Feed Dump: Lemon Flavored Goodness

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Beautiful word; Smurf

It's well known that royalty have those kind of powers. Why else do you think we let them sucker tourists to come to our country and pay us money?

That wasn't the face of a turtle trying to lay eggs, that was the face of a turtle trying to poop after eating nothing but bread and water for a week...

I'm originally from Russia and one of my ways to pass time is to criticize my friends with a heavy stereotypical Russian accent, so it's cool!! :D

Really, no one is more preoccupied with Russian stereotypes than Russians themselves.

I'm originally from Russia and one of my ways to pass time is to criticize my friends with a heavy stereotypical Russian accent, so it's cool!! :D

Do you also write in all consonants (aka Bourne Identity) and toast with "nazdorovie"? :D

I love this show, unconditionally.
Kathleen singing my national anthem, now I feel the world is a better place.

... Except for Russia. Poor Russia.

My favourite episode so far I think. Alex reacts needs to be a more regular segment.

Best Feed Dump yet.

And call it a hunch (or a free idea) but I reckon the next Crapshot is going to be Alex doing a Leekspin.

Legit, I was laughing the entire time. This was a GREAT episode.

I am guessing the Baboon was the NJ baboon that escaped from sixflags and waleked up to a guy mowing his lawn and tried to stop him by grabbing the handle (I can't make it funny I'm Sure Graham et al could)

you are welcome.


These episodes are always highly entertaining. I kind of wish we had more feed dumped upon us.

Graham's confusion at the end was hilarious!

"I don't know what either of you are doing, but you don't get to anymore."


Best episode yet, and the same goes for the accent. And the hats will never run out. Never!
A na da da a-dibi dabi di labba dip dan din lan den dan do~

well it technically is on the verge of boring stupidity...still
you make me smile all over throughout the whole episode
probably because it looks like you have really a lot of fun doing this

great now i sound like some creepy guy who gets off by looking at other people having fun

Got to love Alex's acting :P

and theres nothign wrong knowing about pro eating competitions!

Why.. why i don't even... huh? Well either way that was hilarious!

Moar Kiwi accent! Moar Kathleen's Political Fact of the Week!

My god, please keep Kathleen away from the news.
Also, I had that Rockstar stuff, only after a hard day of work and I was tired. Felt like a half a million bucks after it. The recovery stuff might taste like lemon incest, but but it does good.

"Alex Reacts" was amazing. Expecially when Graham announced it, he was like "Wait, what?"

And becuase I blame Youtube for this, in Soviet Russia, you hate Russia. Never doing that joke again. I am disappointed in myself.

I wish they would look up a soda called "Beverly" that's sold in Italy, it's the most bizarre flavor I have ever had, and I can't imagine how a single person in Italy could enjoy that stuff.

Now I know why I love all of you so much!
You're all completely MAD!
:) Like me. "Being mad is a joy known only to madmen/madwomen."

my cheeks hurt from laughing too much haha-ow
orphan blood jacuzzi XD lol

You fat, you fired. That was funny.
Best part was in Alex reacts when he changes runways by jumping alittle. That was cute.

Kobayashi/Kate Middleton slash fiction with a Russian accent? Now with even more lemon incest.

Alright, so at the Chevron I work at, Rockstar Recoverys are always selling. I actually tried one a few days ago and it does taste like lemon incest. No joke.

"Actually I just change souls with a new subject every six months. *awesome laughter*

That's my new favorite laugh, and alex is my new favourite person. :)

Strange episode, but extremely hilarious. I like the reactions to them drinking the rockstar lemon drink.

Also I agree that whatever Kathleen and Alex are on, they shouldn't be on it anymore.

I just laughed too hard at this episode. Love you guys unconditionally, even if you do the homeless guy killing thing in the future.

even more confusing but if you watch it over and over again you will be able to understand the whole situation !

Serge Gainsbourg? In my Escapist?

So Kate is here in Calgary now? I better hide, i didn't watch the wedding. Oh gods, are they coming for my head? no...NOO!!!!!!
Also, most disturding thing on that show was Alex singing.

Approved for vocaloid reference

Great episode :D

As for the Rockstar Recovery, well, if anyone wants to know it does taste weird but that's because it is a energy/sports drink. It is a low calorie energy drink with electrolytes like gatorade: naturally it tastes f'd up.

Man, you could fill an entire video with Alex derping away and I'd still watch it. Magic.

Also, Alex, why'd you never mention you were a Miku head!?

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