Jimquisition: Fight in the Name of Childishness

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Eh... kinda?

Ok, going on Fox was a bad idea. Going on Fox and trying to be an adult was a bad idea. Going on Fox, trying to be an adult and not expecting what happened, was a dumb idea. That was our bad and dude should have been or prepared. He was ready for CNN, NBC, or any other channel, but not fox. Fox is a channel that requires idiocy to fight idiocy.

In general.... We need to be careful. To much like this will get us put in the boat with hacker oganizations.

However.... You do have a point.

Fox News...what a bunch of cnuts! ;)

Hurrmmm...... I believe Jimbo is on to something here. Clearly reason is not working with the unreasonable and maybe the time is right to fight fire with fire.

We can only hope that the Democratic party would feel the same way and give the republicans back what they are dishing out.

Go Jim, go Jim, go Jim, GO!

Captcha: secommo 100¬

"¬" really?

Games will be fine. Movies went through the same issue in the 80s and earlier. When a medium grows u people, who dont even have a clue about the games, freak out. Like with the Masseffect thing...people that moaned never played it....they should be brought up on this fact, and not anything else. Best way to screw up a persons intigrity is to bring facts that they have no research or played the game they are insulting.

Now days games are rated for kids, teens or adults. There is no issues. Why bitch if an 18 cert game is violent? Erm....its rated 18, kids cant buy it. (Ok they can, but like us as kids you can find a way) but the law is doing all it can to rate things. The rest is up to the parents. Also the fact is kids will get hold of bad stuff, as 13 i would see horror movies and find porn mags dumped near railroad tracks. You can only protect kids so much. Like swearing is a big no-no on tv, but we all learned it from friends in the playground.

Better to suffer and be wronged than to wrong yourself

Tin Man:


Because Taxi Driver is cooler then Citizen Kane. And Travis likes your style.

Thank you very much, Tin Man. I'm glad that you approve of my post. I don't think gaming will have it's Citizen Kane in the near future. Films and games as media simply cannot be expected to compete with one another.

But what gaming can do is have it's own wunderkinden. Games like Half Life, Team Fortress 2, Heavy Rain, Beyond Good & Evil.

All gamers have to do is continue to show maturity and learn to live and let live and ignore the trolls at Fox. Because they will never be happy with anything you do, bringing yourself down to their level is a very, very bad idea and will only serve to make gamers the world over look like immature children.

This whole thing reminded me of the Jam sketch about the agency that hires out thick people to argue for you 'because they're too thick to understand that they've lost'.

Maybe we should a loud, overbearing, arrogant type to go on Fox and talk to Daily Mail journos, and we'll save our smart, reasoning, logical types to appear on other news networks and talk to real journalists.

I'd rather not have to stoop to the level of Fixed News, but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

Being inflammatory and arrogant, and being logical and reasonable, are not mutually exclusive.

It's possible to listen to your opponents, and calmly and thoroughly address their points, while at the same time being assertive and saying bold things that spark outrage.

The amazon bombing is a separate issue. It's a type of protest, not a type of argumentative technique.

Well, like you said yourself Jim, sad but true.

And this is why I watch you Jim, it does matter whether I agree or not (generally I do) you are good at making a point, fleshing it out, and giving a strong argument. Thank you again, now get back to work.

Perhaps gaming needs its own Jack Thompson, someone to shout down the idiots for the delight of the masses.

Sounds like you're putting yourself forward as a candidate there, Jim. Truth be told, I think you'd fit right in on Fox News. Better practice your shouting.

EDIT: Another thought just struck me. Jim must not be aware of the aphorism "Never argue with an idiot - they force you down to their level, then beat you with experience". Arguing childishly (especially on Fox News) essentially requires one to regularly argue with fucking morons.

Just when you think Jim can't get any worse, he decides to cut the final threads and plummet into complete idiocy. It's people like Jim that ruin a good thing. We make all the progress we want and some loud mouthed ass comes along and decides to act like a complete wanker because "we're all acting too mature." This is the man who spends his time harassing women on Twitter and whom still thinks cunt is a funny word.

Yes, Jim, throw a tantrum when you don't get your way. That'll teach them.

The Escapist once stood for intelligent discussion. What ever happened to that? We're hiring people with a god-complex to dribble all over pages and read aloud their inner ramblings now? You'd get better advice reading the shredded mess found after dumping the contents of a Scrabble box into a blender.

In case that was above you, Jim, and judging by your content it went straight over your head, let me dumb it down to the level you so enthusiastically suggested we should: you're an idiot.

Let's fire the troll and stop giving him the attention he doesn't deserve. Who am I kidding--this is the Escapist! They'll probably spend all their money making Jim a special medal and forget to pay the people with actual talent.

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