Zero Punctuation: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

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I can't wait to read some of the nerd rage in here.

Also one of the funniest ZP's for ages, nice one Yahtzee.

So the complaint is that all those Zelda games that everyone complains about being clones of each other....are clones of each other?

I don't know how this being a "cheat sheet" is a bad thing. It definitely benefits from some nostalgia points but come on... This is Zelda you know what you are getting going in.

It holds up a hell of a lot better graphics wise then some other games, Golden eye in particular.

I found a few games on the 64 actually do hold up pretty well these days. Blast Corps is one that comes to mind. And Banjo+Kazooie is as fun as it used to be. Mystical Ninja is another that I enjoyed playing earlier in the year.

I actually find it shameful that I've enjoyed my N64 more than my PS3, Wii and 360 this year actually.

The main problem is that a lot of games don't hold up as well now is because just about all of them have been improved upon since. Mario Kart 64 is still a good game. But compared to the Wii version? Not quite so much. Smash Bros is the same.

Goldeneye I felt was replaced by Perfect Dark as the top boy anyways. But in this day and age both are still just another FPS amongst the stupid amount of ones we have.

I think the only reason why we all got the strategy guide was because of how awesome it looked.

I hate on games, not the player, and for reasons not selected in your post, BUT, I'm more here to agree 100% with the epic strategy guide look!

Robin Williams gave his daughter her name after a game?! *mindblown*

ah yes, OoT. I never really played this game at all because my N64 was sold due to "being to close to the screen". And so, I never got to play it until they made a compilation for the game cube of the two first Zelda games, OoT & Majoras Mask. Now, I played MM and OoT at the same time, and boy did I love MM way more than OoT. I do not know why, I just prefered it way more. But I still prefer the first zelda game after playing it compared to the rest of the bunch for... some strange reason. Idk, I liked the simplicity of it than the larger journey of its predecessors OoT and MM.

And yai, there is such thing as other people that did not play OoT that whole much, makes me happy.

Not surprised that Yahtzee hated it, but then, this is why I don't base my decisions on whether or not to buy games on his views alone. OoT was awesome, and while I'd never pay for the 3DS repaint of it, I strongly disagree with the notion that it hasn't aged well. It's easily one of the better classics on the N64. :P

Also, there's that whole "TP was exactly like OoT" thing again. It's amazing how often people say this,'s really not the same game. There are far more distinct differences between TP and OoT than, say, ANY of the FPS repaints that get churned out almost every year. TP's Hyrule has a brand new design and adds several locations, its story doesn't revolve entirely around saving Zelda (as little as she's seen, she's almost a minor character) and is actually pretty compelling, many of the items in TP are new (although some are gimmicky and pointless) and the addition of sword techniques that you can train made the combat system somewhat more fun to screw around with (although again, some of the skills were gimmicky and useless), and the game definitely took a step up in terms of graphics and overall quality.

To be honest, I wasn't that big into Goldeneye, I prefered Perfect Dark.

Yaaaaay! I was wondering if perhaps I had fallen into an alternate universe in which that game didn't exist. It was, IMO, far superior to Goldeneye, and I never understood the praise and awards lavished onto Goldeneye while Perfect Dark sat in the corner waiting to be called on.

I don't know what to think here. I loved OOT and HATED Majora's Mask... never finished it. But... maybe if I replayed it at my current age I'd have grips. I never really had the frustration with the water temple, since the version my parents got me came with the player guide.

Modern FPSes have only one real advantage over older ones and that's the online multiplayer. Their flow is excessively artificial, and there's tons of pointless and ultimately detrimental content like voice acting. Anything not made by Valve is going to hold up very badly.

Being the Legend of Zelda Fanboy I am, I have to point out that Yahtzee was talking about the Water Dungeon as in the third dungeon you go through as Young Link. The Water Temple everyone claims to be hard is the 3rd Temple you go through as Adult Link and yes- that shit can be very hard. Especially for the younger versions of ourselves. A temple where using the wrong key somewhere can literally break the dungeon? Yes please..

OT: I really enjoyed the review and agree with a lot of the points made. However, I have to say I'm in that group everyone hates that is *completely happy* with the Legend of Zelda being the exact same.

If I wanna play Legend of Zelda again...well there's the ol' GameCube just lying 'round :]

Everything is so true what he said.

Was Ocarina of Time a great game when it came out? Yes! Does it hold up today? Maybe as a decent action adventure game, but not as an earth shattering masterpiece by the standards of modern games. It's a classic because it set the standard for how to build levels for action adventure games that would come in 3d, the same way Mario 64 did the same for 3d platformers. That said, it's no surprise that Yahtzee's socks weren't blown off. It holds up as a decent game, not a great game.

