Jimquisition: Nintendo of America

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I usually have a lot of sympathy towards Nintendo, but their release policy is just bullsh*t...there is absolute no reason why they shouldn't release it in America.. unless there's someone in NoA who likes to troll..

And I'm European, but hearing how my fellow American Nintendo "fans" are treated, really pisses me of.

Now, take that level of annoyance, crank it to 11, and you have Nintendo of Australia.

You are correct, in the gaming world food chain US gamers are generally on the top and generally get the most games and pay the least for them. As a PAL gamer in somewhere around the middle, you poor souls down under have it bad though $120 per game and crazy censorship. I suppose its kind of a good thing for us in the UK considering so many AUZ gamers import UK PAL, which mean higher sales and more games are localised, which in turn is a good thing for AUZ gamers who get to import them. (atleast you dont live the parts of the world like Africa, Russia or China which have been basically abandoned by the gaming industry who cant compete with pirating. Ive read that in China a single console game can cost nearly 1 week or months salary.

Region Locking is bollocks, especially for modern consoles where its nigh on impossible to get around it without hacking.

And this week's Jim Sterling word to remember is... 'clit giraffe'.

My favourite is still 'skelingtons' (not skeletons). That has sentimental value because the comments on that video were pure hate and then there was me chuckling at a word pronounced in an unusual way and applauding Jim on another successful episode.

I still think Jim could do with a cameraman though (though I err, never mentioned it before), the solitary stationary camera looks a bit amateurish, especially compared to the enjoyable intro sequence.

I don't live in America and I don't play obscure Japanese games so I can't say I'm too bothered about the whole topic of this episode. Love the passion though (I don't mean that in the 'you are shit but you are trying hard' way).

I couldn't have done any better explaining this, but you forget something: Where's my damn Fire Emblem New Mystery of the Emblem!?

I like Jimquistion due to the fact that Jim (mostly) know what he is talking about and brings it out with some (subtle?) humour.

Keep on quisitioning Jim.

theres even a youtube video of someone starting a patision of this i dont really know how to do links in forums but i can tel people the video "Sign the petition to localize Xenoblade, The Last Story & Pandora's Tower" look for this and sing up, I first saw them and didnt know they where a wii titile. If this game came to PS3 or xbox id buy it right up but i support world wide releases.

Lets get this out there people



Advocacy of piracy, albeit under rather specific conditions, from an editor-approved Escapist video.

Huh. I haven't seen that happen before.

They did a similar thing on extra credits, if you can't buy the game then download it, however as i don't own a wii I don't know if its region system locked or like the ps3.

Ah yes, I remember that. Thanks for the reminder.

Still, it's odd to see. Usually the Escapist is utterly opposed to piracy in every form. And probably with good reason.

Jim hates pirates. He even did a Jimquistion making fun of them. So you know he is pissed if he is advocating piracy of these games. For good reason. Atlus,Aksys,NIS, these companies make a living doing what Nintendo says is too costly. They just don't care about us.
The video:

This is Jim saying "Fuck you" to Nintendo.

:EDIT: double post. Huh. First one I've ever gotten on this forum. No delete post button? Seriously? >.<

My lord, a Jimquisition that was informative to me on the escapist. Normally the topics Jim covers are ones I already know in and out, but this time not so much. I was completely unaware how horribly backwards Nintendo is operating with localization for numerous titles. I don't even know if you could say it's backwards, more like not operating at all. The point on profits also is funny considering they won't make US releases but we buy the most games. From what I seen on those charts the sales in the US were often more than the sales for Japan and Europe combined. I don't get why not release them. :/

captcha: from rsocabli

You know, this could be the perfect moment in which Microsoft or Sony can localize this games to their consoles.
It would make money, bring Wii JRPG fans to the Xbox/PS3, and improve their reputation.

First time I've ever agreed with the Jimquisition. It does seem rather odd to stop a large share of your market from acquiring these products, especially since it has been localised everywhere else. But hey, I can't comment, I don't own any Nintendo product.

I must admit; I laughed openly at the NoA impression! That is by far the best moment of the series!

Is importing a game and modding your console to play it piracy?

I'm sorry, but this is just pathetic. Okay, so you don't agree with a business decision they made. That's fine, but there is no need to be an immature prick about it. I'm sorry that you've just now arrived at the crushing realization that Nintendo isn't in the game to be your BFF, and actually tend to do their own things with the intent of what would be best for the company and shareholders because the entire rasion d'etre of a corporation is to maximize profits for the shareholders: NOT to make you happy and be your BFF. Odds say NDA didn't do this out of spite: they had a legitmate reason for not bring these games over.

