Pro-Gamer Gauntlet: Court Ordered PSA

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Must say this is very quickly becoming a must-watch on the escapist. I really enjoy everything about this show.


John Glennon:

Your music is done by someone called John Glennon?


You lucky, lucky people.

Why hello there.

I don't suppose anyone's ever told you of the similarity between your name and a famous musician who died a few years back? You may have heard of him, and I just thought you might not have noticed.

Yes... I've definitely lived my entire life, and even became a musician, not realizing that my name resembled that of quite possibly the most famous icon in modern music/ pop culture. Thanks for the heads up

Yeah I don't think anyone at the PGG office would be to bummed if Racing took a "Nice 3-6 month vacation" LOL. Man I love this show.

that closing line... Awesome!

Pretty sure while filming with the PGG guys this past weekend that we spent most of the time saying "Gurrrl, get in my car."

Retro's chair kick might be my favourite moment.

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