Zero Punctuation: Infamous 2

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I agree with Yahtzee about being able to choose whether you want to be good or bad in the beginning of the game instead of making the same choices over and over again. It's something I never understood in games with moral choices. Do people normally want to be the good guy and just suddenly transform into the biggest d-bag ever?

Did you make a bet with someone that you could stick "LOL" and "over nine thousaaaaand" into a video and no one would comment on it?

Because it just seemed a little... odd. In fact it seems like the sort of thing that you'd happy (verbally) knife someone for doing.

That aside, I enjoyed this.

Don't feel bad yahtzee the good ending made me seriously consider thinking about tearing up a bit too.

I've seen another review (with actual gameplay in it) show that the "launch power" is an ice move and that the "swan dive" is a fire move. That means "ice = good" and "fire = evil" by the game's logic, right?

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