Zero Punctuation: Infamous 2

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What do you mean the evil is not relatable? I was relating the f*ck out of evil Cole with all his douchy moves such as casting an ionic vortex right in the middle of crowded street and evil moral choices. The Evil Finale was fist-pumpingly awesome!

You hit the issue with moral choices directly on the head.

I have to wonder which part of the good ending made someone tear up, and Yahtzee of all people.

The evil ending had a decent little emotional moment, but the good one? I'm not seeing it.

Incidentally, I fully agree with Cole being rather boring compared to the NPCs.

To the people saying this'll be yahtzees' game of the year, might I remind you that Saints Row The Third and a sandbox game wherein you play batman are both coming out. Saints Row The Third coming out this year in november and Arkham City in october. (hope this doesn't look like an advertisement).

Ok, Yathzee...
1) You just sold me on this game, which I was somewhat in the fence about buying
2) It's the first review in a while where I've had to pause the video to laugh about the last joke in peace
3) You're the first person other than me I've ever heard say LOL out loud

5 stars to ye.

Well there was one line in there that I'm surprised some gamer grrrrrrls haven't raged over yet. Ah well, give it time.

I'm really glad you gave this a decent review, it feels like inFamous just never quite manages to break out when they really do so much right. It was a good thing Prototype didn't do it again with the sequel as well. They aren't even the sort of games that should be compared

Liked the game, but not without some criticism.

I still don't understand why i have to be evil to use fire and good to use ice. Is fire evil and ice good? I don't know. All i wanted is to be good but also use fire. So i had the rank Hero, the best good ranking possible. I bought me some good powers and then there was time to decide which power i would take.

I choose Fire, because i like the power. Boom, Cole turns evil. Level 1 Evil, a simple thug. Claps Nix (fugly Nix!) on the ass and talks like some horny freak. So, now i'm evil, i don't have any access to my good powers any more. Rock Bottom, the beginning.

So in order to use the new power i have to go evil. I spend 1 hours and a half killing innocents and draining people on the ground just to become evil enough to use the powers that i already should have.

This game has some serious game-design issues.

Not to mention that it also has the most frustrating parts of the first game. Sure there aren't as many snipers anymore, but the accuracy of the enemies is still ridiculous. They can throw grenades at you from miles away and they land in front of your feet. They use old-ass RPG's from the Afghan war with an accuracy beyond a sniper rifle. Which wouldn't be a problem if they weren't one-hit weapons. So you die instantly after a 20 min. fight. Killed by some maggot. Same thing goes if you land in water. Boom you fly through the air, land on water. You're dead.

Enemies also seem to be able to look through walls. Otherwise i can't explain how a Titan could throw ice blocks at me with a huge building between us. The Titan must also knew alot about physics as the ice just flew enough over me to land directly on my head.

It's a cheap way of upping the difficulty curve, without investing any time in the AI. I had so many situations where an enemy would just stand there and do nothing, waiting to be killed. I had enemies running off rooftops and killing themselves. I saved civilians who'd then run off rooftops to kill themselves.

It also shares the bad character-design from the first one. Seriously just look at Nix. What the fuck? What's with the claws? What's with the asian chick? Why is she still wearing her Agent Smith trousers and those high heels while wearing some weird cocktail dress on top? What's going on there at Sucker Punch? They really need to let go of these kiddy character-design. It's the complete opposite of the environment design which is just breathtaking. Seriously, absolutely beautiful environments. Stunning, very detailed, thought out and original. Can't praise it enough. Same goes for the animations, while some of them are comical (I'm looking at you Ice-Men) it's so smooth and fluid, you can only be impressed.

Vocab (and reference to inFamous 1) aside, it was a bit too similar to the inFamous 1 review...


And shlock horror, a sequel that he actually liked...

wow, Yahtzee said almost nothing but nice things for 5 whole minutes! But in all seriousness it's weird that I haven't really heard of people talking about this game, If I had the right system I'm nearly certain I'd be playing this game right now.

Could they really not come up with a better name than "The Militia"?

