Trailers: FEAR 3: Sound of Combat

FEAR 3: Sound of Combat

The FEAR 3 audio team takes to the fire range to capture an authentic audio experience on some very intimidating firearms.

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Really cool that they put this kind of effort into the game, sadly no matter how many people say that it is fairly good people for some reason just won't buy it. The single player is solid and the multiplayer is amazing but each day I see less and less lobbies.

Still holding back on this title cause of the extremely bland and disappointing F.E.A.R.2
But this almost lighted up my interest again. The weapons do look like they're satisfying to fire.

even when the game it self is not the best and the scary horror is gone, it is still a solid shooter. so i cant say i wasted my money. the combat is well made.
nice to see though that we get real weapon sounds.

I'm getting this when I have the money since it is such a solid shooter with a decent story

Um, this is nice, but all I'm seeing here is foley artists doing their job and expecting to get extra points for it just by telling us about it. Yeah, lots of microphones make for a more realistic sound of the gun, to add that element of realism when the phychic soldiers and a demonic little girl who is your mother have already grounded you in the world in the first place.


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