UK Court Force Chokes George Lucas's Copyright Lawsuit

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lucas and money oh noze he has to pay some out. let me grab my hankey to cry for the greedy asshat.

Holy shit, making replicas of a pop icon is piracy? o.O

I honestly would have sided with Lucas in this case, but by the looks of the posts in this thread id be pretty much alone on it.

I do, however, agree with the people saying that Lucas should have attempted to enter into a business agreement with the man and given him exclusive rights to do it while they both profit, but oh well.

Good for him! Lucas has more money than he could spend in 100 lifetimes, and he's suing people who try to make some money out of their own ideas? Not to mention, without this guy, god knows how stormtroopers would look like. If George Lucas had something to do with it they'd probably look like shit.



lastly, there is no pandoras box here, this was already an established piece of legislation, in fact if the decisions would have had disastrous consequences, then the courts wouldnt have ruled against lucasfilms because in those situations, the courts weight up the potential flood gate of problems there rulings will have, against the rights of the parties, and if they deem the decision would have massive repercussions, they would rule against it

Well there goes my dreams of moving to the UK and starting a business making movie prop knock offs. :D

haha, you still can, thats why this case is stupid, because anyone can make a replica, solong as you say its a replica, so everyone saying its a problem because everyone can now go out making those suits are dense, because they could already do that.

Yeah but I lied. I'd never move to the UK. Too fucking cold and not enough venomous animals.

Yes, he probably breaches intellectual copyright by selling them for profit.
But surely, Lucas should have just hired the man because it seems he makes such awsomely amazing good helmets?

Yes, sue the awsome artist why don't you. It's bloody hard enough as it is to make a living as an artist.

They really pulled the piracy line because the guy who originally made the damn things wants to make some money? That's screwy.


Sir Shockwave:

The High Court and Court of Appeal ruled in Ainsworth's favor, and the Supreme Court just followed suit. While Ainsworth is undoubtedly thrilled -after all, he turns a pretty tidy profit on the helmets and sets of armor- Lucasfilm clearly is pretty angry. After the ruling, a spokesperson for the film stated, "We believe the imaginative characters, props, costumes, and other visual assets that go into making a film deserve protection in Britain. The UK should not allow itself to become a safe haven for piracy."

Because when I think Piracy, I think illegally downloading Stormtrooper Helmets O.O

Sweet! Where can I download them?

You think anyone released a torrent for lightsaber crystals yet? I've been trying to get my hands on a black one for months and I'm not keen on paying an upwards of several major organs trying to obtain one. I'll save that for the die-hard collectors.

"We believe the imaginative characters, props, costumes, and other visual assets that go into making a film deserve protection in Britain..."

Yes, they do. Therefore, its time you filed a copyright claim vs. Lucas for destroying a franchise.

I think it's funny that everyone is jumping to Ainsworth's defense, saying that he's the original creator of these things when there's compelling evidence that the original sculpts were created by Liz Moore.

"We believe the imaginative characters, props, costumes, and other visual assets that go into making a film deserve protection in Britain."
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that exactly what they're getting LucasArts? Because we're giving the rights to Ainsworth, the guy who designed them?

"The UK should not allow itself to become a safe haven for piracy."
Pff, we've been a haven for piracy since the 15th century. Its a tradition.

Sounds more like Lukas just trying to milk as much money as he can before him and Star wars bites the bullet. Though I think he'll be gone way before SW is.

It's Lucas' own damn fault for not making sure their company covered every base. Personally, I think it should be a two way street. Both parties should receive equal compensation. It was HIS design after all.

Suing him immediately, though? Not cool mega-corporation. Not cool.

I've got an idea, Lucas.

Sell the things yourself if you want to shut down any of your fans' attempts to continue enjoying your series while you milk the bloody thing to death.

Just lost a lot of respect for George Lucas. Instead of suing the guy he should have given him licensing rights to create and distribute the suits in exchange for a percentage of the profits, I bet Ainsworth wouldn't have said no to that and Lucas would have been in a better position right now.

Exactly. I mean, the guy already had everything he needed to make them. All LucasArts would need to do is pay for advertisment.

Given that Lucas refuses to put Storm Trooper armor on the market (I dunno, just to be a jerk?) and this is the dude who built the damn things in the first place, I say Good Job UK.

Ah, there's so many quotes from the films that would do this justice.

I think I'll go with:

The more you tighten your grip, Lucas, the more court cases will slip through your fingers.

Just lost a lot of respect for George Lucas.

You still had any?

According to Ainsworth's lawyer, the legal decision "opens a 'Pandora's box' as anyone is now free to make the models."

And just think, if Lucasfilm hadn't been a bunch of greedy bastards and tried to get more money from this guy, they wouldn't be losing everything else they're about to because of this.

I must admit I'm disappointed in Lucasfilm for doing this. My friend draws Star Wars stuff on people's shoes for five to ten dollars. And it's really good stuff. Is Lucasfilm going to sue her if they ever find out? Come on...

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