Most Anticipated Games of 2011

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I see a disturbing lack of Space Marine in that article. We must cleanse it!

My thoughts exactly. Purge it! Purge it with fire!

Was ME3 in there? Has that been set back again. I cannot quite remember from the list. I know I am looking forward to ME3!

Aye, it has been set back again. March :(

so 2 must haves and 2 to check out
could be worse

I'm definitely excited about a couple of games on the list, though I've already gotten one of the games I've been anticipating the most for this year (Catherine).

I can't wait for Saints Row: The Third. It looks even crazier than the previous.

Why.. why.. can't they make a movie like the MW3 trailer.. Is it that hard?

What, No Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter?
For shame, burn to your list!
September 20th, 4x strategy never looked so good.

Serious Sam 3 Should be/NEEDS TO BE on this list.

November is going to be expensive.

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