Why would they be called anything else? They are a militia. The only militia. And the ruling force.

Unimaginative as it is, calling them the Bertraninis would be ridiculous and illogical.

Well, I liked inFamous 1 (that I got for free after the PSN hack), so I'm looking more deeply into getting this one as well.

Going to guess there'll be a lot more of the "You couldn't have liked it, PS3 exclusive!11!" stuff.

Anyway. So far I like it (and hey, Thanks for spoiling the shit out of 1 for me, but then the demo of 2 did that too) but the moral choice system really is 1 or the other. If they completely took all the choices out of the game, folks would probably bitched about the lack of choice or some such.

I bet they'll work on it for the 3rd game since it's pretty clear everyone goes 100% one way or the other.

What's this Yahtzee gives 2 none violent review, one after the other, adn neither of those games where sillent hill 2 or psychonauts?! This means one of 2 things either Yahtzee's gone soft(as if) or game deveolpers are actually improving

Oh, PS3 exclusives. How you mock me by dangling your exotic beauties in my face. And yet they don't seem enough for me to set up another mass of wiring and a big bulky box next to a TV. But then the Vita pops up like a "B"-grade English paper, with exclusives that only need inFamous to make me interested enough to surely buy. And yet I don't even know if I'd have the time to play them, seeing how little I play my PSP.
On another note, I wonder what Yatzee will have the EP on. He already railed on moral choice bollocks in the Epic Mickey XP, its EP, and the Fable 3 XP.

Wow, that's the first time I've felt that Yahtzee wasn't as harsh as he should have been. Seriously, those're the only nitpicks you had?
I was a lot more critical of the game in my review of it! I never thought that would happen!
Also, Yahtzee, only the good ending is canonical.

Titan Buttons:
What's this Yahtzee gives 2 none violent review, one after the other, adn neither of those games where sillent hill 2 or psychonauts?! This means one of 2 things either Yahtzee's gone soft(as if) or game deveolpers are actually improving

How was the last one none violent?
As for this one, he's definitely gone soft.

Wow, he liked it... I liked the first Infamous (at least in the sense that it was quite a bit more interesting than Prototype), but never thought the sequel could be something. Might just have to check it out.

Always a great way to start my Wednesdays.
Gonna give this a go.

I'm surprised that people aren't correcting Yahtzee for assuming that evil and good I2 endings were roughly the same, when they are DRASTICALLY different.

Other than that I see his points, for the most part.

Got the inFamous off PSN's welcome back package and this review makes me consider buying this game too.

But Yahtzee might be losing his mind, as proved by using memes and saying LOL instead of an ironic "ha ha".

yaaay he liked it
now as a good fanboy i hope he smashes that prototype 2 thingy ;)

Well, I wasn't expecting him to give it such a high rating. But if a game gets off without less than 10 complaints from Yahtzee I'm sold.
As for an in-depth and involving story, tacked on to free roam gameplay (A pretty rare combination, usually you see a linear game with a great story, Bioshock, while on the other hand you see a balls to the wall free roam game with just the worst story ever, Just cause2.... or 1.... they both had the same story) It seems like infamous2 is a top contender for Yahtzee's game of the year award, and well deserved by the sound of it.

WOW.. I.. might.. even.. give.. it a try.. yahtzee claims it's good so it must be more or less awesome...
o wait then i need a PS3 o well .. gonna have to convince some of my PS3 owning friends of buying it instead ... :-)

Kinda disappointed he didn't notice the achievement that's really a homage/reference to his review of Infamous 1.

which one?

It's "Prophesied" not "Prophesized".

The problem with moral choice systems is that if you want to do them right, it's going to take an incredible amount of writing. That's why they're usually split down the middle. That's two stories to write, as opposed to hundreds of different scenarios that can all connect to each other and be interchangeable and work together in a way that's coherent and consistent.

It's a lot of writing, a lot of coding, a lot of extra content in the game. In short, it's a lot of fucking work.

Personally, though, I don't have a problem with the moral choice system. (Though I was a little disappointed when the final choice was color-coded--it was a real tough one!) That said, between inFAMOUS and Sly, Sucker Punch is turning out to be my most favorite developer of all time.

