Trailers: Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising - Scout Trailer

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising - Scout Trailer

Details on Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising's scout class.

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Wow, that was... underwhelming.

I have never heard about of this game before, and yet somehow I'm actually less interested in it now than before I watched this trailer.

Ok, that's not entirely true. I looked up the game's website and it boasts that it "combines an abundance of awesome special moves and stunning animations to create the most realistic and intense combat ever seen in an MMO." Yeah, not really seeing that in this trailer...

I feel extremely underwhelmed.

If this isn't a browser based game even the graphics are underwhelming, otherwise they are pretty awesome.

But really, what's up with this? Looks worse than the first version of WoW, hell, looks worse than Everquest.

OMFG, I cant wait NOT to play this game.

Where was the partial nudity and the use of alcohol?

@zyst: Love the picture - now back to the good part!


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