The Big Picture: Hollywood History 101: Part 3

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So for a golden age of movies to be made, or of anything for that matter, the genre has to be on death's door and willing for anything to bring it back?


The really ugly stuff is my favorite. I've really enjoyed this little series of yours and can't wait to see what dirt you cover in the next installment.

Fascinating as always, looking forward to the conclusion!

The Big Picture is gradually becoming my favourite series on this site.

It things like this and Extra Credits that really make you think and also provide you with some some great pub ammo. Keep it up Mr Chipman.

Too right. It's all about having good conversation topics to pull out the hat over a pint!

Thanks a lot Bob. I really enjoy your work with The Big Picture and Escape to the movies.
Makes my day when I get some new nerdy material <3. Patiently awaiting your next work!

Hmmm...this scenario is sounding really familiar...

Could be a lot of good to look forward to.


It was my understanding that Lucas' dream was in fact to do a remake of Flash Gordon, but he couldn't because Dino de Laurentiis had already got his hands on the film rights. Also, after having read some of the early drafts of Star Wars, I can actually understand why Lucas' colleagues had some misgivings as to whether or not the film would work. Heck, Fox were having so much trouble getting Star Wars in cinemas that they initially had to resort to block booking (which had been illegal for nearly 30 years) to get it on screens. When you add to that the budget blowouts (a rather large chunk of change was spent on SFX shots that Lucas ended up discarding), and it's kind of a wonder that Star Wars was the big hit that it turned out to be.

This is true and is one of the numerous things left out or skewed to match Bob's view of this "big picture".

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this is wikipedia lite at best and I'm constantly stunned why this is being lauded as anything but lazy moneymaking. Seriously, it's not informative, new or in any way a BIG Picture of anything except Bob's hideously askew view of the big evil Hollywood. I'm consistently surprised Escapist continues to fund this stuff.

That's okay there's some of us that are surprised to find information of this quality outside of Extra Credits on the Escapist period. I for one feel fortunate to have it here. If not for this and the aforementioned Extra Credits, I wouldn't be here, period.

An' if this "write your own ad" captcha stuff keeps up those two shows, even though great infotainment, may not be enough to keep me bothering.

OT: Of course, as always, great show Moviebob.


So, this is fascinating and insightful. What you said about the movie studios, how their inflexibility leading to the collapse of the early studio system allowed new blood to rise and try things that had never been done before; do you think it possible that what is happening with the studios pretty much doing the same thing now could possibly lead to that happening again?

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