Jimquisition: Two Rules For Square Enix

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Mangue Surfer:
I have a simplest solution; stop being such a fuck fanboys.
the player behavior it's a fuel that keeps the publisher going

I think you'll find it's money that keeps a publisher going. Still, even the fanboys have got to be struggling to keep this one afloat by now. How can they fund Square-Enix's super shiny madness when there's no product?

As a fangirl myself, I will say only this. Grumble grumble grumble.

Is the Starcraft syndrome.
Work this way. They make an announcement, take 100 years to finish, them launch a half baked game with invisible all, floating corridors and all sorts of crap because, obvious, the game don't take 100 years to make, it's one year to make and 99 of hype. But anyway, the thing sold 5M in the first month!

Imagine a scenario that the hype doesn't justify the purchase by itself. And the game sells nothing. Now they have to rethink their cycle of production.

Yo Jim!
It's pronounced Square/E-nick's NOT Square/N-ick's and DEFINITLY not Sqeeeeenks!

No, that's just how Americans pronounce it. Like you say 'rEEEEsearch' instead of 'reh-search', or 'prEEEE-sentation' instead of 'preh-sentation'. We say 'Eh-nicks', you say 'EEEE-nicks'. It's just a difference of dialect. That doesn't automatically make your pronunciation the correct one.

I still feel like trolling you, I'm just not sure why anymore

I don't mean to pick on you in particular, but you've basically said what is the zeitgeist among many escapist users who feel they have such a sense of self-worth that if they perceive someone as talking down to them, they immediately jump on a high-horse about the whole 'thank God for me' thing and 'stop thinking you're better than you are', because ironically, they think they're the ones who are 'above everyone' and shouldn't be spoken down to. I think Jim has done a marvelous job of using his persona to directly offend those values. It's even worked in getting people to endear themselves to him. The thing is, once your values are forcibly eroded, you tend to see things in a different - and often more enlighted - light.

I have to definitely agree with this one. Although it's not just Squeenix that does this. All sorts of publishers make ridiculous amounts of announcements about things that shouldn't even really be announced, just for the publicity. Activision is especially guilty of this. I remember reading on the escapist news once, "Activision announces DLC map pack announcement" ...what? An announcement for an announcement? Enter appropriate Xzhibit meme.

Although i suppose it might not just be about generating hype for their company, it may be about maintaining a certain image. Squeenix have always been about maintaining this facade that they're some kind of auteur film directors. They try to be as cinematic as possible and create things that make you go "Woah, mind = blown". It's why they spent so much time and money creating what has been hailed as 'the best looking graphics on home console' for FFXIII, and why the only thing you see of Deus Ex Human Revolution for many months are images and screenshots of the protagonist that look like weeks or months had been spent on it that could've been instead spent on working on the damn game. It's all about company image. People expect Squeenix to be on the absolute cutting edge of technology, graphical fidelity and cinematography-in-gaming.

Lol so many Jim hater here.
I think this episode was brilliant.

Agreed, although they have lessened in number recently.

I also enjoy watching the Jimquisition icon thing slowly move up the list on the right hand side as he gets more and more views, may have peaked now though, will be hard to topple unskippable and Zero punctuation\Extra Credits, forget it

PS Keep up the awesome work Jim, i look forward to each video

I think Jim is an official success. He has a large following of viewers, who either hate his guts or thinks he's brilliant. Sounds like a politician come to think of it.

I just don't get this kind of furor about Final Fantasy.

Before anyone jumps on my back, I realize that the Final Fantasy games sell in the high multi-millions and must have a devoted fanbase. But it also seems like every year brings more people growling that FF plays increasingly like a game made by people who would much rather be making movies.

From my point of view, the works of some of S-E's subsidiaries like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the Tomb Raider reboot look far more interesting than another eight hours of cut-scenes and wondering which character is going to make the player want to stick an icepick in their ear this time. And even for those who really appreciate the series- and despite my comments, I don't fault anyone for this quality- I just can't see getting as incensed as Sterling seems to be about the way S-E handles its press releases, as if the PR department was going back to HQ and breaking programmers' fingers every time they went to a trade show.