I felt the same way when I first played Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. My first game in the series was Harmony of Dissonance, and it blew my balls off, so then I played the other 2 GBA 'vanias, both PS2 games, and the first 2 DS titles. So that's 7 games I played with roughly the same Metroidvania design as it's predecessor, so by the time I played the game that started it all, I wasn't impressed in the least.

I didn't play the games in the franchise in the order they were released, so I didn't see the progression and evolution of it, nor the significance that Symphony of the Night had. I still KIND OF appreciate it, but when I see how its successors improved upon its formula over time, and how much fun the series already was before it came out, it doesn't even rank in my top 5 favorite Castlevanias, let alone games of all time. :/

So... I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but if Twilight Princess is worse by comparison now that you've played Ocarina, wouldn't Ocarina also be worse by comparison, since it's just a 3D Link to the Past? o_O

I mean, I love OoT, but at least Majora's Mask and Wind Waker incorporated unique mechanics and felt pretty damn different from their predecessors. The difference between OoT and LttP is little more than one dimension. :)

Good video, as always. I think that the water temple isn't difficult (I'm one of your side of the fence, as I didn't finish the 64 version and am pretty much playing it for the first time), I just remember people saying that it was frustrating juggling the inventory menu for those boots, which the 3DS made easier.

Also, I might just be an exception, but I don't see why everyone keeps saying that the 3D effects keep hurting their eyes or giving them a headache. I've played Ocarina of Time for 2 hours at a time with it on full and never even had a pinch of a headache. Like I said, maybe I'm just the exception, I just don't get it. :)

I just beat/played it for the first time earlier this month and I still think it's better than Twilight Princess. So I don't think nostalgia's a big factor there, and that was the Virtual Console version.

Anyway, the water temple can either be really easy or really bullshit depending on the person. The boss is easy, but if you forget to search one corner (not even room, just corner of a room) you're fucked. The other pain in my ass was trying to get to the Spirit Temple as I couldn't fucking see the flags I needed to run to. I must've spent an hour on just that. And I know my friend hated the Shadow Temple, but all the Redeads probably didn't help.

Also, z-targeting is brilliant. Especially since you don't have to hold it in this one, unless the 3DS version is different than the virtual console one. It might be, I'm not sure.

Of course, Yahtzee probably isn't even serious, so this whole post was for naught.

I agree that N64 games have not aged well (of course they are stil playable), as the years pass we can make more complex games(Galaxy better than 64, TP better but copied from OoT), The point being that nostalgia is a blinding bitch and pepole should just see that games of before don't comparee to today standards.

Also I myself find Link bland in this one, but I do enjoy the story and that Zelda actually does shit for onece; at the end of the day I enjoy my memories, I still revisist it to enjoy the story, but its overated.

Yahtzee, it wasn't that the Water Temple was difficult. It was that it was annoying, especially with the flooding mechanic.

Also, which room was the one what wouldn't give a cutscene until you entered through the correct door? Was it the volcano to the Fire Temple?

I have more concern about skyward swrond since it really looks like it sticks horribly close to the Oot formula, well apart from the slightly ugly art stlye...

Not a fan of impressinism?

seriously can't be bothered :s might buy skyward sword and that will be my second zelda game :D

Delicious Anathema:
Zelda is so tired by now, even Skyward Sword seems like the same old thing over again.

They should remake Majora's Mask with a decent gameplay and flow, instead of the frustrating mess it was, because the story was there.

I don't recall ever being frustrated.

Also why look up a strategy guide for a game that has one right outside your house?

My captcha is requiring me to watch a stupid video...

I liked the book one better.


I seem to see a lot of butthurt fanboys using the "HURR HURR HE'S NOT SERIOUS, I CAN IGNORE HIS VALID CRITICISMS" mindless defence.

Goldeneye is and always will be the best fps of all time!

It's a bit difficult to go back and play something thats basically 13 years old but the original Ocarina of Time is still probably the most immersive game I've ever played. I still bust out the n64 to play it every couple of months


Also why look up a strategy guide for a game that has one right outside your house?

My captcha is requiring me to watch a stupid video...

I liked the book one better.

I was pretty annoyed by the twilight princess guide having pointless, unnecessary story spoilers printed on it.

Seriously? You're working to add something that make the guide worse? You're professional writers who are adding something that worsens your guide? How can you do this?!?!?!

Didn't expect you to review this game Yahtzee.