Sometimes Jim Sterling can make a good point, but this episode is just beyond pathetic. It's like a little kid getting mad about realizing that gaming companies aren't our friends. Be a god damn realist about this, would you?

Stall, the entire POINT of what he's saying is that it makes sound business for them to release these titles, ESPECIALLY the one that's ALREADY been localized for the English language. I feel like you didn't even watch the video.

Well, for once, Jim, I have no argument. *slowclap*

Congrats on picking up speed and finally getting some recognition Jim! You deserve it, you tackled some decent issues and spoke up where needed.

Now that you do have the recognition, it'd be great if you could see your way to, you know, not make every single gamer look like a fucking retard. You could have made this point in an intelligent fashion. There is no need to drag our entire fucking public image through the mud like this.

honestly? this looks like a case of Japan being xenophobic towards americans.

the spud:
Wow. Nintendo can be pricks.

They did the same thing with earthbound and the rest of the Mother series. They won't even release earthbound on the virtual console, due to fairly minor legal reasons. Maybe its time they grow some balls.

Yes, of course publishing a game referencing a shitload of The Beatles' lore brings up "fairly minor" legal issues. You must not have any idea of what it was to publish The Beatles Rock Band with Yoko Ono having to approve every single fucking molecule of the game's content.

Well Jim himself is still an insufferable douche, but he's absolutely right on this one. Absoutely freaking right. In addition to those three games, Nintendo, can you please give us freaking Fatal Frame 4 already? Here in the US the Fatal Frame games are revered as some of the best horror gaming has to offer; what have you got to lose by giving us another one?

My only regret about this video is that Jim did it before Extra Credits. Had they done it, it might actually stand a chance at changing something. In this format though, it'll just make us rightfully angry gamers nod our heads in approval, but if Nintendo sees it, I guarantee you none of them will acknowledge the points made inbetween the intense and profanity-ridden insults.

Jim makes a pretty damn good point. It makes absolutely no sense for Nintendo not to give this a try, even on one of the many, many titles that they could bring over and localize.

You know, this could be the perfect moment in which Microsoft or Sony can localize this games to their consoles.
It would make money, bring Wii JRPG fans to the Xbox/PS3, and improve their reputation.

That's assuming Nintendo of Japan would allow those companies to port and localize these games for their own consoles... I don't see it happening unless they throw a ton of cash as Nintendo's face.

¿Why would NOA bother with some games that don't even manage to sell 500K when they can take a 15 year old game, add some concept art, some music and sell millions? Of course they don't have to cater to their fanbase, they have been buying every single fucking remake for the last 10 years.

The Wii doesn't have online? Well, here's a new Mario Kart, and lots of old NES and SNES games for you to enjoy... again... How about we make a "new" Super Mario Bros that looks and plays pretty much like it's DS counterpart? Or the new StarFox and Legend of Zelda on the 3DS? And what about the inevitable Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, Animal Crossing etc. that will undoubtedly come out for the Wii U?

Now, seriously, for those who enjoy those games, more power to you. But don't expect anything special from Nintendo when it's pretty obvious that they don't even have to try anymore.

I can't imagine anyone being surprised by this sort of thing. I haven't felt the impression that Nintendo really cared for years, and extra effort is not something they are any good at.


A skirt kept one of the staples of the franchise out of the Wii re-boot. "...we'd have to come up with a special programming to handle how the skirt is handled in the gameplay..."

Which is to say, 'we'd have to put in a but of effort, but it's not going to affect sales in any way, so we figured we'd just leave it out.' And as Jim said, it's not like Nintendo has billions of dollars at its disposal and hundreds of professional programmers whose entire livelihoods depend on coming up with special programming, right?

Wait what? They won't localize a game for North America? They screwed up Professor Layton by localizing it in Dutch, yes they localized a game for barely a country with 16 million people! Keep in mind only a small fraction of that 16 million will actually buy that game. Than proceeded to make the English version unavailable in Holland, the cartridge doesn't even come with a language option.

So it's not to expensive to completely localize a game in Dutch, which grammatically is a fucking horrible language to translate into, so they could have 50'000 more sales at best but localizing a game for a country with 300 million inhabitants is to costly?

Fuck that shit. I'm not just pissed about that, seeing as I am Dutch I will be getting Xenoblade. I'm pissed that not only do they mess up the localization they proceed to exclude any other version but the localized version.

