The Big Picture: Hollywood History 101: Part 2

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very informative , very entertaining , keep it up !

and we all now what's coming for part 3 ;)

'America's more flexibly structured entertainment providers like the music' *picture of Beatles* you'd best be trolling fella, love your show Bob but that shit's on the verge of gamebreaking for me.
Hate to be a whining Brit bitch about that, but if I were to say 'evolving English music like U2' I'd piss a lot of people off.

I kind of think that point is irrelevant. The point to look at is that the Beatles' music WAS widely embraced by American audiences and the American music industry.

The Beatles could have been from Brazil, and the point would still stand.

I like these education episodes of "The Big Picture" that Bob's been releasing. Maybe he's a frustrated teacher who never got a teaching degree or something. Looking forward to part 3 of most likely 4 videos.

Also Bob forgot to mention the Internet in the new medium affecting Hollywood. Seriously it's a bigger threat then video games thanks to piracy and on demand entertainment. If Hollywood had half a brain they'd sell online movie passes to watch their in cinema movies on a dedicated movie website for less then the ticket price of the cinema. Also to sweeten the deal they can release the movies before the cinema. See! I saved Hollywood with common sense!

This IMHO overlooks the real elephant in the Internet room--user generated content especially Machinima.

Machinima in particular IMHO is quickly becoming a 900 pound gorilla that Hollywood has not clue one how to deal with. Machinima is no longer just using games like the Sims 2 and 3 or World of Warcraft or even games like Lionhead's "The Movies" to make small films but now has programs like Moviestorm, iClone, Muvizu, and Voovees dedicated to making such movies.

Sure none of these programs are going to let you create the next Beowulf or Pixar quality film and all require some investment of time to develop skill in using but they eliminate many of the things that made movie making for someone without access to a studio a pain bordering on nightmare.

Uh, I'm surprised Moviebob didn't bring this up when he mentioned the Spiderman trailer but his parents are in the opening of the trailer. His parents were cia agents that worked closely with shield. That's a possible tie-in to the Avengers, maybe for the inevitable sequel to Avengers.

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