Critical Miss: The Catherine Experience

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You choose poorly.

Great little comic, yeah I've had friends tell me about this type of thing, being observed by partners. So much for escapism and fancy.

Although with the panels, I wanted her to say "proceed".

Imagine if it was female playing this game with her boyfriend.


Cephei Mordred:

Huh that was my experiance with Ar Tonelico Qoga.

Except in THAT case it was the whole 'Strip underage girls to cast most powerful magic' and it was in front of family. That was ALMOST as bad as playing Kanji's dungeon infront of people.

Yeah, the Ar Tonelico series goes too far.

Anyway, turnabout is fair play. I would love to see what happens when a male centered Catherine type game comes out.

PFFT that game didn't go far enough. lol.

It did weird out my dad a bit but hell, I need my defense to go up! Take off dem clothes!

I'm just saying, when I played through a bit of Ar Tonelico 2, and after picking my jaw up from off the floor, I wondered if maybe the thing to do was to pretend that all games are hentai games in order to not get blindsided by such brazen-ness again. :P


My gf is laughing her ass off that any girl would be so jealous insecure or confused to mistake a gamers playstyle with his/her real mores or ethics.
I for one wouldn't be with a girl that judged me on a game I play or a path I take in that game but I guess freedom of expression is just a huge passion of mine. To each their own.
Edit: The one exception I could think of would be the little sisters in Bioshock. No way I'd kill one in front of anyone, including a gf.

They say the greatest measure of a man is knowing what he would do in a situation where they do not have to face any of the consequences.

That's pretty much what Socrates/Plato were getting into when discussing the ring of invisibility and ethics.

Wow,I hadn't even thought of that!
I might even get it just to see my GF's reaction!

This was my first thought too!

Hahahaa, awesome. I've seen women like that. If I get the game, I'm pretty sure that my women would just encourage me to be a horrible pervert because she is one too.

Now that's just freakin hilarious.

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Remember! The choice is not to cheat or not, it's do I want to sleep on this sofa for the next few weeks.

Aww... I broke my firm stance on not reading any Critical Miss comics to read this one, because I'm a big Atlas/Catherine fan... Bleh. Shouldn't have bothered. :(

Indeed you shouldnt have, You dont deserve the awesomeness of this comic.

Side note: A toyota ad as a CAPTCHA?

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