Edit: About the Militia. Of course they're called the Militia. They are a militia. There aren't several different militias running around. It's just them. The people of New Marais would only call them the militia anyway--they're the only one! It's like the Corrupted. They have a name, sure. But the characters called the Corrupted "swamp monsters." Never once does a character say "We got reports of some Corrupted heading for Ascension Parish." They came from the swamp. They're monsters. Swamp monsters. The general public isn't inherently creative.

Holy shit! he's right! I played through both good and evil of the game and I can say being evil (in this game) makes no F**king sense!

Is it just me, or did this video seem incredibly rushed? No witty one-liners, no gut-busting descriptive narratives, not even anything in particular to say about the game, the specific elements of the game (aside from a few blase generalities), not even a brainshock/mentalfart animated frame or two?

Sorry mate, but this whole video is a bit of a let down. I was just amping up for you to get stuck in to the flaws of the game when the video ended. Are you suffering from the bizarrely cold "winter" we're experiencing here in Queensland? All I can say in that regard is that it reminds me of the winters we used to have in the 80s and early 90s, before america and china fucked the planet with greenhouse gases.

this is crazy! this is the first positive review I've seen him do since bioshock! this is truly a great day in history.

"Takes off the glasses and the frumpy sweater"?

But...but...I like girls with glasses!

OT: Very amusing review. I'll have to pick this up after my free copy of the first game is completed (thank you, Sony).

Wow... That was different. The guy who said that they spent the whole thing waiting for the really brtual, shit-covered shoe to drop and, let's be honest, it never really did.

this is crazy! this is the first positive review I've seen him do since bioshock! this is truly a great day in history.

Erm... have you forgotten Portal 1? Or for that matter just whole of the Orange box review?

So this is a joke review right? Prototype didn't overshadow inFamous; inFamous overshadowed Prototype, and then when people finally got around to playing Prototype, they stupidly compared the game to inFamous even though there was nothing comparable about them aside from the whole "dude with super powers" thing. One is a really bland third person shooter that shouldn't exist when we have so many good third person shooters out there, and one is more of an action/fighting type thing.

Speaking of that, this is me reminding myself not to watch if a Prototype 2 review shows up, because I don't need another 5 minutes of comparing it to a completely different type of game. What's next, comparing Minecraft to Gran Turismo?

Infamous 2 is really gaming gold to me. I completely agree with Yahtzee about the supporting characters. I'm playing as Good Cole right now, and every time I picked a good option, I genuinely felt like I was betraying Nix (the bad female character) each time I did. I only dread betraying Kuo on my next play through. And Zeke really feels like a true friend, a "brother" as he likes to call me. Really, I don't think I've ever cared about supporting characters as I care about these guys. These guys are deep. And yeah, Cole isn't as deep in comparison, but playing as Cole, I feel for my companions.

The combat is solid as always. Getting around the city is easy. And I rather like that the city itself was based off of New Orleans, because the Manhattan-esque cities can get kind of dull after traversing them over and over (although, the fact that part of the town is covered in water, and I'm an electric man, does make it a little frustrating when I miss the travelling mark). But that is a small niggle. I truly have little to no complaints. In fact: no complaints. The game is great. Excellent even. If you have a PS3, you have to buy it. NOW.

EDIT: Afterthought, maybe the Evil Powers weren't so awesome, because in the first one, the Good Powers were not so awesome. In the first, it was Good Power Blast vs. Evil Arc Lightning. Arc Lightning for the win, obviously. So I guess in the second time around, Good Cole deserved something awesome. Maybe it's just for balance. Still, game rocks. Buy it.

Teeheehee. One of your better ones, to be sure.

Also, it's been a while since I've seen such a hilarious outro caption. "That's nothing, I can shoot electricity out of my carpet!" xD

i really liked infamous 2 because it had a lot of stuff to do so you got easily distracted and it has one of my favorite scenes in a game one that actually made me enjoy it quite easily and i could relate to it in some way.

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