Trailers: Tomb Raider: Making Of 'Turning Point'

Tomb Raider: Making Of 'Turning Point'

A look at the thoughts and processes that went behind the Tomb Raider 'Turning Point' trailer.

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As much as 'Turning Point' has actually made me interested in Tomb Raider, I find it bizarre that a trailer has received a twelve minute 'making of'.

I get the point they're trying to make - 'This is new', but even so.

It isn't like Crystal's passion is reflected in this either, Visual Works has nothing to do with development of the actual game. There isn't any denying though - there is some gorgeous showcasing in here and it can't be argued that Square are at the forefront of graphical quality.

I guess Deus Ex will tell us how well Square's cash is spent, and subsequently my continued interest in this new look Tomb Raider.

I did enjoy this segment though.

its sure interesting, but still would prefer infos about the game itself. well, lets wait and see. the direction they go now with the game is sure interesting and sounds like a solid adventure game. as long they keep adventure there and not combat.

Now for a half-hour video about the making of "Tomb Raider: Making Of 'Turning Point'".

Jesus. Fall 2012? Why did they make a 12-minute behind the scenes film for a trailer of a game that wont be out for over a year? Did Squid Penis get tired of their daily money eating contests?


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