It's great that Jim fixes everything every week, I just don't understand why the world keeps fucking itself up so bad on the days in between D:

I mean, Jesus, why would you bring back world hunger and AIDS after he solved them like, 5 times?

If they can't get their announced games on sale, sucks for them. Final Fantasy's next parts can remain as a constipated turd for all I care about them.

Am i the only one who thought it was pronounced eeeeenix rather than (en)ix?

Also what game are they currently working on that is in the way of FFVXIII/KH3 so i can destroy it.

I do it too.

Am i the only one who thought it was pronounced eeeeenix rather than (en)ix?

I heard they were annoyed people were calling them squeenix so, for a while, they had the voice actors for each game say their name(pronounced square (en)ix) when their logo came up before the intro cinematic.

I have no source link for this info though so I can't guarantee it's true.

Personally, I think a lot of the drag of development cycles has to do with just how much work is needed to make a current gen game look as gorgeous as they can be. It's like if every comic book publisher decided all their books needed to have artwork on par with Kingdom Come. Hand painted and photo-realistic. This would not be a good business strategy for a comic book publisher, so why do game developers seem to think their game has to be constantly pushing the limits of the console's processor.

If Square Enix is going to get on the ball and release more games (thereby making it so that not all their profits hinge on two or three titles), they need to take a step back and realize that graphics do not a good game make. Does this mean they can't make beautiful games like in their trailers? Of course not. I'm just saying maybe they should look at making more games with fewer A's in them. If they're well made and engaging titles, people will buy them.

What I'd like to see is another SNES era type FF title. Back when games didn't have to be about immense and graphics intensive cutscenes or all the pomp and circumstance that went with the FF games with VII and beyond. Just make another FFVI and people will buy it.

Jim Sterling. LIKE A BOSS!

But yeah, this is pretty much why I don't pay any attention to SE anymore.

I found the perfect words describing Jim Sterling.
I found them on this very forum infact
Don't Be a Jerk
This rule trumps any other. Any loophole you think you've found in any other rule is covered by this one. If you make our forums a less pleasant place to be, we don't want you here and we have no problem revoking your account. Here are a couple of the things you should stay away from:
Calling people names (or groups who may visit The Escapist), this includes calling others a troll
Posting inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic messages with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion
Yes, it's the first 3 rules. His show breaks all of them.

Jim Sterling:
Two Rules For Square Enix

Square Enix has an addiction, and it won't admit it has a problem. Time for an intervention from the man who knows how to fix everything that has ever gone wrong, with his incredible two-step program.

Watch Video

Nice video, Jim, although I believe that two-tiered list could be expanded upon a bit; I would add two more rules to it myself.

A third rule, which several others who have posted before me have touched on in different ways: Stop making spin-off games for an established franchise if they don't have a substantial amount of information or story to add to the canon.

Crisis Core for Final Fantasy VII was a good example of how to do this right. It filled in the story of Zach, Cloud and Sephiroth that took place before VII, thus being a prequel to it. On the other side of the fence, Chain of Memories, recoded, and Birth by Sleep for Kingdom Hearts were all games that while they did add to the series canon in each game, it was not substantial enough to warrant that many titles on so many platforms.

And then, my personal rule #4: If you are making a role-playing game, do not force it to become linear, and allow players to actually role-play at times. The jarring transition from Final Fantasy XII to XIII is my reason for saying this, and while it's been said before it bears repeating.

In XII, while you COULD set it up to play itself with the Gambit system, that took some strategic thinking and you were never forced to set it up one way. If your selected PC died, you switched to someone else, or could do so without someone dying. You also had plenty of choice over how your PCs grew, and if you wanted them to all use the same stuff, that was your call. The maps were non-linear when exploring, so you could go anywhere, and if you got involved in a fight you couldn't win, just hold down a button and run for it.

