Extra Punctuation: Yahtzee Could Have Written Duke Nukem Forever

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I was really just speaking for myself. I only ever really got into Duke Nukem 3D though. So naturally all I was after was more of the same but prettier. If someone were to extensively complain about Halo not having ten weapons and a platoon of enemies you could say "It's not trying to be Duke Nukem" but... At least I can play inFAMOUS 2 now.

Just a quick point on the Halo thing... I gave it credit at the time for being "new" and original. Not many games limited your weapon inventory like that (I can only think of Soldier of Fortune, though I'm probably forgetting something) I can't remember any games before it with a melee attack built in like it (a melee weapon, sure, but smacking someone with your rifle was new to me) and NO ONE had done the regenerating health thing.

At the time it was new and fresh and exciting. It allowed the developers to tune every encounter much better. They KNEW roughly how much health you had at all times (except mid fire-fight) and they KNEW you weren't packing a BGF9000 with full ammo in your back pocket while you fired a minigun, rocket launcher and shotgun all willy nilly.

However, given the myriad of games that cribbed those notes so thoroughly, I for one am over it. Save us, Serious Sam!

You give HALO too much praise. The two weapon limit and regen health was only fresh and exciting to its main target audience: xbox playing idiots. It was the first truly console-focused FPS game. It was designed that way to cater to the console's lack of strength to have lots of enemies, and crap controller UI, and such.

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