Trailers: Duke Nukem Forever: Multiplayer

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It looks like a fun "old-school" mosh up, which is great, but im just going to go ahead a say what eeeeeeeveryone else is proberly gonna say at some point... THAT TOLD US NOTHING! Lets see the modes and stuff, weve heard about erm plenty what with all the "ooooh sexist" stuff. Still id love to play against Turk from Scrubs, even if he was in that peice of doodie Skyline.

Wow, Dr. Turkleton punched a guy to death with 'roid rage. Didn't think I'd say that particular thing this morning.

When they fix the terrible lag, allow you turn off mics and make progress through the levels go faster than a a moving snail, I'll be sure to play it
Not until then

Damnit now I have to go watch The Guild again.

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