In XIII, other characters are played FOR you at all times, leaving you to control only one character, whom if that person dies, it's Game Over. The system to build your characters doesn't allow as much individual building and growth as XII did, much less as 7, 8, 9, or even 10 did. The maps, if you've looked at the strategy guide for the game, are almost 85% straight lines all the way, only opening up once you reach the near end-game of the title. By then, it's come down to the people who got tired of playing, and those who kept going, which is not a good way to build a game at all.

Anyway, keep up the good work, Jim.

Antwerp Caveman:
Yes, it's the first 3 rules. His show breaks all of them.

So does Yahtzee, on a regular basis no less, so your argument is invalid.

So in other words, "Square Enix, calm down and focus more on making games than announcing them." Yeah, sounds about right.

I also think maybe Squeenix concentrating more on better storytelling, or rather making the stories of their games better. Also, maybe they should work on their characters, getting them out of being tired tropes and being actually likeable characters.

You know, I'm kinda glad I took a break from Jimquisition. Now that I've come back to it and am watching it from a fresh perspective, I think I can safely say "I get it". Excellent video, sir, you may have just made a fan out of me.

I don't really think you solved their problem, Jim. So they only announce two titles a year? Well suddenly a company mole will be leaking information faster than the journalists can compile it, and Wada's asshole is safe. I think the real solution would be to cut them down to two fully staffed studios and one smaller studio on the developer's side. Then (like Bioware) they can fully focus on two quality projects at once instead of constantly promising the world and delivering nothing. That's pretty much been common practice since XII was in production, and back then they didn't have the issue of announcing a million titles in a year.

it would be nice to see them focus on making the game over advertizing it. take valve or blizzard for instance. they take just as long or longer, but its actually to provide something much deeper than what they advertize. sqweeenix doesn't just have ocular problems, i think it's mouth is probably bigger than it's stomach too. they advertize something that at least recently has come up lacking.

they have the capabilities to make good games, but delaying the expected titles or limiting new developments with no progress is foolish. and what is with everyone wanting another XIII? i figured with how reviews sounded and how people were talking, another XIII wouldn't be something people would want. or is it just an expected delay now that every game since X has had its offshoots? personally, i would rather see kingdom hearts 3, or moving on to another game, but maybe fans just prefer this over the old formula of dropping old characters and plot with each game.

Versus XIII is getting in the way of my Kingdom Hearts 3. So I like all of this.

Although I'll probably buy both. Hell , I may get XIII-2. MAYBE. But I liked XIII, so I guess that's not that crazy.

I think Square Enix has more problems than that.

Agreed, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Still, I enjoyed the video.

the charector designer has ADD and too much free time. If after you've made an interesting cast then get bored and cut a sleeve off, put lace on the hems, sunglasses, eyepatches or a more intricate and un sheathable sword... then go home, or buy a doodle pad because making these people up in your cubicle seems to force writers and developers into action

Oh and don't forget the giant,rainbow colored,gravity defying hair!

OT:I honestly don't care how long a game takes to be released (within SANE time measurments I.E. Not Duke Nukem Forever) as long as it's good and worth the wait.

Square Enix seems to be going about game announcements the same way Hollywood goes on about movie announcements; basically increasing hype over something that isn't really being made, only that the people who are supposed to be making it are interested in making it.

While valid, over ambition is not the problem with Square Enix. It's there recent inability to make good games.

You can announce all that you want, and delay all that you want if what you make is good. All will be forgiven.

You can churn out highly polished turds at any rate and nothing is going to stop them from being turds no matter how many androgynous over saturated cinematics you throw at it.

i think he's right about one thing. They really need to finish versus 13. i mean the fact that 13-2 is going to come out before vs 13 and the fact that we have not even gotten the one that was supposed to be on psp....what the bloody hell man? And u think they would have released a trailer for 3 but we truthfully have absolutely nothing o it.

Square Enix really need to get their arse in gear. Given that the Final Fantasy series is possibly the most widely known JRPG franchise in the world and that they've been very Martmite in quality isn't doing much to promote a healthy image for JRPGs.