Nintendo in general is staffed by complete idiots in my opinion.

Long time listener; first time commenter of this series. Let me just start with my opinion of the general Jimquisition series. Generally, I've enjoyed it. It holds good points, usually has an interesting rant and the ego-maniacal behaviour reminds me more of Yahtzee than an elitist idiot without a clue.

The reason why I mention this is simply because, at least personally, this episode isn't as good as the previous ones. It's less like an angry eccentric version of Extra Credits and more like a kid on Youtube sore that he can't afford to import. That's not to say there isn't a good point here, but the personalisation of the issue just kills any understanding I have of the issue. Maybe it's because the UK are usually one of the after-thought releases than right there at the national release date. Games are released in the UK last, or next to last (either being released at the same time or just before the Australian release date). Even then, compared to the U.S. releases, we get it worse off. That's a very nice Rock Band the US had for over nine months before EA Games, the distributor, or the publisher MTV Games thought that maybe it would be a nice idea to release it in Europe. When westernisation of Demon's Souls got mentioned, US was right there. What wasn't mentioned until quite some time later was Europe (9 months after the US release, it was released in Europe).

Maybe I'd be less sour about this episode if this was a bit more than someone demanding the US market being treated nicer than it currently is. Like having better pre-order bonuses, a more confirmed release (Rock Band and Demon's Souls being the classic examples) and a typically earlier release date isn't good enough.

Great episode, watch your show every week.
This show just reminded me that I own a Wii, I totally forgot all about that thing. I gave it to this girl that was dating my buddy, and they broke up 2 years ago. Huh I wonder if I still can get it back, at least for the GameCube Controllers.

Another great show jim keep them coming

Nintendo have always pulled this crap. It's just more irritating now.

Thing is, not all that long ago most game consumers still didn't have internet access. You got odd situations like Terranigma for the SNES being localised in English and then released in Australasia only, which is a similarly weird decision, but hardly anyone who was missing out knew about it. They certainly couldn't go on YouTube and see footage of the game, or see the review in Famitsu quoted on Wikipedia.

What really sticks in the craw is looking forward to something and having it snatched away. Incidentally, I didn't buy a Wii, but that's because I think motion detection controllers are rubbish, and Twilight Princess looked and played fine on Gamecube.

now you just need to do stuff like this for other episodes instead of neutering your self for the escapist audiance.

Is anyone really surprised that a company who makes its profits by copy pasting the same characters from one game to the other and shoveling them out to their fans (who sadly buy the shit) pulled something like this?

Hopefully the WiiU will fall flat on its face so they will go the way of Sega and just make games...and maybe handhelds..

I understand you perfectly, Jim, therefore I'd have no problem following what's going on in Xenoblade, Pandora's Tower or The Last Story if they are bought to the USA with the European localization.

Nintendo of America wants to cut the flow to the Wii off so Americans won't have a compelling reason not to upgrade their systems and their collection of games come 2012. Backward compatibility is bad for new game sales,so the line of reasoning goes.

I think that ReCaptcha knows who is behind this conspiracy to keep anything that isn't shovelware or Nintendo exclusives off of the Wii, it's the image!

I've always loved Nintendo since the SNES days, but after the Wii happened I was starting to feel a bit left out. Now with the Wii U shaped up to be (in my opinion) more or less the same mess that the Wii was in, I'm about ready to give up on the company all togethor. I was willing to put up with them not brining any of those three games to America because I believed it was good business sense, that hey America never buys em anyways right?

Now after seeing those sales charts I got nothing left for 'em. I agree completely, fuck Nintendo....

Nintendo deserved this brutal miclashing thoroughly. Seriously. I'm a Nintendo fan but I'm getting less and less motivated to buy Nintendo as the years go on. Guess I'll stick to the PC for awhile.

OK, that's just... Eh.

I'm sure there's some reason beyond that, but it does start to look incredibly dumb when there is already an 'english' release of a game in existence to then decide not to release it in America?

Localization issue? What localisation issues?

... Or do you mean Americans might not understand references made with a british audience in mind?

(Cause let's face it; European localisation is usually English, French & german, with, if you're lucky, Spanish and Italian, and possibly game manuals and box designs in a half dozen other languages.)

Ah well.

NOA's crappy decisions may seem messed up, but by the sounds of it, NOE is far more willing to take these slightly obscure things and release them for some reason...

Whatever it may be, it's odd, but it probably explains why I haven't noticed what's being complained about so much. (What with being in Europe & all).

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