Feed Dump: Lemon Flavored Goodness

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"His name is Alex, and he reacts to.... stuff?"
"I didn't agree to this"

With Thunderdome, lemon incest, and Miku Hatsune, who NEEDS baboons!?

(Now how can we get Alex a ticket to one of them Miku Hatsune LIVE concerts?...)

Needs more Matt, his punmanship is best.

We're just after been exposed to a whole new side of Kathleen and I liked it // Also, poor Alex been roped into another one of Grahams crazy ideas


Yay! Alex is a Miku fan!

Could really have picked a better song, though.

spinning song.

Hmm. I think it is sadder that there is a competitive eating circuit. Everybody is allowed to be geeky about at least one thing. That being said the CEC's sadness does rub off on you a little, Kathleen. Sorry! :)

This latest Feed Dump has inspired me to search "eight hundred dollars worth of Hatsune Miku plushies stuck up his butt" in Google.
Didn't click on any of the results, but I think if enough people join me in doing this, it'll make for some amusing autocompletes when people type in "eight hundred dollars" in future generations.

Also, I wasn't terribly impressed with the Alex Reacts segment. Sorry, you LRRers. Perhaps shorter, punchier news items would work better?

[Ninja Edit: Activate'ou!] Found a place for my question.

I <3 Miku!

Love you, Miku!

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