No Right Answer: Most Deserving Remake

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No, no, no. We have enough Star Wars games as it is. Yet another Star Wars based game would...
*Puts on sunglasses* under the radar. 8]

Battletoads would be a worthy remake because it's a legendary game by now. No, I don't mean it in the sense that the game is like a piece of heaven. I mean it because it's what people would call "one of the hardest games ever". A Star Wars game, no matter how awesome it is, would not have as much impact because it's well, another damn Star Wars game! Just look at Force Unleashed.

I've never played Battletoads, but I would LOVE to have a chance to play the game and judge for myself. I'm sure it would be nice to introduce a new gen. of gamers to this game too. And like the guy said, you can even add backstory if you wanted, too! (but not a lot; we all know that never ends up well)

Here are my choices for remakes:

-Little Samson
-Legend of Dragoon


No question about it.

EARTHBOUND. After the outrageous hype from 3 Smash Bros. games, it would print money. More than enough money to resolve some certain legal issues regarding its release.

Aww...Ninja'd by TrippingBowser. An Oregon Trail remake would be awesome. I learned so much about wagon axles and dysentery from that game. My second choice would be a new Sim City, but I'm glad Tie fighter won out. With the UK courts ruling in favor of the guy who made the Stormtrooper helmets, LucasArts is sure to cash in on any old copyrights they still have laying around. This episode of NRA may turn out to be quite prescient.

I'd go for the Toads game, that villian looks seriously hot.

And you are right about Duke Nukem forever...

TIE Figther. Definetily.
But another game that I'd like to see redone is Startopia.

A remake of Oregon Trail

check Facebook lately?

remake tie fighter.
or put every star wars game made before 2000 on gog so i can run it.



The only other game that I can think of, would be "Leisure Suit Larry 3".


You sir deserve a cookie.


Also LSL3 should ONLY be remade by the good people at Pendulo Studios, creators of the "Runaway" series


TIE fighter is a good response. Specially since its success would mean the return of the space flight simulation genre.

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We basically use the whole version, it was made specifically for the show. We are currently looking into merch, and the song will definitely fit into that category. Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for the opportunity to snag the theme song!

Remakes are an area in which I tend to agree with your very own Mr. Yahtzee.

It's bloody stupid, it's a way for terminally uncreative people to make something from a mold, without having to resort to making a Call of Duty game.

Remakes could be excused if it's the first project of an amateur game developer to better his skills. When created by professional game developers, there is no excuse.

At best, the game will be something we've all seen before, albeit with better graphics or twice as much force feedback or something.

At worst, it'll end up as a desecratory pile of hi-res textures.

NFS underground 2

My remake choice: MULE
Loved it. I played it until my Commodore64 5-1/4" floppy drive refused to play it any more.

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