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Aaah, Killer 7. I remember Killer 7. K7 was kinda whacked, but it was still my cup of tea. Killer 7 is something No More Heroes should have aimed to be. Not in a replica kind of way, but gotten some pointers. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed NMH...but aaah Killer 7.

Killer7 sounds intriguing, but ince again, I'm irritated by the fact that it's almost impossible to find old classic games that you can easily play on your modern rig. Still would love to play the Silent Hill series, for example. You can watch Charlie Chaplin movies, but you can't play most games from the late 90s.

FWIW, I had a similar reaction to playing Zeno Clash. Tight little game, amazing artwork, surreal plot that clearly isn't intended to always make sense (little things like a character who can only walk forward, no turns, waddling through a fight without affecting it). But the controls were clunky, and the whole plot was on rails with no choices available to the player that would affect the eventual outcome. That said, its imagery keeps haunting me in a way no polished up AAA FPS (or what have you) has. God bless indie companies.

Raiyan 1.0:
Can we have a game based on Warren Ellis' Planetary series? Where the Tories sent out civil servant ghosts to assassinate pregnant prostitutes?

Things are so mediocre these days...

I came in here to post that I was going to check out K7, because Yahtzee's description made it seem as twisted as Ellis' books.


Raiyan 1.0:
Can we have a game based on Warren Ellis' Planetary series? Where the Tories sent out civil servant ghosts to assassinate pregnant prostitutes?

Yeah, crazy-ness for the sake of crazyness does not really appeal to me at all. Just fit a bunch of random arbitrary garbage together and you get a good-no, interesting at least game? I don't think so.

Dude. Conservative Tories sending out civil servants to kill prostitutes. What part of that didn't make sense?

(Anyway, I gave you Planetary. It's within the stack of comics I got you the last time I went over to your place. Just download ComicRack and go through 'em.)

killer7 is not fun.

I fail to see how a game with sub-standard gameplay can in any way be considered a great experience. We should play games for gameplay, because they are games. Anything else is wonderful and can make an experience even better (and I wont play a game thats strictly gameplay with no story, progression, or meaning added at all) but the gameplay comes first. Killer7 had pretty crappy gameplay and therefore it is in no way a great game that should be recommended to anyone regardless of how bizarre it is. I realise you already said that Yahtzee, but then I don't really understand why you keep banging on about it. :/

I don't know about you guys, but if I play a game and the gameplay doesn't appeal to me I'm not going to keep on playing just because other aspects are interesting. It would be too frustrating and/or boring otherwise.

Properties like Killer 7 have no deep plot. They are what they seem: a bunch of weird stuff the creators thought was cool thrown together and poorly explained.

I'm glad I bought, played through and finished Shadows of the Damned. Their were times where the game was driving me mad (the girlfriend insta-fail chase sequences specifically) but it definitely made me want to play more Suda games. I'm looking forward to the upcoming second Ps3 version of No More Heros and hoping Lollipop Chainsaw (their next game) gets released outside Japan.

I've never played it, but it certianly looks and sounds like a trip. I'm not sure I'll be able to find it, but... I'd kind of like to know who you watched play it, if you know of a good Let's Play of the game I could watch, at least.

I guess it´s about the uniqueness of the feelings games like Killer 7 can provide to you. Therefor they are more like art and less like entertainment. That these projects get a green light in the first place seems like a miracle, since games are so expensive to make.

Definitely got to check K7 out!

I read a website explaining that the entire gameplay of Killer7 was meant to piss off American gamers at the time (being extremely linear). Which goes completely against what Yahtzee said in No More Heroes.

Read the website. It's quite an interesting theory.

Killer7 deffo belongs in my top10 of games from last gen. I feel that the mainstreaming of gaming is really holding back the weird plots games used to have. Could also be that Japan does not export as many weird titles any more as well.

Another vote for "P.N.03 kicks ass you damn fool" here. It's a very good game, a bit of a rough gem perhaps. It takes some effort to get into, but once you do it gets really fun and addictive.

Haven't played the game, probably never will, but it sounds pretty cool. It sounds like all the weird/ crazy things I think up but then disregard as stupid.

killer7 is still one of my favorite games of all time, but I'd rather watch it again than play it, unlike most of my other favorites. As a game, it's not much, but it's what if offers outside of gameplay is what makes the whole thing a very unique and unusual trip. The game's storyline is very incomprehensible, disjointed, paradoxical... yet is quite intriguing and fascinating at the same time. It made me think a whole lot without making the game trying to make me swallow the whole thing like some lecture (which other games tend to do when they're trying to prove some philosophical point).

Now if a lot of games would gladly take risks and let their creators get free reign to go crazy with their creativity, we'll have a lot more unique games out there.

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