Drinking Games: Call of Drinking: Modern Warfare 2

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Is it true that americans cant drink?

Notice that these guys say "take a drink" instead of "take a shot".
American's can drink, they have the ability to injest fluids and absorb alcohol into their blood stream, they just don't use that facility to great effect.

My favourite drinking game happens to be "down the pub."
the rules are: you go down the pub and drink until you can't tell the walls from the ceiling.

Pff you guys are weird...
We dont even pretend we are doing something else by calling it a "game" we just drink untill..
Well one of my friends slept on a road...I think that should be enough information.

This doesn't fit on the escapist even slightly.

It is funny watching Extra Credits who glorify games as an art medium to such a large extent and then to watch this...

Not really my cup of tea guys, but hey, different strokes for different folks.

If I'm going to play a drinking game, it'll be Ring of Fire.
Also, beer in plastic cups? Really? I hate beer in plastic cups. It ruins it.

The fun part of drinking games for video games is that a player's skill can determine how drunk they get. All of this seems boring since it's already predetermined (except the 'obvious advice'). Maybe "Take a drink every time you die" or "Finish your drink if you run out of ammo for your current gun".

I like this show, I'm not a heavy drinker but I like the concept of a show about enjoying games, not for the art of it, or the quality of the games but for the social interactions. Also, it's both funny and has some really good ideas and tips. The safety tips are gold. I approve, Escapist needed a more lighthearted show.

was better than the last one.
but how did the bottle break? beer bottles are rather sturdy and this one fell on a carpet no less.

Is it bad that that bothered me the most out of the entire episode?

Not as fun as the last episode.

They should have lets us see people playing the game under the applied conditions; Like the last ep.

Who wants to watch Modern Warfare 2 single player? It's bad enough playing it.

Is it true that americans cant drink?

Well, seeing how Americans are the same species of everyone else that drinks, then yes, yes they can.

OT: Of all the things you could have drank too, these were rather dull.

Also, do multiplayer for a proper drink along.

They need to build up more interesting characters and not "random strangers pretending to be drunk" that I frankly do not care about.
Also the general tone and background music is way too slow and meh. These drinking games feel more like prison than entertainment the way it is executed. I hope I'd never have to attend one of these "parties".

So um:
Try to catch the viewer from first second. It's not a good sign when I want to close the page after 5 seconds.
Although it's important to drink responsibly, try to not overdo the whole thing, or make it feel like a chore to watch through certain parts.
Make some interesting characters. Seriously, I don't care who "Chris Pranger" is when there's nothing more than boring to him.

The Escapist can do much better than shows about drinking games.
Also, having a warning about the legal use of alcohol is nice, but invalidating it by idolizing liquor not a minute later ("How are you enjoying your REAL alcohol") makes it feel stupid and useless.

A couple thoughts for future rules:
1) Every time Chris screws up his diction, you take a shot.
Every time you open your inventory, take a shot.
Every time you quickload, take a shot. (Warning: this rule has been banned from all Prince of Persia games until such time as synthahol is invented)
Every time you get a macguffin, take a shot.
Genre-specific: for a fantasy game, every time anybody says 'noble' take a shot. For sci-fi, every time anybody says 'gun' or 'pistol' take a shot.
Anytime you complete a gay romance, you make a mixed drink and chug that sucker.

Happy alcohol poisoning!

Semi-unrelated, I was really hoping for a 'walking on walking on broken gla-a-ass' reference. No joy.

did somebody say Burgertown?
Imma gonna be a one man cheezburger apocalypse!(lol coach)

too bad i'm not old enough to drink...

The addition of the double clink around the titles got annoying. And super obnoxious fake drunk chick I did not care for. Awesome shirt, though. The idea is still there, but work on your presentation, polish the acting. Remember, less is more.

I have to say that I completely disagree with the plastic cups > Glass Bottles. Glass bottles give off a sound and rumble when tipped, often letting others know that a bottle has fallen and/or broke. Don't be a pussy, drink from the bottle.

I love the concept but as most people have said, its too slow. Your comedic timing is still off. You don't have to be Yahtzee but pick up the pace a little.

Loved it, I like the whole baseball comentators thing they've got going on.

One large problem I see is that the jokes are typically, "Hahaha thats funny because it happenes a lot..." It is like when ENN had to not run a story because the joke was that the story they were reporting was silly leaving them to just say, "It happened."

If you're going to do this, someone is actually gonna have to get drunk. It doesn't make any sense that you're prepared to deliver a weekly show encouraging people to drink to excess, but don't want to show anyone drunk because... what? It's indecent?

At the end of the day a show about fratboy drinking games is never going to be something I want to watch on The Escapist, but I do appreciate the fun sports parody and it's a well put together show. I won't be watching again, but I have my fingers crossed for more future, non-alcoholic content from Firefilm.

What the hell is this? Who on earth plays drinking games alone, which you would be if you were playing CoD on campaign.

What is it with American house parties and plastic cups? In two years of university I don't think I've ever seen a bottle been smashed in a house party.

The daily drop and now this show? Dear God, I hope Doraleous and Associates return soon.

I feel like I'm being nagged at by some PSA about not over drinking. Bad series.

Checked it out of curiosity (since I don't drink) and it's cool to see they followed some of the suggestions from comments on the previous thread (seemed that way to me at least).

I don't think I'll keep watching because obviously it's of little interest to me, but for people who like drinking games, they can get ideas there.
I'm still not sure why it needs to be videos, it seems articles with rules written down can work too. Especially since you'd probably need to write them down to make sure to remember them all.

Plastic cups save lives? the f***! what bottle smashes when hit hits a carpet from that height?
Also we did this ages ago.
Still hate this show.

Well, you had two tries to get me interested. Epic fail. Sorry guys, I guess beer worship and how-to's for getting drunk just aren't my thing.

They forgot the number one ultimate Pro rule. take a goddang shot every time someone mentions the name Rameriz

That was more aggravating than entertaining. Dan just looks smug through-out and is just hamming-up already stupid lines, the girls act like they're middle school children having their first drink, the droning music in the background needs to change or be taken out because it makes the video feel static, and the clanking bottles sound effect makes me want to dig out my brain with a pen. Also, we already saw the "tip" in action, you don't need to monologue what happened, just get on with it. This show could have a lot of potential but just not now.

Call of Drinking: Modern Warfare 2

COD:MW2 gets some drinking rules and we take a look back in time for some classic drinking fodder.

Watch Video

This is pointless, a waist of time...and I can't wait to watch the next episode!

Drinking game for real men:

While playing any battlefield multiplayer title, every time somebody kills you, you pour a shot of vodka (25ml), drop and do 25 pushups and while standing up drink the shot.

Teamkills, suicides, ramming count.

That was so bad I couldn't even watch it.

well another show that support the retarded binge drinking 14 year olds.

just not my type of comedy i guess.

Bah, plastic cups suck. I use cans (except when doing spirits obviously).

Please don't tell me you drink beer out of a can..

OT: Interesting idea, no executed properly yet, but does have potential.

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