Critical Miss: Stowaways #10

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I am very disappointed at the lack of ocarina slayer covers on youtube that this comic had me go look for. Come on internet!

I've been reading these for weeks and I have no idea what the hell is going on.


Somehow, I sincerely doubt that "that's it". Call it a hunch.

To corroborate that hunch, she's still got the Triforce on her wrist even when she's commenting on the "beautiful silence".

Uhh, she's always had that Triforce Tattoo on her wrist....

Are people still overreacting about Navi? That stopped being funny years ago.
Still pretty funny, especially as I never expected Ash to like Slayer.

Daystar Clarion:
Dude, you're doing it wrong. You always ask street musicians to play Stairway to Heaven. It's the law.

Nope. Freebird. Failing that demand some King Crimson = P. Actually i recently had a pretty awesome moment on that front, i was bashing out a few chords on my freinds guitar outside of college and some older looking emos are like "Yeah but i bet you couldn't play the whole of "Wings for Marie". An odd request but one i was happy to oblige with my 15 minute abridged version of the two parts XD.

Why are people having so much trouble picturing Ash as a Slayer fan? He's 10 after all... Oh snap! O.o

On a more serious note: I wonder what's gonna happen next, this didn't really do much to push things forward other than establish that she really is insane now.


I thought it was Smoke on the Water?

OT: Does anyone know what the tattoo on her other wrist is? It looks a little like the Great Chain from Bioshock, but I didn't recall seeing it before this one.

I had to ask Grey that one last night. I thought it was just a plain ol' infinity symbol at first. Seems you're right.

Grey Carter:
Critical Miss: Stowaways #10

From the outside.

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I just realized this, but... doesn't miss Erin kinda' resemble someone else I used to know O.o?


Oh yeah... NOW I remember!
Cooking Milf eh? What exactly are you guys implying?! >:D

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