As much as I think OOT is a really good game, I personally thought Majora's Mask was the better of the two. MM had a better story, better cast of characters, and the three day mechanic is one of the most unique mechanics I've seen in a game. Every single person in that game performed actions depending on what time and day it is. And the entire time the moon descends closer and closer upon Clock Town.

Although I will admit OOT had the better dungeons. Including the Water Temple, which wasn't so much hard as it was tedious.

so does that mean i don't have to play it now?
i mean i played zelda 1 and 2, link's awakening, OoA/S, minish cap, link to the past, majora's mask, wind waker, twilight princess

is it that much different from those?
maybe if they do a complete remake with up to date graphics and additional content i'll consider

Funnily enough I have a N64 with OoT and Golden Eye sitting in a corner at the other side of the room gathering dust, staring at me, whispering "play me, please, all my games classics that certainly haven't aged badly at all, and don't look like a sh*t stain in comparison to last gen games".

Hmmm, I wonder if this thread will spark as much needless fanboy rage as prior videos on popular long time franchises

I hadn't played OoT prior to the 3DS and yes, it is the template. Now on one hand I can see how this was a very much hailed game for its time but having played the numerous upgrades since, the impact is completely lost on me. Basically it has to be a nostalgia thing I suppose, but don't get me wrong, it is still a great game.

As for getting into it, I found that Link's Awakening on the Gameboy was the quickest and easiest for that.

Water dungeon was difficult for, one, the fact that you had to figure out which level you were supposed to be on at what time, and then how to get that level filled (or unfilled) with water at that particular time. That and it's the only level that you can seriously ruin your game on; If you hookshot over to the wrong door early by standing really close to the ledge you can use up a silver key that's needed to get to two other silver keys, thereby making the level, and therefore your game, impossible to finish.

That and water is always fun to try and navigate through.

Admittedly, however, it is a lot easier now that I'm 21 when I go back and play it. Still an awesome game though.


While all those may be valid points, I'd like to point out that the N64 controller pretty much ruins all of them.
Sure the gameplay may be fun and all that, but it's a fleeting kind of fun when you're constantly wrestling with the damned controller.


Once again, this wasn't a review. This was Yahtzee needing an excuse to say how much he thinks Nintendo sucks like the cynical troll that he is.

That's what Yahtzee does urgh. None of his videos are meant to be reviews and you can hardly call him a cynical troll because he isn't trying to deceive anybody.

If you don't want to listen to some guy tear games apart and make jokes then don't watch his fucking videos.

Seriously though you thought these videos were meant to be reviews?

I'm just about to that point really. The thing is, Yahtzee does just occasionally make a few points I agree on once and a while. It's just when he comes to tearing Nintendo apart, he doesn't do it in a funny way, he does it in the same way most ignorant Sony fanboys on YouTube do with a bunch of overly flawed arguments or similar BS. He's pretty much convinced me that, yeah he really is an elitist closeted fanboy when it comes to Nintendo, the occasional except not withstanding. Plus again, he talks about Wii control issues that aren't really there. (I don't what it is with his Wii that he can't work the finishing moves in NMH2 properly and has to result to Classic Controller because I haven't had that problem) And he keeps going on and on about how Motion Controls are such a sin even though he has this idea that Virtual Reality headsets that screw into your brain is what video games should be trying to pioneer towards and it's a very creepy image. (The day the Matrix becomes science-fact is the day I kill myself)

Besides, I've mentioned this before but it's also getting old from the sense that he's beating a dead horse. That's one positive I can give this video. That he didn't pull the "Nintendo keeps making missteps" or "Every Zelda is the same since 1986" remarks. Maybe he's finally getting the message. (Now watch when Skyward Sword gets reviewed, he'll turn around and go back to bringing that up again)

And if these videos aren't reviews, what the hell are they? I've heard Yahtzee refer to himself as a critic more than once since I've started watching him so I really doubt that argument can be used against mine.

Is there an actual fucking "review" in here, or just admission that Yahtzee had a questionable basis of comparison for Twilight Princess? Really, I was surprised when I found out that Yahtzee was going to waste his time (and mine) talking about a remake. But then it turned out to be a remake from a series he overtly hates to begin with.

So, rather than get any sort of "review", we just get the usual "I hate Zelda. I know you all know that already, but I hate Zelda." So rather than establishing anything worth discussing, he just filibustered for a week.


This shit wasn't worth tanking the performance of the entire site today.

So, basically, Yahtzee discovered the Nintendo formula. Make one game, or variation on a franchise, and then do nothing but iterate on it for 20 years. My only question is: why did it take him so long?

Wait, people outside America call indian burns "Chinese burns"?
That's interesting

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