcer was a pleasure to listen to and seeing the reaction shots of the players as they got increasingly more hammered was very funny. I'm definitely playing this with tequila shots next time I get a bunch of friends around.

Argh...As a "good" Mario Kart driver (sort of, kinda...I'm pretty good amongst my group of friends, at least), it pains me to watch people play the Wii version while using both the useless plastic wheel accessory and driving with bikes...while ALSO on Rainbow Road, one of the slickest courses in any Mario Kart game! *squirm wince squirm* Seriously, I'm like this the entire time: "No, wait! Stop! Don't--ergh! Y-You're gonna--ooh! Aw, man..."

However, this drinking game does look a little fun. I sort of prefer the other version with both beer and shots, even though I know you shouldn't mix the two, but this still looks like something I want to try out. Thanks for the video, guys! Keep up the good work!

EDIT: Also, toootally agree with that "Drinking? No driving!" rule. Gonna enforce that if I have a drunken game party at my house...

Try this one instead: Lap Drinks, everytime you finish a lap (in a 4+ track cup like tourney) you take a certain number of drinks, here's the list:

1st: 4 shots
2nd: 3 shots
3rd: 2 shots
4th: 1 shot
5th or lower: everyone throws a pretzel at you

Or another game that I like to call "Golden Shots" for Goldeneye 64: Set it to Golden Gun mode, and everytime you kill someone or you die, take a shot.

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