Zero Punctuation: Alice: Madness Returns

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I loved the sound he made at the end

Who the hell plays this game on a console anyway? On the PC it looks so fantastic none of these complaints even matter anymore.

I was really expecting sonic collors. Why? Way back in you're review for iphone games, you mentioned that you needed another week to play sonic collors. But you never reviewed it. When shall our wait end????

I liked this game, and I thought those were fun, unusual mechanics in this day and age of chest-high walls and gritty brown tones (evade and block and all sorts of colors :D)

His voice sounded just like his earlier videos. I like that. Regardless of that, I've never played this game nor the original, yet I have been tempted to buy it but I honestly can't see myself getting it any time in the near future.

His voice this episode sounded like the earlier episodes, when he probably had a lower quality microphone or something.

I don't get the bit in the credits with the "Drink Me" and cocktail umbrella. lol.

Agree with some above.... that really didn't sound like Yahtzee, it was kind of flat.

Jeez, people, it's not like he hasn't sounded like this before, though I couldn't point you to a specific video. The conspiracy theories about Yahtzee being murdered and replaced by an imperfect clone are going too far.

Anyway, American McGee has pretty much said himself that the game is a bit of fanservice and that he wants to get back to making the next Farmville or grindfest MMO or Angry Birds or whatever he is doing in Shanghai. I am not being facetious by the way, he has stated that core gaming is a dying business and the future is in social media games.

I have to wonder if it's just sour grapes. Those Doom flame-outs do seem to end up making cheap iphone games, don't they?

the whole idea of "Alice but dark" is completely redundant. I suppose if you're only going by, say, the Disney version of Alice you might have a surprise or two, but going by the original and its sequel it's nothing new. Literary scholars for years have interpreted the works as a journey through hell. Seriously, has anyone actually SEEN an original drawing of the Cheshire Cat? It's fucking disturbing.

At the very least this can't be as bad as Tim Burton's version. That was just an insult to Carroll's works.

The first thing I thought upon listening to this episode? Comments will instantly turn towards "he sounds funny on this one: LETS SPECULATE WHY!" rather than anything else.

You know what? From here on, if he knows hes voice (for whatever reason) isn't going to come out exactly as it usually does, then ZP should be dedicated to explain why instead of its original topic.

Yahtzee clearly has a cold (or rather, he did when he recorded this). Go back to his first Escapist video for Heavenly Sword(s). where his voice sounds somewhat similar. In the end credits may be found the legend, "Written by a bottle of cough syrup and...".

So, yeah. A winter cold. Get well soon, Yahtzee. You've got a new bar to open next week.

Great review, but I had to pause and rewind a lot of times because the voice kind of threw me off. Didn't harm the review itself, just my attention span.

And also, was Yahtzee playing the Xbox version of it? I've heard a lot of stuff about the control issues on Alice, and wondered why Yahtzee hadn't mentioned them.

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Alice: Madness Returns

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews American McGee's sequel adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Now with more creepy baby doll heads!

Watch Video

...hope you feel better?

But yeah, I've got next to no interest in this game. Everyone's saying the same thing. And even Burton-McGee-King gets boring after awhile. Oooh, zany and creepy! Again!

Someone's got a cold hm? Be thankful that you don't have a career in singing, Yahtzee, because it would be ruined.

Awesome review, really didn't expect Alice today. Though, seeing that we are entering the summer period of "Fuck all coming out", it's nice to see there are still games to review :P

Im a platformer so I take what I can get.

Sounds like he bought his old voice back.

Also, quadruple jump? ...Seriously?

To be fair the jumps are really small.

OT:I thoroughly enjoyed the game. The boss fight's or lack thereof were kinda wtf.

It's assassin's creed 2 all over again.

God, he hit the boss thing right on the head. I probably could've ignored this but for the love of God, they set them up SOOOOOOO easily.

"Oh hey a mechanical robot in the Hatter's Domain! Let's fi-oh it fell apart..."

"Hey, that Walrus is eating all of them! Let's kick so-wait, we're just leaving?"

"Wow, we're right in front of the Red Queen...who has been trying to kill us since the level started....who actually said "off with her head" at the beginning of the level...WHY AREN'T WE FIGHTING!?!?"

C'mon McGee!

Yeah, but still it was a damn great final boss. A lot of effort was put into that boss, if Spicy Horse was a AAA developer, the other boss battles could've been as awesome.

Meh, the voice didn't really throw me that much. Perhaps it's because it sounded like the voice overs from his early reviews.

I never really understood the desire to make Alice in Wonderland "weird" and "creepy" myself, especially since the original book was strange and more than a little unsettling to begin with.

Yahtzee did sound... off today. Weird.
Funny video, though.

I don't know why but his little laugh at the end had me giggling.

Sounded like yahtzee had a cold today. Although the ending laughw as right up my disease ridden alley.

Did Yahtzee's balls just drop a second time???

OT: Too bad about the game. I was really hoping the game-play would be fun and weird, but as you said, it's just boring.

"I can't see Madness Returns making mad returns *limp laughter*"

I have read the above quote several times and I still haven't figured out why I've been laughing at it for the past 2 minutes.

Great episode.

Funny as usual. I loved the game though. I thought the story was done quite well, and I really enjoyed the platforming. I also thought the combat mechanics were pretty well done, and I was using a keyboard and mouse.

Hey everyone his voice sounded different!

Oh you mean I didn't have to say it because it was obvious seeing as how almost everyone on the site watches at least one of his videos once a week and that if all I have to say is something blatantly obvious that's been said a dozen times already I shouldn't say it? What a novel concept that I will ignore by adding that I thought the review was unfair to the game despite being funny.

someone get Yahtzee some Whiskey... STAT!

awww, you sound ill Yatzee XD here, have a Deep Fried Mars Bar fresh from Scotland to make you feel better. If you don't want that, maybe I'll send over a fish supper instead...

But entertaining video XD laughed many a time. Feel better soon!

I just loved that half-arsed gaffaw at the end.

I really really liked scrabland

so it looks like his mic is broken again
what does he do with those things?

is it a cold he's got? I hope it wasn't him diddling with his recording equipment again, because it's hard to take in what he's saying when it doesn't sound like... him. Although I have to say, it made his sort of pathetic chuckle in the end more pathetic-sounding, and therefore funnier.

Yahtzee really really likes Human Centipede, doesn't he. He's referred to it somehow in pretty much every other video this year. This is something he should address at some point, I think.

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