They've got an obsession with making things look pretty and it ends up being all flash and no substance. Even the gameplay suffers. I have a feeling that if they'd released Duodecim on consoles instead of handhelds they'd have a few more fans.

There was an awful lot of repetition in this video. Everything he said at his podium was repeated in the voice-over sections.

There aren't many things a boot in the arse can't fix.

But for the love of GOD, and Jim, please record better audio. Half of the video sounds like I put a pillow over the speakers.

Better solution for SEs problem: Liquidate that pos company and stop making games all together. The game designers can get jobs at Burger King where they will be successful and not painful failures.

I can't wait for Final Fantasy XIII-2 and versus XIII

but when it comes to portable title like crisis core,KH 3d etc.. I don't wanna buy psp or ds or 3ds just to understand the entire plot. and i don't like just watching cut scenes or reading wikis to understand the story either.

But how do you get Square Enix to make a game that's worth playing instead of a bunch of cutscenes tied together with random battles that you hardly get to participate in that doesn't even begin to be even close to entertaining until you're 20 hours into it? I mean that last thing right there is enough for me to tell them to take their games (as in the ones they develop, not the ones they publish that are made by competent developers) and shove them up their ass. I don't care if the game is the best game ever and even gives me blowjobs once you hit 20 hours of playtime: I am not slogging through 20 hours of shit to get to the good part when I could just be playing something else that's good from start to finish.

As for the block game, the only Apple device I have is an iPod Classic. Oh well.

Ha, I didn't hear a word he said over how awesome Dragon Quest is.

Why do so few people like it? 0_o


That's... That's not how you pronounce Square Enix...

Announcements and restraint aren't the problem; it's the fact that Squeenix doesn't understand how to make good games anymore.
For every decent Squeenix title I've seen/played, there are at least six games that are either total shit, or ports of old Squaresoft games.

"I love FF games, but if it helps them release them, make the games shorter. FFX was a perfect length, but if that's just not possible nowadays, make the game shorter and it's fine. Most RPGs can tell a story in 20 hours, most other games can make a game in 10, most films 1 1/2. 60 hours isn't necessary and probably even suits some people better to have a shorter game"

FFX was the same length of XIII WITH Blitzball and Arena battles. The problem with 30+ hours is battles that drag on or are in ridiculous quantity. XIII was terrible because it stretched a 6-hour movie into a miniseries blocked off by 50 million battles and nothing else. Compare that to Ys, which can get done telling just as much story and have as many battles in about 20. They get away being so short because they stick to real-time battles or the bump system. I can bet you at least an hour is spent in FF games loading the battle screens throughout the game. About 20-30 hours is spent waiting for your stupid AI characters and their ATB bars to load.

With KH in existence, FF games have no excuse to continue with the traditional ATB and "alternate reality battlefields." You could easily condense an arduous 60-70 hour game into 30-40 hours that way.

I think you kind of hit the problem, but kind of missed it as well. It's more premature announcement syndrome, where a game is announced only slightly after some concept art and ideas can be crammed into a trailer, then potential development time is ignored. It's not like these guys are fanfic writers bouncing from idea to idea but never finishing everything. These are "ahr-teets" (artits) that won't let a development schedule get in the way of their ideal work. Some of the trailer excess and pointlessness is our own fault. Fans just expect something at both E3 and TGS, even if there's nothing new to see, but I don't think anyone's sitting on their laurels here.

Admittedly, SE does need some focus, and the best way to do that is to remove the millstone of FFXIV from their neck. I mean, I could start at the folley of continuing to try and leech the WoW crowd, or the general stupidity at creating a game that would ultimatly compete with one of your other games (XI), but there's an extra credits video about MMOs around here that makes the point better. Rather, even if you could ignore the bad idea it was in the first place, they still botched it, and botched it bad. Now they're spending time and resources trying to make the unplayable playble that could better be served on other projects like versus XIII. I admit, I like the influx of PSN and DS releases of older games to keep cash flow going and want it to continue, but lloking forward, the tallent could be spent a lot better.

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