Grand Theft Auto: A Pick Your Path Adventure

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I won! Bunch of strippers in the back of a van with a disco ball and my best buddy along with a side helping of revenge. :D

This was so awesome! Well done, please make more of these Escapist, maybe once a month, pretty please?

Eeh guys I liked the adventure but the picture on the hyperlink below is an actual picture and not a fake.

It's from an attack on Queens day "Koninginendag" (wich is a big event every year in the Netherlands) where a man with mental problems ran over and killed several people with a car on live TV.

Now I don't really think it's offendeding or anything, but it is somewhat weirding me out and deffinitly ruined that page for me. Someone might want to change it.

I sent a mail about it too, to the author.

"By the Power of Grayskull!"

It's what I'll be shouting during all my insane crime sprees from now on!

First try: Death by EPF (explosive parade float) triggered by PTG (poorly-thrown grenade).

There will be no second try.

However, you're not done, because CeCe had a new virus called Syphillaids, which takes your life within minutes.


Damn, son. This was genuinely well-done, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly right up to my death by lack of karate. Kudos!

Well, I got killed by a boat engine and turned into fish chow.

I was hoping to do an awesome ninja/spy deal and get onto the boat through some overly-complicated-yet-impressive-way.

I can't believe that was GTA. Felt more like "Just Cause 2," but that's if you go through Cece. IMO

OT: That was entertaining. Would love to see more.

Didn't really feel like GTA, as all the shooting and punching options get you killed a's nice and silly though and what the right decisions are is as random as most adventure games, especially when it ends with a disco-ball and strippers...

got bored...
opened everything in tabs, won easily... considering how many tabs i had to the right when i won, it seems the majority of the correct choices are the upper ones, at least toward the start.

mmm... is this gonna be a running thing? :/

It says I was just killed by

I was not expecting that sort of death, but at least I know I am not the worst thing out there. Maybe this sort of thing happens in Grand Theft Auto games - I wouldn't know because I have never played one. Either way, that was on my first play through and I am defiantly going to continue playing this awesome game.

Just finished the game (that is, tried out all of the branching stories, including seeing the various ways to die and win).
I have to say that my favorite storyline is the one where you

I think of the three options to reach the conclusion, that one gave you the most adventure. It gave you several tasks to accomplish, and it was kind of cool to play hitman for a bit. I have never really looked into Grand Theft Auto games because I thought they would not be the type of game I would be into, what with committing crime rather than stopping crime, but if a Grand Theft Auto game is anything like this, I will sure as heck look into getting one. It would be fun to just cut loose and take out people like a one man army. Hopefully some of the good versions are for PS3, althought, that does raise the question of which game should I pick up. After all, by now there are several games that have Grand Theft Auto in their name. I guess I will just have to ask around to see where to get started.

Hell yus, winner~!

Did not expect robot legs -_-

Gotta be honest, that was really REALLY fun! More fun than I usually have on this type of adventure. Thank you for the experience

Actually fun dying in this

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